NEW Skoda Enyaq IV 80 Review: Here's Why It's BRILLIANT | 4K reviews

March 7, 2023

Rory reviews the new Skoda Enyaq IV, the company’s new electric SUV. Here’s why its high quality interior, comfortable ride and good looks makes it real candidate for best electric family car.

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  1. Wonder how much will it cost in 5 year ?

  2. Matrix Led really arn´t that good. I have a friend he has the Polestar 2 with Matrix light, I can tell you My Mini Cooper from 2017 has the "normal" old Led thats much better, all that matrix flimre matrix LED

  3. They could always make it better by putting a Diesel engine in it

  4. Looks like aircon & air venting don't work well, noticed throughout the test side windows are misted up, not good when checking for oncoming cars at a junction. Other than that, it seems EV's are getting more practical.

  5. Reply
    André Simplício March 7, 2023 at 1:40 am

    Range from 240km to 400km…is that right?

  6. Is it an SUV or an estate/station wagon? Looks more like an estate car.

  7. Design is excellent, EV… still a con

  8. Absolutely adore the design of this car. Despite the criticism of the rear end, I can see similarities with a Bentley Bentayga a little bit

  9. Really nice car

  10. Back seat not folding flat? Cries poor design and cutting corners. Plus bastard child of VW, who care not at all about anything since the Beetle of Combie. It's a no from me, ex Combie and Type 3 owner.

  11. Because I love my family 😂

  12. What??? 7:45 155 miles range on the 77Kw/h battery pack? That's a journey radius of max 70 miles given real-world charging in the UK is overwhelmingly at home.

  13. Reply
    What would I know March 7, 2023 at 1:40 am

    Skoda's are just brilliant vehicles! Practical, well designed & sturdy!

  14. Hmm. I don't want another ugly car…

  15. Mate what the hell you talking about, i have Leaf 40kwh and i can easily get 150 miles on a full charge and this car has massive 80 kwh battery which roughly should give you above 300 miles

  16. Saw one of these today and I had to get therapy for my eyes. The front grill is horrendous 😟

  17. I know its Electric and the battery needs to go somewhere. So can anyone tell me please what are the dimensions of the load area with the rear seats folded flat. I need to know the dimension of length, width and the height from the folded seat to the roof and from the floor to the roof. Thanks

  18. I ordered with the sport suspensions… hopefully won't be so bad

  19. Chrome should be banned from every car interior and exterior from now on. It's awful, makes everything look cheap

  20. That's too much money.

  21. I enjoyed this vehicle when it was not in the garage, I had mine delivered in September 21 and the range and comfort was great, I drive 120 mile round trip to work 6 days a week, the cost savings alone made sense but after 6 weeks issues arose, when using the ACC on motorway at speed the car would decelerate to the speed of the road underneath the motorway, this was a concern I reported to the dealer, next issue was drivers driving aids failing frequently meaning I had to stop and basically reset the car, at this point the dealer took the car and after providing the evidence spent a day fixing the issues, great back to using the vehicle all well then after 2 weeks the same faults cropped back up, the dealer duly took it back and after 10 days told me everything was hinkydory and good to go, 3, yes 3 days later the same issue came back and that's when I decided to walk away and give the car back to Skoda, so after 14 weeks and 7500 miles later I went back to diesel as a replacement was a 12 month wait, VW stepped in and apologised and compensated me within weeks for the inconvenience this vehicle had caused me, be aware that this car has an issue in heavy rain and snow as the driver aid responsible thinks there is a large vehicle in front of the car and applies the regenerative brake, scary in snow conditions, I liked the vehicle bit this has put me off Skoda for life.

  22. So, when we get the follow up of this review?

  23. great video!, Thanks

  24. Nice one Rory. Glad to see you are not wasting your talent on certain other car review programs. I liked you on TG. But I like you better on this channel

  25. Hmm everyone is trying to in some way emulate and copy Peugeot double decker i cockpit.

  26. No knobs for ventilation – not safe.

  27. My uncle has this car but different.

  28. wow!

  29. I was going to get one of these, but the Time you add up all the options to make it meet that standard model 3, it become more expensive. Model 3 it was!

  30. Great info and very impressive EV. I'm Canadian and Skoda doesn't even sell here but thanks for showing me the car & teaching me about BEV systems with the Heat-Pump add-on.

  31. One of the best car reviewers out there. That’s all, logged in to say that.

  32. But what is a miles what is 155miles in normal people units, what is this gibberish?

  33. Cognac? Brown, you mean.

  34. 240 mile range in 2022 is pitiful.

  35. This is what we are reduced to. Vids about battery powered skateboards with a lift kit. Uggh. Make it stop.

  36. I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS. You talk about things no other creator does. God bless you

  37. can i have all of the optional extras and you can keep the shell

  38. Rory is the BEST car reviewer. Crisp, incisive intelligent.

  39. As an Enyaq owner since September last year, I can second Rory's review. This is an amazing EV and the drive and comfort level continue to delight me.

  40. C'mon guys. Do a review of an electric car that's sub 20K or 5 years old. We're not all millionaires!

  41. I think the rear trays being so wobbly might actually be a good thing; imagine driving on a bumpy road. If the plateau would be completely stiff, a drink would easily spill or a phone would fall off. Now, the chance of that happening is way slimmer.

  42. It is at least £15k more than a ICE similar car. How can it ever cover that hit! If it can only do 150 miles then you are rather limited to using it as a town car only- which is really not what it is trying to be.

  43. It can't possibly be literally raining electric cars

  44. Reply
    Abdul Munim Khokhar March 7, 2023 at 1:40 am


  45. I don't have a family and I would still consider buying the Enyaq. Cheaper than Mach E, better looking than Model Y… Sure, I would like to see an all wheel model with 300-350 HP, but since I can't afford this one, the more powerful and expensive model is not something I'm looking for from Skoda.

  46. Why are you driving without a heater on in the winter??? Imagine the efficiency with it on…

  47. Rory, awesome review as always. I watch your reviews from U.S. and some of these are vehicles are not available to us. But I love your reviews as you do common peoples cars, not only super cars. 👍🏾

  48. Great review but as soon as you said £43 thousand I laughed and turned off. Glad you kept that bit till the end because your reviews are great.

  49. Reply
    Jelsanity Dragneel March 7, 2023 at 1:40 am

    😲 firsts time hearing these cars, but damm they good !!!! Fabulous design.

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