NEW Renault Megane E-Tech Electric 2022 review: the VW ID.3's worst nightmare [4K] reviews

April 14, 2023

The all-new Renault Megane E-Tech will only be available as an electric car and, with prices expected to start around £35,000, it might just be an absolute bargain.

Renault has made it clear that the Megane E-Tech takes aim at the Volkswagen ID.3, a car built from the ground up to be an EV. And the French manufacturer has gone the same route with its new Megane E-Tech, which is not only features architecture that’s bespoke for EVs but also comes with a battery that’s 11cm in thickness – the thinnest on the market. Battery life is pretty decent, too, with entry-level 40kWh cars offering 186 miles of range while top-spec 60kWh cars up that to 292 miles. It’s quick to charge, too, taking just 30 minutes to top up 186 miles on a 130kW charger (if you’ve got the bigger battery installed). Couple that with a Google-powered infotainment system and semi-autonomous driving modes, and you’ve got a very well-rounded EV.

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Design features
2:26 Boot space
3:21 Batteries and charging
4:29 Interior features
5:45 Interior tech
6:51 Rear space
8:00 Digital rear-view mirror
8:36 Time-dependent ambient lighting
9:07 Steering
9:54 Ride quality
10:26 Performance
11:45 Semi-autonomous modes
12:33 Better than an ID.3?

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  1. wtf is up with the camera at the start

  2. You cannot judge ride quality in the south of Spain. No comment is valid. My campervan, when there, feels like a Rolls Royce; but back home sounds like a can of nails.

  3. Looks a smart car…

  4. I drove one of these at work tonight at the docks, amazing to drive 👌

  5. Beautiful looking car , but renault you really ____ up where is the hybrid it would have sold like hotcakes of that im 100 percent sure ,only problem maybe is your not going to see much out of the rear view mirror, maybe a rear view camera that you can switch on and off, MAKE THE HYBIRD, and when you cant make them quick enough, because of demand maybe your give me one because i told you so

  6. I really appreciate it 😎🏆👏👏legend ✌️🙌

  7. This car will not be available in the U.K. the French decided we could only have the small screen!

  8. Why is the UK version only being offered with the 9" infotainment screen? The 12" looks so much better imo

  9. What nonsense is this? Doesn't look like a Megane at all. All bulky, SUV-like, not even remotely sporty. I hate it. RIP Megane.

  10. Reply
    Stephen Bell-Booth April 14, 2023 at 2:05 pm

    It looks like old Renault, stunning

  11. great review. Love the 11cm correction in post production. Thumbs up!

  12. Lack of real buttons, huge touchscreen, unnecessarily large wheels taking up cabin space, poor visibility, rubbish tech gimmicks (like a 2d mirror that makes you need to focus inside the car to see anything), no front luggage area despite not having an engine.
    Yep, it's a run-of-the-mill 2022 electric car.

  13. Hello, I am french but I enjoyed that vid, cheers

  14. it 's a nice car.

  15. nice car, but nothing new, and tesla is still much better..

  16. So….
    You are 6 feet tall
    The car length in meters
    Car distance in mile
    0-62 in mile per hour
    You were driving on a 90 km/h road
    XX kWh battery
    Boot capacity in litre
    The hood thickness in cm (could be spmrthing else)
    Did I miss something?
    I am confused 😁

  17. Looks fantastic: does it have cooled and heated seats?

  18. Better than ID3 and 4 I mean VW really fucked up with their ID’s

  19. Except the rear isn't that roomy. But still a great looking car

  20. This car is simply a level above the VW and actually can make some of the premium brands in the same class to run for their money…The French automakers really upped their game in the past 10-12 years.

  21. How was the Heads up display?… I would want HUD

  22. This is top of my list as a replacement for our id3 known as 'Mr Glitch'.

  23. Your trousers are a bit on the short side, mate

  24. Tried this a couple of days ago. Very nice driver environment but sitting in the back was awful. I'm 185cm and when drivers seat was adjusted for me, i could not fit my feet under the seat when sitting in the back. The car looks great in pictures but when looking up close for real, it's mediocre. Tried a Cupra Born and everything felt better so i ordered that instead. The driving feels much better in the Cupra.

  25. The first car that I drove was my mom's 1985 3-door Renault 11. It was a pleasure to drive it. Then I had my own Renault 19 Phase 2 which also was very smooth in driving. Now I ordered this new one Megane. It's absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to get it delivered.

  26. renault is shit tbh

  27. This car is so much nicer than Tesla any Tesla and Teslas are hyped to Infinity

  28. renault is collaboration white Poutin

  29. Renaults electronics has great reliability history. Good luck with this one 😉

  30. Reply
    Martin Berry Photography April 14, 2023 at 2:05 pm

    I will never buy Renault after their appalling decision to resume manufacture in Russia

  31. When did the Megane turn into an SUV? :/

  32. Reply
    Stefan Weilhartner April 14, 2023 at 2:05 pm

    i like it a lot except the battery. i don't really five a f**k about the battery being only 11cm. they should have made it 13csm to add more energy!!!!!!
    yes, some are happy with the battery that is in there now. but some – like me – want more.
    this is where VW is still ahead regarding the choice of the battery size.
    i would like to have 90kWh. the ID.Buzz will get that next year and that will also trickle down to the ID.5/4/3 at some point. It takes the same space like their 77kWh battery but has about 20% more energy density.
    wenn done renault, but your battery is a showstopper for me.

  33. Best car

  34. Anyone know if he has Instagram??

  35. This looks to be a seriously impressive car. Like Steve Copley of Autocar I would have rated it above the bigger and much more expensive Kia EV6 which won the European Car of the Year award. Not only is it (like all recent Renaults) a very pretty car but nicely finished car with great tech. I was thinking that a Tesla Model 3 would be my next car (I currently have a BMW i3s which is shortly to end production) but I am now seriously thinking about the Megane E-Tech which being more compact and having a hatch suits my requirements better. The real attraction of the M3 is the Tesla Supercharger network so I will be interested to see how the Megane infotainment system incorporates the plotting of charge points.

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