NEWS REVIEW | Sonko-Passaris standoff 2022

November 3, 2022

NEWS REVIEW | Sonko, Passaris standoff

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  1. Kuria you are really telling the truth, so its true when you are against ODM you are not clean and if you are in ODM you will now be clean, wah this magical now Kuria you said it and now we know

  2. Why should Passari cool down while she is the one being attacked.thats not an honorable thing that u r supporting a bully

  3. Reply
    Yafesi Amwayi Biggy November 3, 2022 at 3:49 am

    Moses Kuria is right

  4. Now that it has been exposed that the governor was released from prison early because it was reported that he was found to be HIV positive. He is now intending to take the star newspaper to court for exposing this. Is he HIV positive or was just lies to be able to be released early? Whichever if he is not positive, then he lied to the court and he should be charged including the doctor who tested him.

  5. Citizen mkona ujinga Sana…. If u don't want truth… Don't look for Sonko… U want him not to record why… Not?? This is Kenya Wea politics gets u killed… So I suggest Sonko record everything.. Tumechoka kubebwa ujinga

  6. Can Sifuna apologize to Aisha ?

  7. 😂 😂 😂 MOSES KURIA… do we actually need a women Rep? 🤔 Passaris must go 💃

  8. Women reps are useless… Its a post that should be scrapped.

  9. sifuna congrats for standing for women.

  10. "Kile kidogo chako peleka Orphanage,changu kingi tapeana kwa masikini".Naheshimu sana akina mama ila shida ya Esther hakuhutubia kwa niaba ya mayatima,maskini au watu wa NRB,bali alijiwakilisha binafsi na ODM.Namuunga mkono Sonko kuwa Esther alitumwa shida ni kuwa sijui alemtuma nani.Namsikitikia huyu mama coz anatumiwa vibaya mahali,lakini siku akiamua kusimama kama yeye atakuwa kiongozi mzuri sana.Alipo ongea kama W-REP hata mimi nilipenda speech yake,lakini alipoanza kupeana ile taarifa ya kutumwa nilijua tu atakosana na Sonko.

  11. Your a real man wachana na Karriko sonko.

  12. Sifuna has respect towards women, the way he got embarrassed by Aisha Jumwa was very shaming. As a man to man talk that was extremely good composure. Secondly can't Sonko hold a conversation with anyone diligently? Politics is indeed a dirty game

  13. Kenya has been taken for granted for so long and it's you me we sweet this dirty leaders out of our nation.2022 people should pray God to stop voting with their stomach . This leadership if people waiting for sonko to pay their hospital bill and give people food should stop and he should be able to work get Kenyatta hospital work and other hospital work he is office but he still want to show off with poor we are very sick with Nairobi governor holding office like Chokora

  14. Both Sonko and passaris need to swallow their pride and serve the residents of Nairobi

  15. I do NOT and will NEVER support anything to do with western and Zionist agendas.. Feminism is rubbish. Upuzi mtupu

  16. But kuna kitu inaitwa

  17. That sufuna chap is squarely under a skirt.. He is blind

  18. we need a fire extuingisher hahahah

  19. From the point of view,sonko is ever seen as a virus but the truth is that he's ever transparent…as people of Nairobi we are ok with the governor for his respect he shows for the women only that virus are with them…

  20. Sifuna is the last person to criricise sonko… Aisha Jumwa hatujasahau

  21. Bimbo socialist

  22. The discussion was about the public spat between passsaris and sonko but the Caleb guy wants the conversation or rather the discuss to turn to Raila hehe and 2022 ..eeiii some peoples' obession with 2022 is just too much

  23. Reply
    Hussein inteligence November 3, 2022 at 3:49 am

    Inasaidia mkenya na nini hii conversation useless

  24. This is total time wastage…

  25. Kuria hureason kama mtoto

  26. Women rep positions should be abolished…. Very useless position!!

  27. not relevant topic….lets have life changing conversations…youth issues…tunaumia kusema kweli..

  28. Reply
    The African Philosopher Queen. November 3, 2022 at 3:49 am

    Gossip… Labbish!

  29. Acheni maneno yenuuu, Sonko hajakosea kabisaaaa

  30. The media sets the wrong agenda. We have so much to focus on as a nation. This is a stupid conversation.

  31. This takes me back to my argument that , we have so many managers but not leaders so for me all this shows how we are struggling with having the right leaders. We need leaders in Africa not boses and managers sitting in the position of leaders..Mose Kuria is spoton that Nairobi is getting what it deserves.

  32. Moses Kuria you are right on Citizens of Nairobi

  33. well done Sufuna

  34. We are quickly loosing our virtues and future generations are emulating what we are doing. Change!

  35. Sifuna wewe n mshenzi sana am hearing you saying we should not frustrated women,are you not the one you frustrated Aisha cox she extended handshake to your opponents
    Number you were in frontline to expel her in ODM

  36. Tired of corruption topic every public office in Kenya is the source and course of beribe And corruption,if u don't have something,u don't get anything..
    Administration offices.
    Agriculture office
    Mbaya zaidi nikuwa even some private banks for your loan application to be approved u have to beribe loan manager….next time I will mention the banks

  37. Diplomats

  38. Very serious but that kenya leaders for you

  39. Thats was wrong by the way she should have gpne to governor instead of ☎ this is not right

  40. Sufuna did you apologize to aisha?

  41. Stupid women card,don't rattle a snake,it will fuck yah

  42. I don't anything Wrong here, There were just organizing money for their
    campaign sasa Ubaya ni Nini? She was Looking for some money for Raila
    campaign. Na Kuchapa Kidero cause Kidero was arrogant and did't want to
    help Passaris.

  43. I don't anything Wrong here, There were just organizing money for their
    campaign sasa Ubaya ni Nini? She was Looking for some money for Raila
    campaign. Na Kuchapa Kidero cause Kidero was arrogant and did't want to
    help Passaris.

  44. No one will trust zonko.

  45. all the panel are politicians talking about government issues….Learn from the Big Western medias….invite columnist, political analyst, University Lectures, and a normal citizen….whats wrong with kenyans….All these people said what they said and the host seeems not to challenge them.. how unprofessional.

  46. Its a women matter again…this is politics be ready to be rattled

  47. Love moses kuria…07.47 spot on …love it simply the best…baba dirty games in odm is simply as white as snow…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Odm stinks man even the 2010 constitution drafter lawyer even worse

  49. If it's true that people have to visit Baba with 'Kakitu' while Dr. Rutto offers 'Kakitu' for leaders supporting his vision then I see why Baba will only be Baba….

  50. 1 TIMOTHY 2:22,. God does not permit a woman to exercise any power or authority over man weather in church or government's position.

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