NEW VW Golf R Review: Has The Golf Reached Its Peak? | 4K 2022

March 24, 2023

Rory reviews the new Golf R – a 320 horsepower beast of a family hatchback that can outperform most rivals, whilst remaining supremely usable day to day. Is this the best Golf ever?

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  1. I have a 2015 GTI Autobahn edition in carbon grey and a 6 MT and love the way it drives. I also appreciate the little things it has that the newer models don't have such as hydraulic hood struts. The tech is a little old school and no wireless charging or Android Auto but it works and the buttons do illuminate. My only real gripe is no rear traffic alert or blind spot monitoring. Best of all it is paid for and since I live in Canada I store it over the winter so only have 40Kms on it. So this one is a keeper. It does go through tyres though and I am no boy racer but now on my 3rd set.

  2. Great review and car. The R mk8 it's incredibile underground every aspects. I have a mk8 R and fortunately my infotainment work very well, probabily the system of the teste car need to be updated. In any case thank you for this video and test! 🤩

  3. Bonking his head on the engine cover..funny.

  4. I have a mark 8 GTD and the infotainment system is always playing up exactly as you mentioned. Also the wireless charger cooks your phone with or without the cover down so I never use it.

  5. So is the R worth over Clubsport 45?

  6. they even removed the strut for the bonnet that the base golf 7 had lol

  7. This all digital car interior starting to get on the weard side " car is a mechanical machine , yes technology is evolvin , but what made legendary cars is their lechanical caracterestics , too much touch screens automatic things pff

  8. At 09:27 you can see the boot release move whilst he's driving forward. Why is that? A camera?

  9. Cars as transport not toys to play with

  10. I am currently contemplating trading my 530e for a Golf R not sure what I will choose tho 😂

  11. This car is 76k in Ireland absolute joke who wants to pay that for this pos

  12. Thanks for mentioning this idiotic touch „situation“. What‘s even more is that material quality is not as good as it was at some point. It’s quite obvious that Volkswagen (and Audi) are cutting costs when it comes to interior…

  13. VW Golf…the highest selling car of all times.

  14. I think the squishy cover has been binned due to reports of them catching fire. Deliveries are occurring with NO engine cover at all until VW deliver a replacement.

  15. Nice work Rory 👌👏

  16. Yes golf has reached its peak as been replaced by the id3

  17. That charging pad…I gave up in 2 days and got a USB-C cable to plug my phones instead. Only worked okish in one VW I drove – a rental TAOS in Latin America. It’s shockingly poor quality assurance from VW and other brands too.
    Same story for haptic feedback buttons – I’m always accidentally turning on steering heating this summer…’s adding tech for tech sake rather than to solve problems!
    Luckily the Golf’s performance and comfort puts a smile on my face and distracts me from this nonsense 😁 GTI, yet to try R

  18. the fact the hood is still kept up by a metal rod in 2021…. in a £40.000 car

  19. I moved brands from VW to Benz solely on that infotainment system. Shame really as I did enjoy my R.

  20. great presentation! thanks.

  21. May be a better steering turning circle? The previous 7.5 model is not the best on this.

  22. Cheap nasty looking interior.

  23. Reply
    Ricardo Condeixa Gaming Channel March 24, 2023 at 3:17 pm

    I dont Think this car is worth the money they want for it … it has a lot of flaws and to be honest … between the golf 7 r and the 8 … u see almoust nothing done …. 320 hp is a joke for a top of the line expensive golf !

  24. Bought this a few months ago but had to return it and got a refund due to the infotainment system. It just doesn't work. Inexcusable! Ordered a GR Yaris instead.

  25. I love how this is a review on a car and it doesn't say the year of the car not once in the video or the description…. Come on now like dude if someone didn't know about these cars this video is completely useless……. "review" lol

  26. Mine sits on 330hp 420nm 247kw.
    Fast enough for me. 😉

  27. 2:50 they got rid of nada grey?!?!??!?! wtf are they smoking at VW?!?!?! 3:27 bruh mk7 looks so much better from any angle

  28. Is it the best Golf. No. The Golf is not just about engine and chassis. It's the whole package. The seven is the peak. Now it's going down..

  29. It's the best yet then you look at the cockpit 😂

  30. I think this is absolutely shit, it looks boring, it's boring to drive, the interior is boring, the standard model comes with basically nothing when it's already over 40k. Would rather buy a i30n Dct model which comes with a better interior, everything as standard, more fun to drive looks more aggressive and a simple stage 1 gives it more power than the golf and you have saved a shit load of money.

  31. Reply
    samuel fitzpatrick March 24, 2023 at 3:17 pm

    I really really like this car

  32. VW software updates will fix the issues on the centre dash. No big deal

  33. Great review.
    Gets to the point.


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