News Review 1st December 2015: Licence to kiss reviews

October 3, 2023

He’s probably the world’s most famous spy. James Bond has a licence to kill, but in India it seems he doesn’t have a licence to kiss. Finn and Neil review the story about what the censors have done to the latest 007 film, Spectre.

Watch the programme and then see what you’ve learned with a short quiz here

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  1. I love you Neil🥰

  2. Niel was really nervous 🙍🙍

  3. Kiss story what is that🤨

  4. I love Neil' s voice!

  5. We miss you a lot, Finn. Please come back & enlighten us again. Neil, we are extremely grateful for your continuous efforts, please keep continuing….

  6. such beautiful voices … i m working on my speaking … and i love when someone speaks as beautiful as this …

  7. Reply
    Tran Tham Thuy Hang October 3, 2023 at 11:49 pm

    So great! Thanks BBC

  8. Rob and Neil

  9. It was very useful. Thank u guys

  10. I hope to put transcript for conversations.

  11. Its too bad, Bond😏

  12. fantastic and thanks to teaching english

  13. Where's Finn now? I can't find him anywhere 😞

  14. Reply
    Doris Cristina Huamán Lenes October 3, 2023 at 11:49 pm

    Thank for this video,I love Finn,he is so nice and very professional, bye

  15. Its the first time that i saw Neil he is very cute

  16. The milk-drinking spy without a license to kiss. 😀 Good one, Finn.

  17. Let's respect other cultures. They don't approve of kissing on screen, so let's respect that.

  18. Great Job guys

  19. Dear Lovingly brothers and Masters Fin and Neil This is the first time I Saw you through this video ! Really excited when I saw you both in video… Very Nice way of teaching and love to listen your mannerism both you done very well…! I am learning more with your Lessons… Thanking you both and your team Helan Rob and BBC

  20. Thank you BBC for the tools for learning English. 🙂

  21. I love it. There are two of my favorites teacher here. You rock!! BBC.

  22. Yay! A great new series! (I hope)

  23. Mockingbird By Kathryn Erskine.

  24. i like the black shirt man's voice. so nice

  25. Someone is likely to think that scene is unnecessarily long.
    BUT others too short enough to enjoy the movie 😀

    i like this stlye of finn saying as radio sudio

    great platform for learning eng to give students more pleasure during studying time.

    at last this program
    i heard cleary
    what question finn give us
    but what kind of bird the word have as part of it i have no idea.

    good job every body
    thanks for hard working for us.
    all the best for bbcle

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