NEWS REVIEW | KSH 1,000 currency withdrawn 2022

April 28, 2023

“The new currency will finally have a good effect on our economy because there are people stashing money in their homes. People have been complaining a lot about money not circulating; there has been scarcity”-Gladys Wanga #DayBreak

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  1. Madam while I. I totally agree with you. This lawyers going to our court's opposing the new currencies are just busybodies. The likes of Omtata. Let's be serious with our courts guys.

  2. This is a very good and healthy debate. It's only the technical team incharge of voice should pull up their socks. Too much distortion on the back ground.

  3. Shollei has removed her wig

  4. How about just following the constitution. Is that too difficult? If you do not like the constitution- change it..

  5. I will never blame leaders it's us mwananchi to blame ,we have the power to deal with them but we don't care we elect same corrupt leaders

  6. How would a coloured piece of paper determine wealth distribution? Most Stupid question to ask on Live TV

  7. Kenya ufisadi upo pale pale ata mbadilishe pesa

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