New Range Rover review. Comparing the new Range Rover to my 2021 Range Rover P400e PHEV 2022

April 1, 2023

The new 2022 Range Rover has finally arrived and in this video I compare the new model to my 2021 Range Rover 400e PHEV.
What are the key differences between the two of them, how have I got on running a PHEV Range Rover and after running 9 Range Rovers over the past 30 years, am I tempted to buy the new one?
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  1. cd of 0.30 on a range rover is really quite impressive!

  2. Fantastic collection and fabulous narration of the new Range Rover machine.

  3. Love the video. It reminded me of how I try to convince my wife why it makes sense for me to buy a new vehicle. Brilliant!

  4. How many of you knows that JLR is owned by a famous Indian car company TATA since 2010. They are of Persian descent.

  5. Outstanding review and comparison. Quite useful.

  6. Reply
    guerrilla renovations April 1, 2023 at 2:21 pm

    Always reminds me of spotty dog. (Woodentops)

  7. I wonder how much more unreliable this version will be vs the previous one? lmao The L405 is notorious for crankshaft failures, timing chains failures, cooling systems bursting, infotainment screens going wonky, oil leaks, and carbon build up.

  8. Great video Harry thank you

  9. What can I say, newer does not always mean better! There's something special about the older generation of Range Rover. The newest one somehow misses something of that utilitarian look look. Coming from an A6 C5 Allroad, to give you some perspective 🙂

  10. Crippling anxiety every time you get in the car.

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    An idiot in a racing car April 1, 2023 at 2:21 pm

    D300 vs D350: what are the emissions like? The price gap after eco-tax might be way higher in many countries

  12. Awful, ugly design. How to destroy a great car. Thats not evolution its the beginning of the end. Losing its identity now as RANGE ROVER.

    ANYWAY that my opinion and i wont be buying one.

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    Foxie Dog Itchy Paw's April 1, 2023 at 2:21 pm

    Beautiful car

  14. Hey Harry
    we will never buy range rover
    they very simply stayed their buyer in Russia with out service and parts
    this is shame of range rover!!!
    We simply pay their price they disive their custumer!!!Shame!!!
    no buy again
    By the way after using new car I purchased in 2021 This model is not stable much more braking parts
    I change ingine my god
    this car is not good quality!!Hey British you cant produce good car.

  15. “Starting price is pretty reasonable” that’s not a statement you hear a lot over LR … lol

  16. I looked at a new one in the local showroom. The backrest broke when I put it back down in the flat position. The tailgate fitting was down a few milimetres on the left, and up a few millimetres on the right. No change in quality then.

  17. New RR is like a giant Fiat 500.

  18. "I'm an Englishman who has been driving Land Rovers products for over twenty years and can honestly say there is no place more comfortable to be…. ….whilst waiting for a tow truck!"

    2 days ago

  19. Those tail lights are soo skinny off proportion, Gar McGovern needs to be deposed, hi buggered the Discovery which looks like Toyota Tarago.

  20. why didn't you like the P38??

  21. Don't buy another Ranger Rover until Jaguar/Land Rover fix or recall a well-known and common exhaust manifold issue they don't want to take responsible for. This issue affects at least 4 models; LR2, EVOQUE, DISCOVERY, FREELANDER. They're having owners pay $7300 repair cost for a poor/defective system they are aware of. If "they" don't know, the entire QC team at JLR should be fired for hiding this fact. The exhaust manifold is a three-piece system; the flange(bolted to the engine head), exhaust pipes welded to the flange and the turbo. The problem is with the design of the exhaust pipes bent too close to the flange, there is no possible way to complete a full-circle weld around the exhaust pipes. This leaves an open space where vibration can start a crack separating the flange and exhaust pipes. At 48K, it can start to develop a small crack and when the crack is big enough where the flange and pipes are separated, you can smell exhaust leak/gas in the engine bay. There is a greater risk here where some owners faced dangerous situation when the engine lost power because the turbo finally seized up. I'm afraid to drive my car long distance until the entire exhaust manifold system is replaced. ATM, I can't afford $7300 repair cost so I'm only traveling short distance.

  22. With electric prices now it's probably cheaper to run it on petrol

  23. Meaningful, thorough review – top- notch

  24. 8th May 22, just voted with my wallet and bought the 2022 Porsche Cayenne, the R.Rover is now another jellymold.

  25. I saw A P400e yesterday but I didn’t know its name because is new. Thanks 😆😀

  26. Hi Harry , update . Yesterday I test drove the old Range Rover , it had 5000 miles . The drive was only to drive a Range Rover while I made my Order for a SE PHEV , with all the extras . Price $120000 .
    At the moment I drive the BMW X5 45E . As you know a fantastic car . But after seeing the reviews on the new RR , I felt I deserved a bit more of a luxury drive .
    Well the P400 I drove did not match the X5 for ride comfort or in precise steering . It banged over pot holes in the road and the steering was not precise . The seating was much better on the Rover .
    So I hope the 2022 Range Rover can do better . I will get to test drive the new model in 5 weeks .
    Your reports help me a great deal , I value your opinion.
    Thanks Harry.

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