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May 6, 2023

Has Tesla ruined the Tesla Model 3? Well, that’s unlikely to be honest. Because, yes, it’s had a facelift – the first physical changes to the car since its launch last year, in fact – but the changes aren’t massive. They’re certainly worth knowing about though. So watch this review to find out exactly what’s new and whether it makes the car better or worse.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:22 Exterior changes
2:02 Interior changes
4:26 Heat pump technology
5:11 Range changes
5:45 Other driving changes
8:10 Performance
9:00 Summary and outro

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  1. So, are you a fan of the (slightly) new looks? Like, or dislike, this comment to tell us!
    And what else do you wish Tesla had changed for this facelift? Let us know below
    Yes, I love satin black = 👍
    No, give me chrome = 👎

  2. Reply
    Admiral Craddock May 6, 2023 at 6:52 pm

    bad panel gaps just screams poor build quality. It doesn't bode well for the longevity of these cars. If Lexus candidates build cars with supreme build quality why can't Tesla?

  3. Tesla company slogan should be…

    Tesla, works sometimes.

    I have a model 3, don't bother

  4. I don’t know why people give Tesla a free pass with such poor quality

  5. Reply
    Spider MacKenzie May 6, 2023 at 6:52 pm

    I think for me as good as this car is. The network of Super Chargers & just chargers in general are not good enough yet for my needs. I live in the NE of Scotland & quite regularly go on trips around the highlands of Scotland & some of the Outer Hebrides Islands such as the Isle of Lewis.
    I thought it was interesting the picture of the network of charger & superchargers shown during the film was centred around London & say a 200 mile radius where there are many chargers however as I say it nothing like that around the remote parts of Scotland. I think for me it’s just to impractical to own an electrical car.

  6. Reply
    TheRussianLondoner May 6, 2023 at 6:52 pm

    Amazing car

  7. I would love to buy this car but I really want a 360 degree camera to help with parking so if this card doesn't have that then it could be a deal breaker for me. I assumed with all the cameras it has that it would definitely have a 360 camera but looks like my assumption was wrong! Such a shame that a car at this price range with all of these features can't offer a simple 360deg camera!

  8. I owned an A4 and I found the seats very uncomfortable because of the extreme bucket design in the s-line and the very hard sitting surface. The A4’s interior is a beautiful, a happy place to be but the M3 seats are way more comfortable and the driver position is better, the car is wider, with way more leg room and far better interior and trunk storage space. He is dead wrong the M3 is far more comfortable than A4 and BMW 3 for sure which is why I flipped.

  9. Hardly considered a face-lift, it's had 1 change to the finish material on the outside and a headlamp update.

  10. My brother in law has one of these , one word "AMAZING".

  11. If you couldn’t ffordc Model 3 where would you go?

  12. Ive havent charged my car this year yet, and i commute daily. I just put petrol in it

  13. Great and well detailed video bro 💪🏾

  14. Reply
    Alistair Johnson May 6, 2023 at 6:52 pm

    Thanks for the info – question I cannot see an exact answer to – A Model 3 LR has autopilot standard version – will this manage stop go traffic queues say on the motorway? i.e will it come to a complete stop then start again and follow the traffic on its own without any driver intervention (given your hands are still detected on the wheel)?

  15. Really dislike the new black seals and door handles replacing the former chrome

  16. Live in Australia last thing we require is a heat pump. Rather the extra space in the front

  17. The Tesla model 3 looks really crap and boring inside and out !!!
    You have to operate most of the functions either from the centre console or by your phone which isn’t practical
    Think I’ll give this a miss
    Audi etron looks way better

  18. New tesla 45k. New camry 25. Where are the savings. Still have ro pay for charging, higher insurance rates and some states higher registrarion. Waste of money and you still polute by using electicity.

  19. Or you could avoid.. save a fortune..

  20. The interior doors are different too. The wood grain goes all the way to the doors as well. At least it does on my 2021

  21. The build quality is my major concern, for example panel gaps…that would drive me crazy, especially at this price point. I've also seen other reviewers/owners call out the iffy paint jobs on top of that.

  22. As more people go electric and the German and other European manufactures introduce more models then hopefully Tesla wont be able to get away with questionable build quality, and the people of What Car and the like might give them a tougher time about it.

  23. I think those poor panel are awful ,we don’t have to put up with that these days, it points to poor quality control.

  24. Reply
    Roberto salvatore May 6, 2023 at 6:52 pm

    Is this for the us too ?

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