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May 10, 2023


With a complete redesign in the bag, the Suzuki GSX-S1000 (2021) super naked has hit the shores of the UK with a new contentious facelift…
Visordown headed out to the North Yorkshire moors for a road test review, with a track test thrown in on the technical Harewood Speed Hill Climb! How did this latest generation of the popular naked motorcycle fare? It’s certainly an affordable option, but is it up to par with the other super naked on the market?

Check out the full editorial review of the new 2021 Suzuki GSX-S1000 on here:

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Intro (0:00)
Suzuki GSX-S1000 Price (1:07)
What’s NEW? (1:23)
Suzuki GSX-S1000 ENGINE (2:19)
Suspension, Brakes and Handling (4:47)
Comfort (7:30)
We Like (8:22)
We Don’t Like (9:38)
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  1. I think the designers should have spent more time on the Katana re-designing the airbox to get a bigger fuel capacity ,this model wouldn't be needed! I like the new lights!

  2. Would you trade your sv650 for one or are you still happy with your choice of the SV650? I am thinking about buying a SV650 and this bike also intrigued me!

  3. Sounds good for a stock pipe.

  4. I've owned over a dozen 1000cc bikes over the years and love this bike. Really splitting hairs here and 99.9% of people will not even notice anything you have mentioned. Thing is so playful and flickable and at the end of the day its a 10 second missile. And I find it strange that you felt the abs is intrusive. I literally nose dive this bike and can barely even tell when it comes on.

  5. Excellent review, as usual from you guys.

  6. So i took this out for a test ride the other day. Did you notice the jerky throttle or was this perhaps just my model? I was on a long straight and decided to open it up while riding at normal speed and it was a very noticeable time delay from my cruising speed to monster speed. which caused a jerk motion.

    Did you experience this? any idea why it does this?

  7. Great explanation!!

  8. Looks like a liger from the show zoids, I like the look, makes it meme aggressive looking

  9. Suzuki listen up. This screen is straight off a Casio watch, STOP IT. The VStrom has the same screen UGH.

  10. Excellent review

  11. WTF those headlights. They're one of the ugliest in the industry.

  12. I'm sorry but the previous generation had a simply amazing design. Its shape is just dull. Sorry Suzuki. The previous generation was just so sexy

  13. Not so keen on the new looks ,so got myself a brand new pre registered 2019 model for £8500 . Now that's a bargain .

  14. I am a Suzuki fan but constantly disappointed by the limited color choices sent to the United States!

  15. my next bike.. getting the black one this december…

  16. I hope i can get that bike someday ❤🥺

  17. Suzuki give kawaskai z1 a challenge now it have a valky looks unlike the old gsxs pug lamo headlight i might prefer gsxs 150 headlamo insted of headlight of 2018 headlight of gsxs 1000

  18. Reply
    PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1 May 10, 2023 at 3:26 am

    Oh wow I'm starting to like street naked bikes more and more

  19. Suzuki has definitely gone after the strapped-for-cash market. If price is not your biggest concern they have nothing to offer you: they're heavier than the competition, they have outdated electronics, they are underpowered, their styling is questionable at best… I think it's a shame, to be honest. 20 years ago I would've never guessed the mighty Suzuki brand would one day be going down this route.

  20. The forks look like they almost have no travel with the rider weight on the bike. Look like it’s almost bottomed out. Maybe the preload needs to be adjusted.

  21. Reply
    PNW Sportbike Life May 10, 2023 at 3:26 am

    I honestly like the styling on the 2016-2020 better. I’ve had mine for going on 4 years, and it’s been a really fine motorcycle. Next year I’m going to install a full aftermarket exhaust, do some brake stuff, add a quick shifter and a dynotune/ECU flash. I think she’ll be perfect at that point!

  22. Nice review Toad, Thanks. Where I live the MT09SP, Z900, Street Triple R and the new GSX S1000 all cost the same, give or take a few hundred pounds. Which one would you prefer to have in your garage??

  23. They have ruend this bike. It sounds nice, goes nice but looks hideous. Much prefer the look of the GSX-S 750

  24. thank u for inviting this model! from Japan.

  25. @6:21 Those are not Roadsmart tires, those are the new Roadsport 2 tires.

  26. Motorrad Nr. 18 vom 20.8.2021

    Suzuki GSX S1000 neu 2021 0-100km 3,0 Sekunden 0-140km 4,6 Sekunden. Neupreis 13.200.— inkl. Nebenkosten
    Honda CB 1000R 0-100km 3,4 Sekunden 0-140km 5,2 Sekunden. „. „ 14.500.— " "

    Motorrad Nr.19 vom 3.9.2021

    Aprilia RSV 4 Factory 0-100km 3,3 Sekunden 0-140km 4.8 Sekunden. Neupreis 25.690.— " "
    BMW M 1000R. 0-100km 3,1 Sekunden 0-140km 4,5 Sekunden Neupreis 37.500.— " "
    Ducati PanigaleV4 SP 0-100km 3,4 Sekunden 0-140km 4,8 Sekunden Neupreis 37.200.— " HondaCBR1000RR-R FirebladeSP 0-100km 3,4 Sekunden 0-140km 4,7 Sekunden Neupreis 26.700.— " "
    Kawasaki Ninja ZX- 10RR 0-100km 3,4 Sekunden 0-140km 4.7 Sekunden Neupreis 29.400.— " "
    Yamaha R1 M 0-100km 3,3 Sekunden 0-140km 4,8 Sekunden. Neupreis 26.500.— " "

  27. waiting for kind of GT version of this bike would be lovely

  28. That headlight is not pretty is it.each to there own I spose.

  29. This is possibly the ugliest bike I've ever seen. WTF were Suzuki thinking. The older models needed updating, there's no argument there but that front end is just horrible.

  30. You say the traction control was too intrusive? Looking at the screen on the video you can see the TC kicking in loads, but what do you expect when you have it set on 5 the most intrusive setting ? Just turn it down 🤣

  31. Reply
    SoloSportBikeRider May 10, 2023 at 3:26 am

    Comfort,seat, what happened to that?

  32. I cannot wait to get mine!

  33. 11 grand puts it pretty much ninja 1000sx money which is better equipped

  34. the best looking naked bike

  35. I believe that next GSX-S1000F will be the best looking bike in this class. If they add luggage holders like in Kawasaki Z1000SX it will be perfect 😀

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