News Review, Monday 14 January, 2019 2022

November 10, 2022
  1. Thomas Jefferson once said,When the people fear the Government there is tyranny but when the Government fear the people there is Liberty.Promote NRA in The Gambia

  2. You are wrong Ceesay you can’t say that you are not a politicians

  3. How many Gambians were employed when Barrow took to office? Barrow is a great president.

  4. Fuck off jawara

  5. U are not consent Mr business man.. U are just after ur money

  6. Selfish business mens.. Just after their money

  7. We don't need guns… Fuck Barrow government

  8. 😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. This guy is very stupid how can he compared guns and knives

  10. Barrow's government are all crookes gambians need to be careful of this so-called democratic government they are all bunch of fools and liars

  11. Hey Mr Man we don't have that market in The Gambia,We don't need guns ❌.
    There is no animal for all those guns in The 🇬🇲 we don't need Boy that's too much

  12. We don't have that animals which you will bring all those Gun's in the country.

  13. This man is boko not Gambian

  14. Ismail I never agreed with you but today am very happy for your questions no forests in the Gambia for hurting barrow have to take steps to excerblish the country

  15. how sure are you that people are going to buy those guns for hunting….. i blame the govt for the license ,,, i feel unsecured to be honest

  16. This is so bad , I am from zim but I don’t agree with guns in Africa, we need jobs , food and good health , than guns. This man he is evil 👿.

  17. We don't need guns market in the Gambia

  18. Is not nice of the gambia…🤲

  19. If a gun can kill an animal it can also kill a human. Thanks Dr Ceesay

  20. M4 Gun is not for hunting. M4 Gun is used to fight war, to kill people. This man needs to be checked properly. He could have someone he is working with. He has hidden agenda

  21. Is it only Gun🔫 business you think of bringing to The Gambia? why don't you bring food or farming tools like machine for the people to make large farms, bring medicine and books to sell. please stop following what is happening in the West. The Toubabs will tell you it's your right to sell Gun because they don't want to see us together, they love to see us having war.

  22. He is not a original Gambian

  23. Wow thanks doctor ismaila Ceesay…

  24. Let your brother go to hell with his so-called what ever million, if only bringing guns is what he is thinking.

  25. we do not need this guns I do not see any reason

  26. U ppl are big hypocrites….now no one's talk…yaya jammeh time u ppls are real jalooo

  27. Reply
    pabielaminjabbi jabbi November 10, 2022 at 4:20 pm

    No may to hunting Guns in The Gambia!!!!!!!

  28. Through my observation this man is a big Mafia

  29. thanks so much Mr Ceesay for those important point

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