NEW Suzuki Jimny 2022 review – it's changed more than you think! 2022

March 10, 2023

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Introducing the Suzuki Jimny Commercial!

That’s right, the Jimny is back from its emission-regulations death, and it’s now a commercial vehicle!

So what do you get with the new Jimny? Well in terms of design… It’s exactly the same as the passenger version released back in 2018! However, don’t expect it to come with any thrills or mod-cons – it’s based on the entry-level edition. As a result, you’ll only find halogen headlights up front, and just steel wheels instead of alloys, to name just a few features.

However, there’s one key area of difference compared to the passenger edition – the rear seats have been stripped out and replaced with a cage! It makes for a suitably sizeable boot, however, with 836-litres available! Take a peek under the bonnet, and you’ll find exactly the same engine as before – the 1.5-litre petrol that can deliver 101hp & 130Nm.

The question is, should you really buy this for personal rather than professional use? And if so, can it really justify the increased £20,000 price tag?! Well, Mat’s about to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:43 Exterior Design
01:35 Price
02:28 Interior
03:33 Boot
04:01 5 Annoying Things
05:38 5 Cool Things
06:57 Engine
07:17 Driving
10:10 Off-road Driving
10:49 0-60mph
11:37 Verdict

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  1. Reply
    Dapanzipapa の Compact Cars Lab March 10, 2023 at 10:00 am

    Wel if somebody got tight wallet but want to have serious off road car this the must buy.

  2. You should see the one we get in Australia

  3. it is a bot expensive for its size..if you use common snese, why buy small if you can buy a full sized 4wd for the same price with a more powerful engine and higher towing and carrying capacity …The Jumny is too expensive for ts size and design ..its not a good buy

  4. Look like it’s going to tip over

  5. Always looks like it’s going to tip over

  6. really want this but its a bit pricy

  7. 150kg payload on a "commercial vehicle"?

  8. Finally no infotainment, way to go Suzuki!!!!!! Get that junk out of cars !!!

  9. The boot’s good for carrying dogs, I imagine.

  10. I read that these fall over if you turn a corner too fast.

  11. I had one for 5 days in Iceland. It didn't let me down at all. Brilliant little 4×4. Climbs everything can withstand abuse. Not the best in rivers because it's so light but still decent

  12. Reply
    Олег Чупрун March 10, 2023 at 10:00 am

    Висилай один джимни, нам нужно. Україна.



  15. 4:23 I think this cargo room wall or cage is easy to remove and you can secure heavier load with regular cargo straps if you need to. If MOT doesn't like this wall missing during inspection then it can be put temporarily back with using 2 loosely tightened bolts.

  16. Reply
    Feed Me To My Enemies March 10, 2023 at 10:00 am

    This guy comes across as a knob.

  17. These only exist to circumvent the EU emissions fine that Suzuki would incur by continuing to import new paasenger Jimnys. It's pointless comparing it to the passenger version, because you can't buy a new passenger one. Used ones sell for far more than they once cost new because of this. I'd buy a new passenger Jimny in a heartbeat, but not one of these.

  18. I always prefer the simple utilitarianism over the kitted out, ultra lifted, high end accessorised ‘weekend warrior” Rollies.
    And I definitely prefer the simplicity of the basic Jimny over the ‘creature comforts” and distractions of other computerized vehicles..
    More customizations and dealer options are just more points of failure and computerized bollocks I do not want.
    I’ve spent my whole life without ‘heated seats” and ‘deluxe touch screens”..
    Give me a tape deck, heat, cooling and indicators, and I’m set.

  19. wow, this is 12 minutes of complaining.

  20. Reply
    Lincolnshire Explored & Exposed March 10, 2023 at 10:00 am

    since my old samurai died a death ive not had a 4×4 but this jimny is more like the old styling and im hoping to pick up a commercial from work soon.

  21. Just have to speak some truth here.
    Yes we have one. Yes iv owned many 4x4s
    You buy this because you like it. That's the only reason.
    They are extremely inefficient (2022 1.5l same efficiency as a 1989 vehicle)
    Extremely underpowered.
    Extremely cheap build.
    Head units fail from day one on models with screen.
    Paint is so thin it chips at the idea of off road use.
    Transfer case chain will start sounding like a squashed duck after about 2000km
    Springs thinner than a pencil
    Shocks softer than…..
    Can't get up hills with two people in it off road due to, to little torque.
    But yea they're cute. You're buying cute. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't taken it off road or up a steep driveway.
    If you don't believe me, buy one and try it out for yourself. These videos are by people who want one. Not by people who have one.

  22. Hope to get one next year

  23. You cant even adjust your seat?

  24. The best driving I almost had was a Suzuki Samurai, the predecessor. These are some cool cars. A real carman's car.

  25. I saw one in Guatemala and felt in love. They need it here in the USA.

  26. Fetching over list. At least you can have one. In Canada we can only wish..
    See Iceland Zuki’s

  27. Here's the nimrod that compares a $20,000 Suzuki to a $500,000 Mercedes G-wagon and finds all kinds of faults with the little Jimney…

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