*NEW* | UK 2022 Ford Focus ST-Line FULL REVIEW 2022

May 10, 2023

The NEW 2022 Ford Focus MCA has arrived at Foray Motor Group. This facelift boasts the new, striking exterior design, plus new technology both inside and out! We’ll show you the stunning, 13.2 inch touch screen with Ford SYNC 4! Join Macaulay as he reviews the new Ford Focus update and goes into detail to show you how this isn’t just a cosmetic facelift. Watch him walk-around this Ford Focus ST-Line in Magnetic. This is a highly desirable and popular spec. Magnetic is also a popular, metallic paint option. Could this be the best hatchback available from Ford for families? The executive look and feel, combined with the comfort and technology, also make this a strong contender for the best hatchback for business users. This new Ford car features hybrid, petrol and diesel engines, with both manual and automatic transmissions, with something for every driver!

The new 2022 Focus ST should arrive with us soon, too. We’ll be showing you another review, exclusively for the Focus ST, as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to taking a look at the Focus in Mean Green – Ford’s exclusive ST colour. It will be just another Ford Performance car that will offer exceptional torque and horsepower.

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  1. Reply
    Foray Motor Group May 10, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    BREAKING NEWS We have a selection of 2022 Ford Focus models in stock now, available for immediate delivery!! If you're interested, pop us an email to Fordforay@fmg-uk.com

  2. Just bought a used Focus ST-Line (8,500 Km). Is it smaller than the Titanium version? No handbook to speak of and I'm not sure how to operate the sunroof. Also, I've seen various claimed horse power figures, from 99 bhp to 150 bhp, so not sure which applies to the one I bought. The boot is not a closed compartment. It has no "lid". In the two reviews I've watched, there was no mention of the electric component – either its contribution to performance or whether it needs any topping up or other attention. One review video complained about having to use the touch screen to regulate temperature, but my version has knurled knobs for temp control and fan. And, of course, there is no CD player!

  3. Can you spec the digital dash on a st line ?

  4. I want one I am in south africa have not seen any focus here since 2017

  5. 5/step walk around never changes

  6. Very nice but I find that screen too large to be so high on the dash, could do with being lower down like on the Model 3

  7. Maybe show people in the back seats ie space!!!

  8. Reply
    Graham Stanley Hindwell May 10, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    Ford focus vignale new model

  9. Wouldn't buy it cos of the screen

  10. Love the focus on my 4th one

  11. You couldn't picture what the ford badge would look like on the grill but your vans have been doing it since time immemorial.

  12. This isn't a review it is a sales pitch. They are hardly going to say the old one was better.

  13. Reply
    Jay Les collins Underhill May 10, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    As I live off road, how would that affect the hybrid, if it’s not charged

  14. Nah I'll keep my one looks mean at the front ST .. the new one doesn't have front fogs and not alot of upgrades been done

  15. Love it, especially in that colour . Tony

  16. A shame this isn't available in the U.S. Good review, and you are cute too. 🥰

  17. Reply
    Falando de Engenharia Civil May 10, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    o focus está tentando virar um golf??? que fracasso…

  18. If Ford brings it back to the US I will buy one as soon as available with 6 speed manual

  19. But why… why there are no gas springs for the hood… thats again a step backwards…

  20. When will it be finally possible to order it?

  21. Absolutely a hideous mess

  22. Already have a 71plate Focus STLine, and if it drives like the one I have, then I would not touch another Focus, vague and wandering steering, driving in a straight line feels like your driving in constant cross winds, and when it is windy the thing is all over the place.
    Compared to our other car, an A Class Merc which cost very little more. The interior is better quality and not as plasticky as the Focus, and certainly not as trim squeaky, plus when you turn the sound system up, it doesn’t vibrate all the door cards like on the Focus.
    I love the look of the Focus, but the poor interior and lack of confidence inspiring drive, I would never have another.
    I expected a massive improvement over my Kia Ceed that I previously owned, but have been left disappointed,
    Hopefully going to trade mine in against something else within the next year as every time I drive it, I am left more Meh 🫤

  23. St line with 1.0L engine? No buttons for climate control. That screen looks like an aftermarket accessory from Aliexpress.
    1L engine + Ford auto box= double trouble
    The exterior design looks very good though

  24. The famous 1ltr Eco-bang motor

  25. Ordered it 5 months ago and told it could be Christmas before i see it ho ho ho

  26. What I really liked in FF3 was that the design was not agressive. Does anybody make cars with friendly "faces" these days?

  27. Is there a manual diesel option?

  28. Hi Macaulay Culkin

  29. Beautiful car. I wish Ford would sell the Focus again in the US

  30. Miss Ford Focus

  31. Got my ST line yesterday in white. Looks absolutely amazing.

  32. Reply
    LondonsFinestGamingCrew May 10, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    My ST line is coming Sunday 😊

  33. How long will i have to wait for the new ford focus????

  34. Where's the excitement, behind you ????

  35. @ford

  36. I think the new astra looks far better than the focus it seems Corsa as already knocked fiesta of top spot and the same could happen with focus also mokka was number 4 top seller could be a interesting year where these two manafacturers are competing against each other again

  37. Reply
    CommodoreSinclair May 10, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    Where are you getting your boot capacity figures from? All other reviews say the 5 door hatch has 375 litres, the same as the previous Mk4.

  38. When I saw this first, I loved it. Then someone said it looks like a hyundi, now I can't unsee it 😪

  39. Have a 2013 focus worst car iv ever owned I will never again buy one

  40. Apparently ford have stopped selling the new focus 🙄🙄

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