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Toyota announced the imminent arrival of a Toyota Etios replacement and just a few weeks later, here we are driving the newcomer, the Toyota Starlet. However, you may be looking at this vehicle and thinking that it looks very familiar, and that’s because the Toyota Starlet is a re-badged Suzuki Baleno, which has been on sale in South Africa for a few years now.

Confused? So were we. Join our video guy Ciro De Siena on a journey to discover the differences, if any, between the Starlet and the Baleno. We also cover the pricing of the Starlet versus the Baleno, and offer our advice on which one you should buy.

0:00 Intro
0:26 Toyota Starlet comparison to Suzuki Baleno
2:24 Pros of the Toyota Starlet
3:16 Toyota Starlet vs Toyota Yaris
3:42 Toyota aesthetic differences and Baleno changes
4:23 Petrol Engine
5:11 Fuel Efficiency
5:57 Power & Torque
6:26 Gearbox
7:23 Negatives about the Toyota Starlet
8:05 Boot Space
8:54 Rear Interior
9:47 Front Interior
10:48 Engine
11:10 Should you buy the Toyota Starlet or the Suzuki Baleno?
13:22 Outro

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  1. Reply
    🔥Mollo Marung🌋 May 19, 2023 at 8:41 am

    Nice video,

    Though I would've like to see more shots of the exterior at the back with the boot closed,

    juss as there were many shots of the exterior at the front.

  2. I live in Australia and we bought a brand new Suzuki Beleno GLX and this Toyita Starlet you reviewed in this video is exactly the same as our Suzuki Beleno except for two things the Beleno is automatic and there are Toyota badges on it you cannot buy Belenos in Australia any more we paid $25000 aud for our Beleno and the Beleno GL was the cheapest car available in Australia cheaper than the small crapy Kia and the small Crappy Cinese MG any Suzuki beats any Kia or Chinese built MG fir buikd quality and reliability and Toyota to but there badge on any car they have to be very reliable case in point l have a 1997 Toyota Hilux cab chassis with an aluminum tray rear wheel drive which has done 430000kms which all Toyotas should do without any problems and the engine is still very good also when l bought it about 4 years ago it cost me $1500 aud have spent over $1500 aud still have a couple things to fix it up they are selling now for aud $5000 to $6000 which just shows you and some of them have more kilmeters than mine and our Suzuki Beleno has apreciated by aud $800 because they are no longer sold in Australia as for the Jimny thats another story

  3. Reply
    Jannes The Impala May 19, 2023 at 8:41 am

    The first starlet that SA ever got, and it has to be a rebadge. A legendary ricer turned into a modern economy car, getting the same vibes as Mitsubishi 😒

  4. What is the watt of the radio because i want to put different speakers in mine

  5. Is this thing better to drive than a polo Tsi?

  6. Got mine on Thursday, our fourth Toyota!! Love it!

  7. I really liked this review. I came across it while trying to understand the value of different rental cars (I want to rent for 6 weeks and while the RAV4 was affodable at face value, the extra mileage cost was horrendous!). I think there's a great opportunity to do a 'rental car comparison', because generally the rental companies have lower / lowest spec cars – that will help people a lot… maybe even helpful for people who buy/sell rental fleet hand-me-downs.. Either way, nice review!

  8. Biscuit spare wheel

  9. Shitiest car in india

  10. Its a good car for city driving…on the high way it would drive me mad.. it's under powered.

  11. This was really helpful, thanks

  12. Just purchased mine a few days ago. Thanks for the tips Ciro!

  13. Thanks for a great channel.Just the Toyota is a piece of junk.Serviced at the dealer after one year with only 5000 km on the clock and since that day the enjin sounds like a diesel enjin.
    WATERPUMP BE AWARE and stay away.Rather buy Renault.

  14. Reply
    Dior Choi Development May 19, 2023 at 8:41 am

    Great job showing a full size luggage bag that fits…nobody did this! Great video for just what I need to check how big this car is for rental cars!

  15. How's the spare? Biscuit or mag?

  16. Reply
    Monde Jasper Mboniswa May 19, 2023 at 8:41 am

    Definitely getting one soon

  17. I want one!!!

  18. Good to see people take a move from VW. Their cars are just too high risk. Then again, it’s SA…

  19. Suzuki ciaz is 77kw not 68kw

  20. I really like your videos. So honest and experienced. Bought this car (xr manual) about a month ago. Been driving it long distance and in town. Your fuel economy figures are weird. Maybe you drove it in 3rd gear 6 000 revs for two hours.

    I got 18.9 on the highway, two persons and a ton of luggage with aircon. And about 19.5 one person with aircon in town. (Km/l) Really a brilliant little car. Feels like a mercedes. Kind of.

  21. Hi anyone who owns the car how do you open the boot from inside? And how is fuel consumption

  22. Wow, I love this car. I love the boot space and the performance. It's awesome. 👌👌👌👌. It's worth getting it

  23. Suzuki was a better make as thieves weren't stealing suzuki

  24. Very good review…informative and enjoying!

  25. Reply
    Kamo Kaydee Duiker May 19, 2023 at 8:41 am

    Nice review I just Need a nice comfortable efficient car. Don't need too much power

  26. Got it today as a rental as my Polo Tsi comfortline is at the panel beaters. This car is horrible, poor acceleration and power, super low clutch pedal, I dread driving on the high way tomorrow.

  27. I’m about to purchase 1 as my very 1st car…..your review is much appreciated👌🤝

  28. I’m definitely getting this car 👌🏾

  29. I need to get this, is there an automatic drive?

  30. I just purchased starlet Xs Auto. Its a great car, the problem which came with the car is the brake shoes noise but Toyota fixed it.

  31. I'm actually starting to see the Baleno/Starlet viable options for my first car

  32. Reply
    mzwandile january May 19, 2023 at 8:41 am

    Hi Sir. Which would you buy for personal use between the Starlet vs Polo Mswenko??? You've reviewed both.

  33. Best reviews ever!

  34. Chinese dealerships have disappointed many South African motorists with previous attempts to sell these products here.
    How long will this dealership last before they too pull out of South Africa ?
    Do you remember  ….
    How many above stated vehicles do you still see on the roads today  ?

  35. Get the Toyota Branded Suzuki because Toyota has a huge aftermarket for parts.

  36. Is it really the same engine?

  37. The classic starlet still feels better than the yaris, the gas in the yaris takes forever to feel like speed.

  38. Toyota launched this in india with Name "Glanza".

  39. Oct 1 is my birthday

  40. Reply
    chuck botowsky botowsky May 19, 2023 at 8:41 am

    Why swift is more expensive than Baleno on Australia web?

  41. I have a baleno here in the Netherlands with a 1240 cc 90 hp.
    In the summer about 21 km a liter in winter 1 on 17 or 18 km.
    No hills here.

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