News review |MPs differ over Uhuru's finance bill proposal 2022

May 5, 2023

“I was not part of the team that made noise in parliament because I believe that parliament is an intellectual house.” -Sam Atandi

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  1. We voted the president & therefore must support him tooth to nail. Atandi; relax, your place in 2022 is intact. We know what's going on! !

  2. Surely when Atandi starts speaking I immediately feels sleepy, he doesn't know what's going on, shame

  3. Kenyans need to revolt ..REVOLUTION now

  4. Now look at this bald-headed guy called Atandi.. I wonder if he’s fighting for a Atieno, Wanjiru or party leader…one term mp.

  5. I'm loving the lady. Quite articulate.

  6. when you hear a leopard telling its cubs/kids that you have started smelling like a sheep/agoat,know that she planning to eat them.that's exactly what this blood parliament has done to us.we started smelling like goats&sheep when they drafting the bill and now the beasts have eaten their own cubs.the MAJOR BEASTS being shouted all over the parliament are the same beasts that bribed mps to vote against sugar recommendations. Garisa people,your king is walking naked and you are not ashamed to cover him.

  7. Stop avoiding the question,are you representing atieno and wanjiku or your political party fool

  8. Party leaders are not gods

  9. Mashamba na manyumba are so many that we are Bing forced to buy. This government is just con people. Now what wil happen is talk on media day in day out then it fades away. N we pay taxes thru the nose.Kenyans are the most intelligence deprived pple in the world. The few intelligent takes full advantage of them. The babu Owino s the junets now have bn told to keep mum. The trueth is we are being ruled by very cheeky pple.mafias

  10. Msaliti atandi we have noted you

  11. yani hi story ya udanganyifu haitawai isha kenya waaaah😢

  12. Reply
    Dr Kevin Bichanga May 5, 2023 at 10:42 pm

    Martha Wangari for president lets try a woman president; Like Newzealand with their Jacinda Ardern the current PM.

  13. We voted for you mps to work for us,but now you voted for us to be killed. Prepare next time we are ready to persecute you

  14. Martha Wangari you are great

  15. am annoyed by this mps passing law that they dont know

  16. Atandi your dignity is gone nkt

  17. uhuru has no legacy to leave

  18. i thought this MPiG from Nyanza had Brain but am disappointed

  19. Uhuru just killed his entire legacy in one day

  20. Kenyans are in sombre mood

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