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December 2, 2023




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Ghostbusters News
PMB #228
3-1565 16th St East
Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N3

Slimer/Mooglie newscaster art by:
Newscaster animation by:

END CREDIT MUSIC: @TheFluxCapacitors

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  1. This is all so win ty… I’m binging the playlists

  2. Great I can order one made in the USA instead of from Overseas. Hoping for GB2!

  3. The ripstop is definitely a nice touch, breathable clothing is key when wearing these suits. Great review Jason.

  4. A follow up after you get the legs tailored would be awesome! I have a suit that needs that done.

  5. 100% Cotton?
    Def size-up, cause that is absolutely going to shrink.
    No Grey suit though? Sad day.

  6. I think a paid like 50 tops for mine and it looks just fine

  7. Very nice! I'd totally be down for GB2 ones if they make them one day.

  8. Reply
    @xenawarriorprincess3972 December 2, 2023 at 7:49 am

    I agree it looks pretty good, but from my perspective I agree with you Jason. It does look a little baggy, especially on the pants, legs and the chest. Maybe it's because you lost weight but the chest looks a little baggy too. And then because it's just a plain suit you know I mean you got to get the what. If you want to switch out name tags for cosplay. I like having the option to switch the name tags out and of course the patch in the arm that goes without saying I have a $300 Ruby's costume one if it's me good for now but I got to get some screen accurate boots but those are a little pricey next year maybe. As always, great job Jason. Thank thank you

  9. When they’re back in stock I highly recommend it. I had my concerns about the color too but I ordered two suits and the color is perfect, almost grey just like the first film. For the size comparison, I’m a 40R nomex and I ordered a 42R Ectowear which is a perfect fit. Stay away from Nomex, they off-gas PFAS (carcinogenic chemicals that stay in your body forever). 100% cotton Ectowear is the way to go.

  10. Dang Jason that is one cool looking Ghostbusters flight suit and so interesting how it has the hose and the belt to the flight suit and so has the Ghostbusters equipment as well so cool! 👻🚫😁

  11. What size did you get it in? I’d think I’m like 44 short or 44 regular.

  12. Me too. Thanks for the heads up.

  13. omg hi love the vids also 19th

  14. I too have been thinking about having a Ghostbusters flight suit made by Ectowear, and I don't think I will have it tailored because the bagginess makes it look easier to move around in and I don't want anything to be too tight.

    I hope that Ectowear will also make the Ghostbusters II flight suit in the same style out of herringbone cotton fabric as well as the charcoal grey flight suit made out of duck cotton fabric and the distressed flight suit seen in Ghostbusters: Afterlife also made out of ripstop cotton fabric, just like Magnoli Clothiers did.

  15. the GhostBusters flight suit looks really amazing and cool and i love how its the new replica looks fantastic! 😁👻🚫

  16. Sold Out 😐

  17. Doesn't have the red coat though. Evil Elsa is gonna freeze you without the coat.

  18. i love the ending music don't know why

  19. Cool 😎

  20. Just in time for Halloween……wait a second

  21. Reply
    @eduardosimonsen9305 December 2, 2023 at 7:49 am

    When I first tried on the suit it seemed too baggy (I also got one size up). After running it through the wash the first time the suit shrank ever so slightly, now the fit is perfect.

  22. COOL I love ghostbusters so so x1000000 much

  23. I bought an actual war flight suit at an antique store and I love it! It is green and I put all the logos on it.

  24. Reply
    @ghostbusterfanchannel2320 December 2, 2023 at 7:49 am


  25. Idk… The legs look fine to me. I'd keep the suit as it is

  26. SOLD OUT as of this writing, I blame YOU Ghostbusters News! 😅 jk

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