NEW Toyota Yaris Cross review – an SUV that can ACTUALLY do 100mpg!! | What Car? 2022

April 15, 2023

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The Toyota Yaris Cross is an SUV that is amazingly frugal, but is there more to it than mpgs? Watch to find out

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Video chapters:
0:00 What is the Yaris Cross?
1:08 Interior design
3:48 Rear seats and practicality
5:20 The hybrid engine
7:27 Driving impressions
8:06 Pricing and fuel efficiency
9:01 Trim levels
9:25 Verdict and outro

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  1. Reply
    Pablo García Durán April 15, 2023 at 10:11 am

    Those blue sneakers look great. What brand are they?

  2. Toyota claims the boot is 460L I think if you load it from top to bottom

  3. Very nice and smart format 👍
    It would be also nice a GR AWD "mo powa!" version.

  4. Picked up our Yaris cross excel two months ago,what a dreadful car , poor paintwork Fragile tinny bodywork terrible road noise, interior quality is very poor , there is a lot of better cars out there for a lot less money

  5. Why are Toyota so dumb … the esp of this car is the 64mpg on the base models… ‘higher’ models are less special at 56mpg… what’s higher about that? Stick to small wheels whatever else is added .. so low spec models have best mpg AND better ride quality

  6. Harping on about gutless acceleration and small rear space, the usual What-car nitpicky nonsense. Forgetting why people would buy this car, for 60MPG (not 50), for very high spec safety, for the more than adequate practically and performance on Britain's shitty roads. If you want a sports car, then don't buy it. Had my Aygo X for 3 months, more than happy!

  7. I liked the exterior design of the color but inside the back seats there is not much space, even so, it is super economical and for trips in the city, it is excellent. Love the reviews done by Doug.

  8. 6.50..tbey are not sent soaring to red line, (it hasn't got one), its moving up to the efficiency zone, that's what cvt is about.. Not pace.

  9. "nasty feeling plastic" i am driving car over 15 years and never tought about feeling the plastic in my car

  10. Great video om my next car, just put an order in, Have a normal Yaris…in THE Summer it Will be THE Yaris Cross😎

  11. The country we live in and all every car reviewer talks about is the 0 to 60 and “when you put your foot down” my god it’s pathetic another turn off reviewer it’s a hybrid !!!! Built to save you gas’s money !!!!!! Not a speed car!!!!!

  12. The answer is buy a Kia Niro. Bigger and better, and doesn't cost that much more

  13. I thought the excuse for SUVs were families. Now if the back door doesn’t open wide you are just making a patent’s life super hard for car seats or younger children getting in.
    I don’t understand why we don’t go back to rear doors hinged at the back

  14. eCVT is a clear advantage to me

  15. i have the black yaris cross hybrid , german edition, front wheel drive since 3 months. absolutely love it, it drives very similar to the lexus 450h , i owned the lexus for ten years, but the yaris needs half the gas, 12l vs 4.9l , while it does rev when you hit the pedal, the extra electric motor gives it the responsiveness i want to have in order to speed up, overtake on highway. etc. i highly recommend this car, also the boot space is enough for shopping, baby carriage etc. very fun to drive and cost are low. 4.9l avg is very economical. comfortable ride, also on long distance.

  16. I don't really understand the criticism to the plastics, it is the best yaris ever launched and it competes with a ford puma…
    Besides, I can bet you that those plastics will never squeak, compared to my 2015 renault that I sold. I bought that renault and 2 months later there were already noises coming from the plastics. I own this car since the release date and it feels just as if I picked it up yesterday. Don't wory about the plastic guys, toyota bolted everything really really well.

  17. It’s a shame the 9 inch HD cloud navigation system intermittently connects and disconnects by itself. I just can’t trust it. Toyota are aware of the problem since 2021 but they still haven’t sorted out the problem. Mean time Toyota are still selling faulty 9 inch and display with cloud navigation fault which displays as “No Connection”. This is happening all around the U.K. and is not restricted to one area. The cloud navigation system relies on 4G telephone system via Vodaphone system connected to Toyota. If you want to use apple car play or android auto then go ahead but this is costing the customer data, the cloud navigation is free and it should work. Toyota U.K. as customers to go to Main dealers but all they do is disconnect the small 12 volt battery and reconnect, this re-boots the cloud navigation system and the could navigation works for a few days and then “no connection” fault appears again. Toyota U.K. have no answer to this problem but are still selling cars with the cloud navigation system fitted.

  18. I just ordered one yesterday.

  19. I like the outside of this car, but the interior is to plain, toyota should up the interior with colours and even with little detailed quality finishes, my daughter says this is a nana's car.

  20. Great review. I got all answers for my qualifications about this car. Thanks for your job. Subscribed.

  21. Sorry just want to know how tall you are ? Your figure really make the car look like a toy.

  22. I much prefer the CVT to the alternative gearboxes, to me its the obvious choice for the installation.

  23. i think its all wheel drive not 4 wheel drive, i just found that out is this the same cvt as in the Yaris and is it that bad. i have a polo 2017 and was going to stick with polo as there the only ones that still do manual in Australia. i really don't want auto but may not have a choice. especially if i want hybrid

  24. this or the subaroo xv – the xv has almighty suspension for the almighty potholes we have in the UK – but the Y is so much cheaper to run – I currently have a bmw x1 and the cost of repairs are eye-watering.

  25. Delivery I was quoted for these cars is November 2022 which is 6 months away ! 
    I was told that my part exchange would go down in price and the new car might go up in price . 
    Some dealers are also holding on to their demonstrators as well, and won't release them until September 1st when the 72 plate cars come out.
    Looks like they won't be getting my new car order.

  26. How does a 1.5L engine take 11 seconds to do 0-60 mph?

  27. Puma is a mild hybrid which is low tech compare to the cross.
    Full hybrids can only operate with a e-cvt transmission.
    The cross can do 950 km on a single 36L tank so you will refuel less than the kamiq which can do 893 km on a 50L tank.

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