News Review 15th December 2015: Star Wars premiere 2022

November 8, 2022

Finn and Neil discuss the first showing of the latest Star Wars film and the huge amount of money Disney paid for the rights. Learn how these words and phrases are being used to talk about the story across the world’s media: franchise, merchandising, cash cow.

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  1. I love you finn
    Your voice is amazing

  2. Thank you for help me to improve my English! I like undestanding all. I HOPE IT ONE DAY
    I wonder how I could get this video with automatic subtitles?

  3. Thanks Finn and Neil! More News Reviews, please!

  4. why there aren't subtitles. it would be very useful for us

  5. Love to listening and watching in the same time. Great job Bbc.

  6. Thank you very much BBC…and I want to tell Finn I missed u bc II haven't heard u for long time bc of my studying…..u r great

  7. First of all, in this program presenting Finn and Neil for ariticles of Star Wars there are many words that i have no idea of meaning, which make me run quite deep into universe with Yoda giving me incorrect grammar.

    "Truly wonderful the mind of a child is"

    I am wondering
    whether that clause is just for expression like poem in film OR

    Although it's incorrect in grammar
    native speakers usually use that form of sentence.

    That clause of Yoda
    how feel like for natives to hear that?
    i mean
    some sort of exotic or something cool
    or just strange or nonsense

    thanks for the program.
    Finn and Neil

  8. I love Finn :v

  9. bbc learning english

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