NEW MG4 review – the CHEAPEST and BEST electric car you can buy? | What Car? 2022

March 11, 2023

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In this new MG4 review we find out if one of the cheapest electric cars you can buy is also one of the best

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Video chapters:
0:00 The CHEAPEST electric car
1:34 Rivals and batteries
2:48 Interior review
3:51 MG4 tech
5:37 Rear seats
6:28 Boot space
7:10 MG4 performance
8:06 Driving impressions and charging
11:09 Pricing and verdict

This video includes product placement from Osprey Charging Network

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  1. Climate controls via the star button on the wheel!

  2. I have one. I'm totally blown away by it.

  3. best looking electric car so far and great price for electric but still out of most peoples range – If you can afford an electric car you have to be loaded to start with so you are more likely to go for a more expensive brand

  4. 281miles – that's 450km! Hard to see the range anxiety arguement being a reason for not considering the MG4 LR.
    MG in NZ are still evaluating the MG4 for this market. I hope they can bring it here and at prices similar to or less than the MG ZS EV (NZ$50k!)

  5. 'nasty plastics' lol! – its all nasty isn't it?

  6. For 30 grand I could buy three classic Mercedes that would go up in value.

  7. Martin.
    Think very carefully before buying this or any other MG. My son took delivery in early November of a MG4. Returned it to dealer within 24 hrs. Several problems plus an employee damaged the offside front wing which MG have not been able to replace.
    Reports of very long waits for replacement parts are becoming common.

  8. There is a Alloy wheel under the ( Naff as you say ) wheel cover…the cover is there to aid with distance efficiency.

  9. A couple of things I would add in this video:
    The Aero wheels are designed for weight saving and aerodynamic purposes.
    There are two shortcut buttons on the steering wheel which can be programmed to take you directly to various sections : i.e. climate control on right button and drive mode or regen settings on left button.

  10. It makes for a great company car and you might even get change from your car allowance! Don't hold your breath 😉

  11. Poor review. I suggest you watch more than this one. It’s important to be fair and that is missing here. Won’t be back at this channel very poor journalism.

  12. Why didn’t you mention or critique the difference in battery types between the standard/long range versions of this car

  13. Reply
    Giuseppe Fornaroli March 11, 2023 at 4:07 pm

    I like this car! The Blue color in the test is metallized or not? Thanks for the answer

  14. Honestly this car is Much better than VW ID3, I wouldn’t be surprised if MG increase the price in the near future

  15. Still way to much for the average family. Alot of families are struggling to heat Thier homes at the moment. Electric is going up every six months. Most electric cars will probably be a write off by the time they need a new battery pack.

    My £2k Skoda is huge. 55-60mpg. Still going strong after 215k milage.

  16. No mention of lack of rear screen wiper (important safety issue), no mention of lack of parking sensors (safety issue), no mention of the car constantly bleeping at you which must be turned off every time you set off to drive (major and unnecessary IRRITATION issue), no mention of claimed 280 mile range vs actual (real life) range of 200 miles, apart from that an excellent review, thank you.

  17. No bad products, only bad prices

  18. The plastic wheel covers are for making it aerodynamic, not for saving money. You can remove the covers and have the normal alloy wheel visible instead.

  19. Err the right hand star button on the steering wheel takes you straight to air con etc, then use the screen. I found that out on my test drive. The left hand star button is also customisable from a list of options.

  20. The presenter obviously wasn’t told about the shortcut buttons on the steering wheel? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. This is a strange video. 0-60 in 7.7 seconds is not just "fine" for getting up to motorway speeds, that's rapid considering most average fuel cars are 9-10 seconds.

  22. I'm a bit annoyed by the amount of "if feels cheap and plastic-y"… damn son, you started the video talking about this being the cheapest car of this type, being the budget option. Of course everything is gonna be a bit crappy

  23. It's not the prettiest at the back, but I'd have this any day over an ID3 and I'm a VW fan.

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