March 30, 2023

Gay homosexuals Nick and Joseph spoil New Order (Spanish: Nuevo Orden) – a 2020 Mexican-French art dystopian thriller film written, directed, produced and edited by Michel Franco.

Premise: A lavish high-society wedding unexpectedly turns into a class struggle that leads to a violent coup.

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Naian Gonzalez Norvind as Marianne
Diego Boneta as Daniel
Mónica Del Carmen as Marta
Fernando Cuautle as Cristian
Darío Yazbek as Alan
Eligio Meléndez as Rolando
Roberto Medina as Iván
Patricia Bernal as Pilar
Lisa Owen as Rebeca
Enrique Singer as Victor
Gustavo Sánchez Parra as General Oribe

Cinematography by Yves Cape

Keywords: ending explained, reaction video, trailer, Zombi Child, Holy Motors, Chronic, April’s Daughter, After Lucia, Daniel & Ana

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  1. Now I understand why everyone is desperate to get out of Mexico 🇲🇽
    Our future is not to far from this 😕

  2. The low level military people kidnap Maryane, the top level military had to kill her because they couldnt show corruption inside the military to the public eye.

  3. Reply
    Kill Your Predatory Landlord March 30, 2023 at 12:06 pm

    The massacre party scene was absolutely satisfying to watch. Seeing selfish and rich colonizers get what they deserve.

  4. This is why the Forefathers established the 2nd Amendment!

  5. I think you missed the point in the film lol the military and victor set it up and when Marianne got caught up in it, they had to remove her. Victor and the general are the ones running the kidnapping and ransom operation lol

  6. Had to check with you guys before investing my time watching this, it looked interesting. Thanks for the review!

  7. The movie is f""$% disturbing … if this is the future of the modem corrupt capitalist world we are doomed

  8. 35,000 Mexican peso is not “pennies”

  9. Why do people make such dark movies?
    Dark movies make dark reality.

  10. You both…you DO realize you can never stop doing this, right? WE WILL RIOT. Love you both!!

  11. I love how for the majority of the video, Nick's expression is matching Sigourney's expression on his t-shirt! Nice touch, even if unintentional! 🙂

  12. Sounds like they just copied 'Parasite'.

  13. I think this film highlights how a government organization can use social dissorder among citizens in order to to press an agenda, in this case it is taking over with something akin to marshal law. This hit home, because we nearly experienced this when protests and riots broke out across the US last summer. We are seeing something similar between Israelis and Palestinians. Overall, the movie is highlighting how race, social class, religion etc… are used by those in power to push their agendas as assert they authority. The point that this movie hit on over and over again was that those who are at the bottom are not only held down, they are blamed, and punished by everyone.

  14. I was waiting for you all to say “purge meets parasite” those were my thoughts exactly!

  15. His work is unliked un México because it shows the ugly sideof our country. It's the Buñuel of our times. Dispite that it hit #1 at mexican box office in the middle of a pandemic last year. Excellent Review. You should also check out new LGTBQ movie on Netflix. dance of the 41.

  16. I really want to see this movie. And as usual, I learned about a few others I need to add to my Fish Jelly list!
    I loved the review, recap and discussion. I am so grateful that I stumbled onto this channel!!!

  17. I was thinking the purge mixed with parasite too! Lol

  18. Imma make my review tomo

  19. I watched this too gentlemen

  20. Great review. This really seems like a thought proving film. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Definitely going to check it out. Love the editing. As always thanks for posting. Much love

  21. I love you cover all kinds of movies. Thanks for encouraging diversity. 💚💜💚💜

  22. Thanks for letting me know what you thought of the film, at the beginning. After I watch the film, I'm coming back to watch your review.

  23. Love this review! I’m definitely watching the movie. Thank you both.

  24. Def a conversation piece. Sad that nobody I know has watched it

  25. Anytime a movie like this comes out theirs backlash. I remember reading when parasite came out there was some bitching from the upper class in Korea. People don't like being reminded of how dependent the upper class are dependent on the lower class. This looks like a wonderful movie and I look forward to seeing it.

  26. it’s a common issue when movies like this come out, mexicans aren’t really used to cinematic artistic expression & satire, a lot of people judged it based on the trailer & didn’t even give this movie a chance, I personally loved this movie.

  27. Almost at 6k!! Glad the hard work you guy put into this channel is making it grow!

  28. Great review, Fish Jelly, love this channel🎞❤️

  29. I saw this a few weeks ago and ABSOLUTELY HATED IT so I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on it. It's nice to get such a different perspective as I really felt that the message of the film was muddled by the ending.

  30. Joseph I also was confused as to WHY the military man would kill Marianne? Like what the hell.

  31. OMG so glad y’all saw this. I saw this last night in the theater and it fucked me up! This movie is so crazy and just depressing but it did have my attention

  32. First one!! = true fan! 😛

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