New Skoda Fabia in-depth review: No longer the poor man’s Volkswagen Polo! reviews

March 29, 2023

2022 Skoda Fabia review review:
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The Skoda Fabia is a big selling supermini that has always been known for its affordability, practicality and robust build quality. For this latest model, Skoda hasn’t changed the format much, though the new Fabia is the largest model yet. The model shares its platform with the latest Volkswagen Polo and SEAT Ibiza, gaining all of Skoda’s latest infotainment and safety features in the process. As with previous generations, the new Fabia continues to better rivals with a larger 380-litre boot, a range of economical petrol engines and a starting price of around £15,000. But with buyers flocking to premium models and new EVs in 2022, does the new Fabia have what it takes to succeed? Nicola puts it to the test.

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00:00 – Introduction
02:01 – Interior and technology
03:07 – Engines and performance
03:49 – Driving
05:07 – Fuel economy and emissions
06:17 – Boot space
06:52 – Rear seats
07:42 – Dealmakers and dealbreakers
08:27 – Verdict

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  1. Ngl it is the polo mk5’s real sussor

  2. Product knowledge, beauty and a great sense of humour. Your reviews are the best!

  3. Never heard of a skoda FARBIA

  4. Personally i love this car for the reason of its very young but racey brother
    I think this presenter is like part of the Top gear type

  5. Ground clearence

  6. no one is laughing or making skoda jokes anymore. the brand is up there with and competing with the best. great cars great value for money. simply clever. great review .

  7. I recently took delivery of my new Fabia colour edition, same spec and engine as this test car, the only difference is the colour, mine is velvet red, I am highly delighted with it, having been a long time Škoda owner, (and enthusiast), surprisingly I was mind blown how good it is, even coming from my last generation Fabia Monte Carlo.
    My only concern was the price, but then in these times, apart from a couple of exceptions, it is hard to find a new ‘budget’ car sub £20,000, sadly long gone are the days of unpretentious, low cost, no frills cars from Eastern Europe, such as the Lada , Yugo, FSO, and of course the pre Volkswagen Škoda range, I was very fond of these family workhorses, they offered new car ownership at used car prices, and despite the cruel and unwarranted jokes, did have a fierce and loyal following.

  8. Much better than polo

  9. I like the new skoda cars now thanks to vw very golfy.

  10. What a shame its 20k, new cars are for the rich only now. Why did skoda get rid of the citigo? People need small affordable cars more than ever!

  11. I enjoyed this review so much I bought one of them. 👍

  12. When Fabia will launch in India???

  13. Fabia is slightly more expensive than Polo these days. They are just as good as each other other

  14. Reply
    AUDIE-CASHSTACK-UK March 29, 2023 at 6:02 am

    Top of range is mote carlo not 20k 23k

  15. I prefer the Seat Ibiza FR. The interior of the Fabia looks boring. The only downside of the Ibiza is that the rear windows aren’t electric.

  16. golfy video

  17. And ….the Skoda has upper inner handles above the doors. The polo doesn’t have them!

  18. WHAAAAT? No mention about the lip of the boot and how difficult it is to lift things over it? How come in this case this is is not a problem (you don't mention it) but in other cars is? How is this fair?

  19. Problem is the Scala. Why would you buy a smaller version of what is essentially the same car at much the same money?

  20. The car is significantly more expensive, yet it’s presented as a “cheap” car. Honestly now, it’s absurd.

  21. You should try driving gloves

  22. Great review Nicola now along with Dacia and MG who offer cars where you don’t need to reach for the smelling salts when you ask the price, Citroen now offer the C3 You at £12995 will you test that car and deliver your verdict. Fingers crossed love your reviews.

  23. And uv to go back to the early 00s to get a reliable vw product when u review a car there should be a follow up review on how reliable it is and not by a survey but by the people that fix them

  24. Modern cars are crap pure rubbish there like phones just good for 2or 3 yrs then rubblish

  25. Reply
    AutoChamp Wandelen March 29, 2023 at 6:02 am

    I also reviewed the Skoda Fabia in my channel and have to say it did have some qualities on par with the Polo! But felt pretty pricey for its segment and what it was offering.

  26. Where's Ginny???? 🙁

  27. £20k for a small car,not in my world.

  28. How do you get cange of 20k with the highest range? A fully specced Fabia is 2k more expensive than a fully specced Fiesta ST3 and it's slower. 30k for a Fabia is a lot of money, no longer the poor man's Polo because it's quite expensive, as you add options at least

  29. It’s fucking FABIA not “FARBIA”!!!!

  30. Nicola needs a lesson in car presenting, I do not understand why she does a pretend laugh at the end of her sentence. Take a leaf out of matt Watson how to do a car review

  31. Now it's the poor man's Ford Focus.

  32. Reply
    Nedeljko Kovačević March 29, 2023 at 6:02 am

    I watch carbuyer only because of Nicola! She's the best car presenter on YT!

  33. Sparewheel?

  34. I wonder who buys a new car with manual gearbox nowadays… Besides the 110 bhp isn't the top dog, isn't there a 4 cylinder 150 bhp option as well?

  35. This has the same badges as the Estelle? Shows how much Skoda has changed since Volkswagen took them over. I used to have an Estelle and now I have a Citigo, and they are totally different cars. The only thing common between the two is the badges.

  36. LED lights mean nothing these days. You can have excellent LED lights… or poor LED lights… it all depends on how much money went into the R&D and production costs.

  37. This colour adds over £900 to the basic price; but I just love it, so I bought it! I'll see it in 4 months I'm told (if Europe is not ablaze by then).

  38. Like others I can't believe how car prices have rocketed, but the Fabia is a good car. Fab review that showcases how good it is.

  39. Not bad, there are as you say limit for engine choice and also alot of money for under 100bhp. Using the same platform for all their cars in the vw group, is a bit dull. Renault clio or a Vauxhall corsa would be more fun to drive. Anyways, good video and love your presenting style quite unique.

  40. £20,000 grand cheap….er !!!

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