New Toyota Hilux 2021 review – the ULTIMATE pick-up truck! reviews

April 2, 2023

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This is the new Toyota Hilux!

Toyota has updated its well-known pickup to target more everyday car buyers, rather than being seen just as a commercial vehicle. But has it worked?

Well, there’s a few design updates to the exterior, including new running boards and an all-new grille upfront. As for the interior… Well, not much has changed!

As for engines, as with the old model, you can get a 2.4-litre turbo-diesel, which can produce 150hp and 400Nm of torque. However, there’s also a new engine available – a 2.8-litre 4cyl. turbo-diesel, with 204hp & 500Nm!

But what do you think, is the Hilux good enough to consider over a standard car? And more importantly, if you decide to try it out in its natural habitat (off-road, of course), can it still do the business compared to its rivals?! You’ll have to check out our all-new in-depth review to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:48 Price
01:45 Exterior Design
03:11 Interior
04:56 Back Seats
06:28 Load Bed
07:06 Five Annoying Things
08:12 Five Cool Things
09:18 Engines
10:02 Town Driving
11:44 Motorway Driving
13:18 Twisty Road Driving
14:17 0 – 60mph
15:24 Off-Roading
18:22 Verdict

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  1. Blokes trying to be funny but just comes across arrogant and miserable to be honest. You’re reviewing a 40 grand pick up not a Rolls Royce mate

  2. Fortuner

  3. Very weird review because he doesn’t even know the truck he’s reviewing. That ain’t a standard USB port. It’s to connect for Toyota apps and a direct link the phone for no Bluetooth. You can do media and CarPlay with it. Doesn’t even setup the truck properly. The UK one is strange af no bed liner and no superflex suspension. The mpg is 31 normally.

  4. Its critics like Mat that make companies change things for the better , thanks for your wonderful review we learn alot, but that being said I love the invincible x, this car has one of the most beautiful digital guage i have ever seen

  5. just buy a tacoma

  6. Don't shoot the messenger, but this is registered as a category N1 vehicle in the UK – goods vehicle. Max speed is therefore 50 m.p.h. on single carriageways, 60 m.p.h. on dual carriageways. You just filmed yourself exceeding the speed limit! 🙄

  7. what is the most expesive hilux?

  8. Where is the AA gun? 😾

  9. Who would wanna buy a pickup whit only 0.0007 Km clearance

  10. Toyota! Amazing…

  11. Don't buy a hilux or Ford ranger in dumfries and Galloway as the police will fine you for going over 50mph on an A road as they are over 2040kg,buy an isuzu dmax

  12. Does anyone know why the wheel arches has that different color cutout(grey color cutout on top of the arch)? It that purely for design or has some functions (an attachment?)?

  13. Please make a video on the 2022 Ranger Raptor (150kw and 500NM) Vs The 2022 Hilux GR sport with 165kw and 550NM. Drag race and off-road

  14. Onya Rob Brydon funny as ever!!

  15. Please review the new Hilux GR sport

  16. "How to Kill a Toyota"
    Tortured Tested

  17. Ohhh my God help me not remain watching these strong powerful vehicles in YouTube videos but one day I will own.

  18. very overated it handles poorly on fast bumps and it slips alot on grassy surfaces very unstable on fast roads but a reliable engine makes it a favourite for alot of people

  19. Review of the new GR Sport Hilux please?

  20. Why don’t you review the Isuzu Dmax?

  21. Reply
    Κ. Καραθεοδωρή Α.Ε. April 2, 2023 at 12:24 am

    We wating for Toyota HIlux Gr sport!

  22. Toyota Hilux a South African legend

  23. Reply
    christopher Hoenig April 2, 2023 at 12:24 am

    older version built like an absolute tank though @whilstindeasil

  24. On the driveway you went right past my house

  25. Hilux is The One. 🦾🥇

  26. finaly someone make a good review of a car called "invincible" ! 👍👍👍thx man 👍👍👍

    not some wimpy road driving like these "dutch wannabe car testers"🤮

    edit: pathetic car for the name "invincible X" but just a good normal expensive Toyota Hilux😁 but the pre 2000 was better for offroad, but hard to find now, stupid isis bought all🖕

  27. The only truck I want to buy. Sadly not sold in Canada

  28. It's so tough and beautiful people are going to buy it Mathew well done mate

  29. Reply
    soorajrajan kadakkal April 2, 2023 at 12:24 am

    TOYOTA 👑

  30. Love this guy’s reviews but @carwow Matt that isn’t dual climate 😅😅

  31. Please never review a utility vehicle inside ever…. You are awful in it City boy.

  32. This is the same car we bought and same color

  33. It is cheap and bad😅😅😂😂

  34. Bro I think the army uses this ass car😂😂

  35. Europeans will never praise Asian cars, before I start watching I knew it.

  36. The Best Car In Australia!

  37. Watched this video a year ago wanted this car badly but my desire didn't lineup with my bank balance a year later though I know own this car
    Thank you Jesus

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