New Zealand Review: BMW iX M60 + long distance road trip! 2022

October 21, 2022

Could the BMW iX M60 be all things to all car enthusiasts? It’s fast, sleek, high-tech and high performance – but as Gav found out in this very New Zealand review, this quarter of a million dollar car isn’t perfect. But boy, does it come close!

Something that really sets this car apart from the competition is its enormous lithium ion battery, giving the car an incredible claimed range. At 112 kWh in capacity, it has enough energy to reach up to 566 km per charge. But is that claim realistic in New Zealand conditions? As usual, there’s only one way to find out!

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Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction; price & range
0:45 – Statistics and features
2:15 – Interior design
3:41 – City driving experience
6:42 – Interior features & tech
8:53 – Self parking demonstrated
9:34 – The controversial front grille
10:09 – Driving modes & Heat Comfort pack
12:00 – Embarking on a long distance road trip
14:02 – Lane keeping assist & adaptive cruise control
15:16 – Seat massage function
15:53 – Complaints and design flaws
18:08 – Augmented reality map system
19:44 – Battery down to 37% on road trip
20:47 – Cabin noise on coarse chip roads
21:24 – Arriving to destination
23:17 – Record-braking distance achieved
24:35 – DC fast charging speed
25:25 – Battery mining & emissions
26:08 – Launch control & 0-100 time

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  1. It looks more like a Chinese car than a BMW.
    And why are the disc brakes so badly used?

  2. Great EV and Review. Cannot imagine BMW selling many of these in Nz due to the price.

  3. How was the software experience compared to the Tesla? Is it buttery smooth?

  4. Reply
    Landscapes ~ Rob Dickinson October 21, 2022 at 12:49 pm

    Pretty solid EV for a lot of money! Our chip seal roads eat 10% of your battery just by existing, all that noise you hear is wasted energy :/

  5. I know luxury has its cost, but almost quarter of a million dollars! You could get 4xAtto3, 3xModel3/Y/Niro/Kona, or even a BMW i4M50 and enough solar panels to cover your entire roof. But none of those are quite as shouty as this Teutonic status symbol.
    At 225Wh/km it’s not particularly efficient either, even when you can charge to 100% (I’m assuming it has an NCA battery). But my comments may just be caused by envy that you got to drive this for a few days 😊

  6. Car for the people……

  7. I am typing this with big grin on my face and was hoping you would not forget the launch of this beast. Great review of a very special EV. Thank you Gavin for the laughs too.

  8. That front grill was definitely a design choice!

  9. Bmw is like a lady with the perfect body and beautiful personality but have a ugly face.

  10. BYD will make something safer, longer range and 150k cheaper.

  11. i wonder if the next reviewer ever wonders why is there's a weird potato smell in this car

  12. Love your vids

  13. Reply
    Simon Alexander Critchley October 21, 2022 at 12:49 pm

    Looks like fun. But seriously no V2L for $240K? Imagine a power cut at home without the use of 112kw backup or camping etc.

  14. thank you,pro – see u aroundd~ ;))

  15. Reply
    Cristian Martinez Vega October 21, 2022 at 12:49 pm

    Gavin is so funny. I love this channel ❤

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