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November 17, 2022
  1. Well ! To be honest BUGGEH ( Greed ) is a major issue in the Gambia which needs to be tackled first . People should be enlightened to try and understand the seriousness of these allegations !

  2. Who the fuck is the bitch Jimmie jammeh

  3. castration is the only solution to rape cases in the Gambia

  4. Mijn land Gambie is kleine gebid , zo ik wil dat wij denken positief dingen en werk de land samen is beter dan iedereen met verschillende verhaal naar vertel Altijd is slecht in ons religie.

  5. I am so happy that my people are waking up

  6. What a question? All rape cases don’t happened at night my friend

  7. Plz you people give jammeh Free yaya is the best president

  8. We need more faith in this world
    Respect womans they demand justice…I feel very much for fatou jallow may Allah guide you

  9. This is very true of Yaya Jammeh ,he had done lot of it ,others were killed to silence them.Yaya Jammeh cannot escape justice,this Girl (Fatou T.Jallow)has done all the necessary DNA test to put Jammeh in trouble before the court.

  10. Lets go an move our country forwod rape rape rape..Its sam.

  11. This woman is very foolish c better secure her self i must think c is proud that chair man rape her

  12. Hahaha Gambia is a fake cost 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Do you people also believe that this is truth let her go marriage jammeh is not in the Gambia now everyone have stories to tell Gambia let uss go work we stop talking something which is not clear to no one god will judge all of us

  14. This guy don't know what his talking about, are you compire women to cover their bodys to food, which religion u belief?

  15. Salam, Fatou i think people you invit in they sud greet us. I am very Happy about the this program, women needs to be help , me i am always on the women said because of i loved my mother very much, i love my wife very much i allso love my daugthers very very much. Fatou thank you very much

  16. Many women are accused men for raped. But after when investigations took place. People later knew that it was false. So we must be careful women's are deceitful.

  17. Reply
    Baboucarr Jiteh Bojang November 17, 2022 at 8:58 am

    It can be very difficult to prove RAPE CASES in court because there are evidences which should be produced like human fluids which were released during the act of RAPE either on clothing and the like, and the resistance marks like bruises on the skin of the RAPIST or the person who is been raped and so on. All these RAPE CASES have "TAKEN PLACE" a long time a go.
    What am giving as an advice to our ladies and our young girls, is for them to be armed with devices like mobiles should in case one is about to be in a situation suspicious, then one can start RECORDING the situation till the end of it which can be presented as evidence. Just a tips for our beautiful ladies and Girls. Thanks. (THE SOCIALIST)

  18. Of course evidence is needed, rape is a serious allegation therefore you don't expect it to be taken serious without evidence otherwise innocent people might be punished for false allegations against them . let's be realistic.

  19. Where was she for the past three years since Jammeh left? It's understood her life would have been at stake to talk about it at a time Jammeh was still in power. Jammeh left almost 3 years now and the victim did not say it till now, I believe she spend the past years to fabrication it. Rape is a serious allegation and she should provide concrete evidence before she can be supported, I'm not saying she's lying but she should not expect everyone to believe her.

  20. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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