NEWS REVIEW | EACC raids Obado homes reviews

May 4, 2023

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is scrutinising a treasure trove of documents seized from the homes of Migori Governor Okoth Obado during simultaneous raids in Nairobi and Migori. Detectives are investigating the loss of 2.5 billion shillings alleged to have been siphoned through contracts awarded to Obado’s proxies. Sources say three guns were also recovered from the homes.

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  1. Ask Obado why his PA and MCA are in prison. Oyamos family must have been paid alot of money to shut them up. Oyamo carried Obados cross. Obado is a Criminal. Februar is in the corner. Obado Obado master mind killer and a corrupt Governor. Migori people support a cold murderer because money. Ruto was in Migori to finance Obado the killer. Obados naked pictures has destroyed his reputations. Obado should resign killer in public office.

  2. Reply
    Chrisogonas O. Mc'Odhiambo May 4, 2023 at 6:27 am

    I think when Mheshimiwa Osoro crossed over to join Team TangaTanga, he mortgaged his ability to be objective. Detectives are doing what they ought to do to get their job done. Police is not taking advantage of Obado. If Obado has a litany of issues, so be it. I find it very much in order as the police conduct these massive raids on the governor. For years we have cried all tears about debilitating graft. Let's not condone graft. Let the culprits face the law.

  3. Although I agree with the MP's notion that accountability is directly linked to the accounting officers who authorize transactions and the procurement chief who conduct the tendering process, he should know two important things facts about devolution in Kenya. 1. The accounting officer in a county government context is not the chief of finance. He should check to realize that's a responsibility of the head of administration, we call County Secretary. Internal controls require that the head of finance minds his payment role and not approval of transactions. 2. Most county government officials happen to be unfortunately very local, often relatives and linked to the main chiefs, starting with governor. Nepotism is rampant for obvious political considerations. When bad things happen in such cases, the corruption of nepotism returns to haunt them. Take any county government and it will take not a day to establish how relatives are mobilized to join their big brothers and sisters and plunder public resources because thus is their long awaited opportunity. With this attitude and mentality it's impossible to be a popular local leader. So let's not pretend this Obado issue is just witchhunt and harassment of him and family because it's most likely not.

  4. Corruption is not as narrow as these novices are trying to flatter the public in the name of human rights. The aka journalist is honestly wanting in his skill to formulate questions that are not leading to what is in his personal bias.

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    Basilio from Panama May 4, 2023 at 6:27 am

    he was told he cant leave his county but since he thinks arap mashamba is on top, he went to Nyeri, THE COURT IS WATCHING, kenya watu wanajifanya kichwa ngumu

  6. Is Osoro really a lawyer??? without mastery of the constitution articles….

  7. This Mugirango guy is a perfect definition of a Tumbocrat…Ruto has confused him with dirty money

  8. Obado is a cold murderer. Let him rot in jail.

  9. Lelatives collurption.migoli Speak english

  10. Osoro is shallow, emotional , angry , arrogant , Murkomen. very soon will behave like Kuria or Duale.just watch and see

  11. Come on where did he get money to buy all the homes and keep the rest using proxies. Right to steal tax payers money? Get real

  12. 3 guns or 8? Your description box says 3 while your news anchor stated 8!! When will you ever be accurate in your reporting

  13. What are those two MPs talking about? They're clearly not for the fight against corruption but continue to sound the arrogant tone of politicians worldwide who believe that they are above the law. Splitting hairs to find a ridiculous defense for their fellow politician.

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