News Review, Thursday 03 June, 2021 2022

November 24, 2022
  1. When a Gambian tells you "you know", you should take off you slippers and run away… Joke 🤣

  2. This Mr Jeng is 1000× better than that Ediot,useless, sleeping and corrupt Barrow

  3. Thanks alot Mr Lamin Njie you are the best in the Gambia keep it up bro God bless you.

  4. What is the name of the GAP leader again people?

  5. Why did he give up on being a #Rapper ? It takes a lot of work & the audience rough & tough ! I suppose his new line of work gave him an avenue ( Spiritual Route ) to change minds easily . If we all call/consider ourselves #Smart ,there will be no #Fools left ! I am always wry of folks who boast & carry the desire to change folks into what they want to see or consider #right#clean#better#truth ! Love & Peace

  6. He has his own #definition for every word/comments …. Wish him all the best , hope he humbles himself !! Love & Peace

  7. I am always wry of #extremist views & #propagandists … these have elements of seeing the universe & reacting to the world through a very small lens that only serves their #agendas #interests #egos & #religious #beliefs. Huh !! Intense !!!! Love & Peace.

  8. No Wonder ,was getting bored but determined to hear him out !! He seems to have #answers for everything & knows it all ,albeit he is a smart guy !! …..… I felt like this guy is preaching & lecturing all of us . Everyone has to make their own assessment & however running a country cannot be simplified & taken lightly. Gambians have the right to know where his $$$$$ is coming from , it must be disclosed ! Respects to the Great Journalism. Love & Peace

  9. Mr. Jeng, coming from a neutral Gambian without party affiliation, you’re being pathetic! How could you make official your intention to vie for the 2018 mayoral race without doing a thorough self-assessment of your competence first? Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse? You sound like a reactive rather than proactive person. And unfortunately, Gambia and Gambians don’t need that moving forward.

    And hope you’ve done a thorough assessment of your competence this time around. Lol.
    Seems like you’re only looking for prominence and nothing more.
    Wonder what political ship you’ll hop on this time around after the realization of your incompetence hits you again. 😂

  10. Will said my brother government you look like a company you are just the president like you are the chef managed country

  11. Mr Njie just think 1 to1 imam is a president in the mosque

  12. My brother you are right when you rule the government the political parties time for break they are on you always always what is the problem when politic time gone time to work

  13. You don't need to be a president go and join president Adama Barrow 2 hand better than 1 hand

  14. 🤭🤭

  15. Brilliant analysis sir

  16. Dafa fenn

  17. Dull rek

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