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November 23, 2022
  1. Big full barrow

  2. Blie God will punish you Adama Barrow.. Jammeh government is million times better that your so call Bantaba government.. With your government Gambia is sinking Everyday every hour every minute..

  3. Mr Barrow, tell me where health care is free in the Gambia? I totally believe you are clueless

  4. Baroow don’t have a clue he’s time is over

  5. My advice to Gambians is that if any foreigner came to Gambia and kill a Gambian deliberately don't let go kill him/her that's all if not this nonsense killing will not stop don't take any foreigner killer to police the government will let them free and we are the victim of the situation we most put stop to it not this selfish greedy so called government with so much hate on their own citizens my people RATE WHO RATE YOU!!!

  6. Hello my brothers and sisters the youths of the gambia please in any village or town please dont wait for the police or soldiers take the reponsibilities of your villages and towns if you see anything that is not good for the people of your village or town voice it out to the youths and start it from there dont wait for the police because one they will not come as you want it no fuel or excuses

  7. Baroow is not serious. Health under jammeh was not perfect but was 10000000000000% better than under your tenure mr P

  8. Adama Barrow ifyo win the election we will belive that Allah is not one is two but if Allah is one you will never ever win the election 🇬🇲

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