NEW Suzuki Vitara Hybrid review – the best value small SUV? | What Car? 2022

April 27, 2023

Uh oh. The Suzuki Vitara has ALWAYS been a bargain choice, but a price hike means that it isn’t anymore. BUT, can it still look like great value compared to its rivals? And does a new mild hybrid engine choice make the car better than ever? Watch to find out.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:52 The new Vitara and rivals
1:38 Interior design and quality
3:40 Technology
5:15 Rear seats
6:02 Boot space
7:21 Engines
8:31 Ride comfort and handling
9:23 Vitara trims and options
10:53 Drive modes and performance
11:50 Verdict and outro

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  1. The Ford and Nissan can’t be put in the same class. The Skoda is the only comparable car, the VW is to expensive for comparison. Having owned 3 Suzuki’s, I have to say the cars are very easy to live with, reliable, economical (particularly in my current Swift). Also the service from the dealer has always been very good, far better than Ford provide. I have to say that Skoda were also strong on customer service when I had one.

  2. this opinion is more off a complain that "suzuki doesnt pays for reviews".Not so honest…

  3. Too small and too low. Do not like this model. Looks like a sedan

  4. When did Chris Martin start doing car reviews?

  5. Bought an sz5 manual yesterday in Atlantic turquoise. Very well-mannered during the test drive across a range of road surfaces from back country lanes to dual carriage way. Excellent service from tj vickers in Shrewsbury 👍

  6. Wonderful suv

  7. Suzuki Vitara – 5 Star safety rating, bullet proof reliability and excellent fuel economy. Anything else deemed necessary is just fluff.

  8. I'm thinking of buying it, what's your opinion? Im worried about the clima because when the hybrid system is on the clima is not working . And what about tue fuel economy? Should i buy it?

  9. Reviewer copy cats all other “professional reviews” all contradict owners opinions on what matters. I have recently test driven one of these exact models. I cant wait to buy one

  10. so good car testers neat and correct explanations

  11. This not a Hybrid review! ?

  12. MPG is what ? Or did I miss this ?

  13. Currently have one as a courtesy car – it’s the entry trim – it’s horrid! The interior quality is about 15 years off the pace – it feels flimsy throughout. The only good point is the boosterjet engine – it’s incredibly perky! It’s by far the best small engine I’ve experience for year – would be fantastic in a supermini – Would I want one? even in a better spec? Absolutely not – it’s long past it’s sell by date.

  14. Long in in India

  15. Does it have sat nav

  16. Reminds me of a Dacia. Not worth the extra money.

  17. Who cares about fancy interior if it's unreliable junk like French cars n ford

  18. I have owned a few Suzuki's and they have been brilliant. I test drove the Vitara turbo All Grip yesterday and it was fantastic. Yes its not as flashy as a few of its competitors but just read some actual owner reviews and people just rave about the Vitara. The way the all wheel drive works makes this car much safer in all weather (this wasn't mentioned) and the power is only delivered to the wheels if they start slipping, which saves fuel and makes it far more economical than most constant all wheel drives and it was a joy to drive, its a hoot!! As part of my research I have been stopping and talking to owners wherever I go and its the same story, a reliable vehicle they love. I can't see how soft touch fabrics and digital displays make a good car? and to be honest a lot of people said the finishes are great for a family car, e.g. tough and hard wearing. I suggest that you do your own research because I feel that often certain vehicles are highly rated because these companies pay for the reviews.

  19. What is the range on electric only?

  20. I love panoramic sunroof on mu suzuki vitara!! allgrip,panoramic sunroof and hybrid tec are the best features of this car!

  21. You really don't like Suzuki. All reviews of Suzuki's that you did are very negative. Read comments of videos and you will see that people love them, while you just whine.

  22. Great review. I have a previous generation Vitara, that shares pretty much the same look and features, but comes with a turbo diesel engine that's actually pretty amazing both in performances and in fuel economy (it is also pretty good for CO2 emissions, I wonder why Suzuki decided to stop offering it). I mostly agree with your impressions: my version of the Vitara is the flagship one (with all the infotainment goodies, driving assistance, sensors, camera and four wheel drive) and I have to say… it is very practical and sturdy… but it's full of hard plastics and in general, it doesn't feel premium at all. I confirm that the car is a beat noisy and that that the doors feel a bit too light. Rear seats are just ok for two kids and their baby seats (but they don't need yet a lot of leg room yet). The trunk however is amazing and its shape and double bottom is very clever. I use this car regularly as a family car, and when I go on long trips I can fit everything I need and more. I also need to talk about the amazing adaptive cruise control. It works like a charm and in general the car feels very safe and well balanced during long trips, even at high speeds. On the highway the cars drives almost by itself, and I never had an issue with its software. However, the steering wheel feels a bit too light at high speeds and I always fear to move it too much when overtaking a big truck on narrow lanes. If you plan to use it off road, remember that this is no more a grand vitara: it doesn't come with reduced gears so it's not a real offroader and can be difficult to drive on high slopes (expecially if you need to start uphill). Overall it is an excellent, sturdy and reliable middle sized family car, that could be more comfortable and refined, but that does its job flawlessy without attracting attention.

  23. Informative review 🙂

  24. 4 Cylinder, turbo, mild hybrid! VW and other manufactures do you listen????…if safety Euro NCAP is a bit better it would be best package on the market….

  25. I'm looking for a car with good reliability, comfort, good fuel economy, good looks and a reasonable price. If you are picking your car based on if it has soft materials and its door bottle holder size, then you are probably going to end up with a lemon.

  26. go with manual gear, you won't have issues with that noise.

  27. No, it is not a hybrid. More of a gimmick of one. The price hike of the last two years is more than real, though. For what is virtually the same car.

  28. India launch 🇮🇳 ?
    Already spied so much in India !

  29. 2:07 soft touch materials have nothing to do with quality. They're purely an aesthetic/cosmetic choice. The Vitara does feel cheap, but it is very good value if you shop around when buying.

    The Vitara feels light because it is. It's designed to be light but sturdy and the stats are that it's a very dependable car. Which you can really feel if you throw one around – it's quite agile for what it is and surprisingly adroit off road, unlike most cars in its class – especially at the price.

  30. The Vital has lost its looks, very dull. Looks and feels cheap option, no thanks.

  31. The moment they made the Ignis a mild hybrid instead of a proper one and tried charging more than a hybrid jazz was the moment I knew Suzuki were trying to take us for fools.
    Every dealer near me was also trying to sell a bottom range 1.0L vitals for over 22k.
    Suzuki are clearly deluded when designing and building their cars. There’s cheapness everywhere you look

  32. Even today's bmw's the doors are quite light and flimsy (thinking f40) compared to older models where they were heavy. Everything is losing quality and strenght and weight because of environmental constraints.

  33. Skoda Kamiq a better car than Vitara?!? Very funny!

  34. Reply
    Hjörleifur Ingason April 27, 2023 at 11:58 pm

    The main competitor here is Dacia Duster which is cheaper, has a better road clearance and more capable off road. Also very reliable

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