News Review 9th August 2018 2022

November 25, 2022
  1. So called Dr Ceesay he want to run for president in the future and talking nonsense everyday just to gain popularity. I want to know which university he gets his degree from?

  2. The moderator allowed seedy njie to control his programme. As a journalist, you cannot allow your panellist to tell you what questions you should ask or what you should not.The answer to your question on ecomig was what your audience wanted to hear, but you allowed him to brush it aside. Such things can lead your audience to believe that seedy has bought the programme

  3. Wally you are great, but let your speakers not come with anger when we are talking about the future of our beloved country the Gambia. Yaya Jammeh is gone, they should try to forgive but hard to forget .Why can't we give forgiveness a chance ? I hate it when people use Jammeh as if there is no other better issues. We say we are Moslems preparing to build 60 Mosques where the minority are Christians ,please talk on to other developments Jammeh has done his part let the new government do their part, keep talking for no use build the Mosques I see no difference calling the Gambia as a Moslem state than 60 Mosques to be built , I personally I've forgotten him in terms of the future development of the Gambia. Now we have a new government, choose better politic strategy than always Yaya Jammeh, we are tired of hearing these things as if the politicians are not creative. Sorry for Gambian waisting time politicians. We need actions not Jammeh all the time.

  4. If we have to consider doses children. But also they a ways and means !not like public holiday, it is all about justice

  5. We can only pray for them,May Allah bless and give them Jannah.and Justice,but apart from that it doesn’t make no sense, and question is hope Gambia people can afford that no.🇬🇲

  6. How did this clown in the white khaftan find his way to the cream of the Barrow administration?

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    Baboucarr Jiteh Bojang November 25, 2022 at 6:26 pm

    Mr. Whally, your Boss—Fatou Camara is some where in The US, is it possible for her to engage this US Institute which pulled out this gallop pool for President Barrow and asked them how they went about their research to come up with 72% support for President Barrow. Were they in The Gambia doing their research or how did they do it ? Thanks.

  8. The Barrow national youth movement, are they the (Yellow Boys)following the evil steps of the (Green Boys)which was inappropriate

  9. This episode is the most funny episode seedy njie is really a joker

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