NEWS REVIEW |DP Ruto allies attack Atwoli over his remarks 2022

November 9, 2023

“My position and stand is that I do not think we need kick up the political tempo to those heights at this time.

My scorecard tells me there is still a lot that needs to be done to be true to the things we said (manifesto)”-Kimani Wamatangi

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  1. We have a WEAK president. Aende aachie whoever! Kenya is better being led by Atwoli or Kalembe. Uhuru is a weakling!

  2. kamket should stop calling Rutto,s name instead let him continue being breastfed by Gideon moi…fast he should fight for pokots in baringo and not his stomach.

  3. Citizen tv, how can you invite kamket to to debate with great thinkers like wamatangi?… Kamket is not qualified to sit the same table with wamatangi…

  4. Media people should stop entertaining this politics,these politicians should be working for Kenyans.

  5. Time is now and speak
    The truth

  6. D P Ruto na Francis pliz mumalize deal yenyu, Wana siasa wanchini kama mimi what i know there's something between D P ruto and Mr Francis malizeni deal wengine tuna enjoy politricsss

  7. I'll remain loyal to Dr. William Ruto regardless of what Uhuru decides

  8. Can this people stop drama and do the job that Kenya go forward I don't like this at all

  9. Ww waititu ata bibi yako akungi mkono sembuse mlima kenya

  10. Kamket is an idiot

  11. Wamatangi we selected u urufanyie Nazi kiambu every time ur on every TV ,2022 utapeda so painful

  12. Media is the only medium that make this politics happenn… if your slay queen ask you "sijakuona kwa tv" u just say wait i call press conference or i attend a church on sunday… media shame on you… u have to makw money n make news but which country will you spend your money…after burning it

  13. It's only in shithole nations where people are constantly campaigning.

  14. Wamatangi is stuck in a Zag! Walaai hiyo ni kali muno!

  15. Yes ur so quiet on this matter wakatangi..u know better than messing with the so called handshake…car wash unajenga tena so lazma uwe umetii

  16. Kutuni damu ikimwagwa kiambaa ulikuwa chama gani na mtu wa mkono wa nani??acha ur excellency dp huyu mungu unasema unamjua abakubali mali ya uma iporwe??

  17. Politicians pretending to see far in 2022.i wish ivo ndyo mngekwa mnapeleka kenya mbele tungekwa mbali sana.tuko 2019 watu wanakufa turkana lakn upuuzi wa 2022 ndyo waendelezwa.

  18. I wonder why people fighting for 2022 elections😕

  19. Kamket mwizi wa ngombe mbaya sana,and hatred is too much in his head .Shut up

  20. let him stop stealing public funds

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