News Review: Chernobyl remembered 2022

June 18, 2022

On 26 April 1986, one of the four reactors at Chernobyl nuclear power station exploded, in what was to be the world’s worst ever nuclear accident. As the 30th anniversary of this event is marked, Rob and Finn explore the language you need to understand the story. For more, visit our website:

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  1. The News:Ukraine has been holding ceremonies to mark the 30th anniversary of Chernobyl, the world's worst nuclear accident. A meltdown in the plant's reactor in April 1986 blew off the roof and sent a cloud of radioactive material across Ukraine's borders into neighbouring Belarus and across a swathe of northern Europe. Relatives of those who died held candlelight vigils at several churches.

  2. That's nice programme for us

  3. Before almost four year's ago we get chance to listen one minute BBC world news but these days why that is not coming.

  4. I wanna marry you Finn.

  5. Finn😚

  6. Amazing. I love this series.

  7. ON 21st July 2016 all pune railway’s signal was in meltdown (train could not run due to major signal problem)…Could you tell me this sentence is correct or wrong?

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  9. ohh! This is the first time I see your faces!

  10. Reply
    وليد عبدالله June 18, 2022 at 10:05 pm

    I want to know why he said absolutely not in 3:27
    thank you so much for this lesson

  11. Hello, and welcome to News review, the program we bring you the language
    you need to talk about the News.

    Im Finn,and Im joined by Rob, Hi Rob.

    Hello there, Finn.

    Tell us about today's story.

    Yes, our today's story is about very bad accident that happended thirty years ago.

    ok Rob, you've given us a hint.
    let's hear more of this from BBC world service, News bulletin.
    News listening.

    There's our story today, the story is about the disaster in Chernobyl in thirty years ago.
    when an explosion in a neclear powerstation sent a cloud of dangerous radio active matrial into the atmosphia causing death and destruction.

    and this was a big story internationaly
    it's been covered by News and organization around world.
    Rob, you've been looking at some of the language that's been used.
    what have you chosen?

    I've got three words. "fall out" , "melt down" , and very simple word "on"

    ok, let's define those words one by one.
    fall out means the dangerous radio active dust in the air after nuclear explosion
    that's fall out

    and melt down is a situation where fuel in a nuclear power station becomes very very hot and then it actually melt through its containers causing it failure.
    that's a melt down.

    and on, I think you're going to explain it soon, in this context today.
    means later all after, more on that soon.

    Rob, show us how's this word appearing in News Headlines.

    Ok, let's start with this website U.S. News' report.
    their headline "From the Archives: Stark Fallout From Chernobyl"

    ok, fallout as we described literally just means this radio active dust.
    doesn't it?
    it looks like being used in more than one way here.

    that's right, we could talk about the effect of this nuclear explosion
    we've got this fallout ,radio active dust.
    but there's kind of a wide meaning I suppose.
    there's more of fallout for the people affected by this nuclear explosion

    so, it's used a ( ) way. here isn't it?
    fallout isn't just dust , the negative effect of something bad happeded.
    what else we ^(&(&)(&*)*)(
    what else might we decribe as fallout.

    well, of course, we could talk about unpleasant thing such as economic fallout.
    there's been recession ( ) , economic troubles.
    the fallout could be people losing their job.
    business is closing down. it's an negative effect from that.
    there's also, what are the fallout we got.

    people their merriage all going wonderfully ( this part strange ) ,

    ther actually get divorced that causes a negative effects.
    that could be described as a fallout.

    negative effects of that it's exactly. children could be affected.
    a finacial issues, it's all negative.

    let's hope you're not talking from exprience.

    absolutely not.

    ok, what's next?

    ok, our next Headline comes from this technology website Gizmodo.
    they say " Chernobly's Milk is still radioactive , thirty years after the Meltdown.

    so the meltdown orginally described idea was the situation where the fuel becomes hot and it melts through its container.
    but I think again you've got a wider use for us , haven't you?

    indeed. I mean you describe it kind of failure in that system at the nuclear power plant.
    but we could widen it to talk about other failure such as on the tube network.
    I come to work on the tube train. and there's a signal failure ( ) power failure.
    the whole tube system goes into meltdown.

    in to meltdown, it does.

    it's when meltdown , nothing's working , you can't get to work.
    when you eventually get to work.
    but sometimes we're in meltdown.

    yes, I think all the commuters, Im ( ) into meltdown as well. don't they?

    it kind of fail to ( ) behave properly , perhaps you could say

    so, we do use it in this wider sense,
    Rob, I know getting your kid ready for school could be problem sometimes.

    absolutly , it's chaiotic , they don't behave , they won't do what you want to do.
    they're in meltdown. screaming kicking on the floor
    sometimes that's me as well.
    but children go into meltdown ( )

    thankfully I've never seen you in meltdown.

    not yet. ( )
    ok, shall we go into the next Headlines
    this is from bbc News website. "Chernobyl's legacy 30 years on"

    and there's that small word "ON"

    OK, on very simple a proposition
    but it can mean more than one thing, can't it?
    what is it mean here?

    well here it means "after, further on" thrity years later.
    but do you know I found at least twenty five other usages for the word "ON"

    really, such a simple word. so many ways to use it.

    yehp. give some examples.

    well, Im sitting on chair. or this pen is on a table.

    very bisic, physical description of a location, yes.

    and something, Im sure you're very aware of
    that I don't work on saterday and sunday.

    or on monday, tuesday

    so, you( ) to say when things happen.
    that's another use,

    and I know you're football fan
    did you watch the match on TV last night?

    ON TV, yes, it didn't happen physically on top of the TV set.
    but we use this proposition on to describe
    when things happen
    we use it to describe broadcast media ,recording system.

    time's out of juice.
    gotta go out.

    thanks bbc, Finn, and Rob.
    everybody in the world , have a lovely day.

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