New York Pro RESULTS + Review + Scorecards 2023 | TONIO BURTON WINS! 2022

May 31, 2023

Tonio Burton WINS the 2023 New York Pro against the likes of an impressive Stuart Sutherland, Josef Kveton, Joe Seeman, Eric Wood & many others. In this video I go over the Scorecards with the full RESULTS & Break it all down LIVE!

❓ Did you agree with Tonio Burton Winning the 2023 New York Pro & where does he place at the Mr Olympia?


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► Stuart Sutherland interview –

► Eric Wood interview –

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  1. No arguments with the judging here

  2. Tonio wins every pose by miles imo

  3. I always find it difficult to figure out who should win. Tonio looks great, but the top five were all fantastic. I was quite impressed with Joe Seemans back shots and legs. Stu had a Phil heath round look. Tonio's legs seemed a bit small to be. If I must be fully honest, Joe really impressed me.

  4. I think Robyn Starnd should have placed higher tf 😒

  5. Seems like 3 or 4 of these guys LACK arm size. Great lats, weak arms.

  6. Toni look amazing but for me he is too narrow get into the top tier of the olympia. Burt he has time to build, get even bigger but keeping his small waist

  7. Reply
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  8. Feel like Stew nails the abs and thighs as a overall pose because he doesn't collapse his lats when he squeezes his abs, but his abs alone aren't great, less detailed than a lot of guys.

  9. I am gonna say it. These waists on these newers guys look like early 90s and even 80's physiques. The guys from the 2010-2020 period don't even compare with these new guys. They do not even have chunky obliques.

  10. Never thought anyone's midsection was better than Andrew Jackd I was wrong. Antonio's midsection is the best in the business

  11. can t hear you . talk louder please

  12. to my surprise stu was just the most exciting part of the NJP! to be honest at first i thought that someone who is called beef stu and has also such an "unique" look must be kinda stu-pid..but man i was just wrong about him apparently after watching his first interview! he has a great attitude and seem to be very smart and mindful, the opposite of what i have expected. good luck to him lets hope he will be at least top 3 @ mr.o one day! cheers 🦾🦾

  13. You say "as well" a lot.

  14. Appreciate the shout out and coverage. More to come from me, bringing the Aussie muscle to the world 💪🏽

  15. Was a great show, and Xavier, you made it a lot of fun. The only thing was one of my grandsons said he wished you would have shown the Bikini girls…LOL that's a young libido for ya LOLOL 🤣🤣🤣

  16. The more tonio improves, the more I see dexter Jackson. He can be a real problem very soon!

  17. Stu should be banned for his hairs and others for their tatoos. Please respect aesthetic.

  18. Only thing that will slow Tonio down is his width. He's a problem

  19. tonio side by side with hunter🙏 two most improved guys from 2022-23

  20. Best coverage online💪💪💪

  21. Tonio Burton has superior genetics to Beef_Stew.. the entire line up at NY Pro. and I like Stew.. he has awesome physique.. just got out classed by Tonio

  22. Algorithm bump

  23. Tonio will make Ian look natty next to him

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