New MG ZS in-depth review: is this the best budget SUV? reviews

April 20, 2023

2022 MG ZS EV review:
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The MG ZS is a budget SUV that goes head to head with more expensive rivals like the Renault Captur and SEAT Arona. A mid-life facelift introduced a mild redesign and a refreshed interior with improved technology. Every version of the updated ZS gets a 7-year/80,000-mile warranty, and there’s a choice of petrol power or a pure-electric ZS EV model with a range of up to 250 miles. But is a class-leading warranty and a low price enough to tempt buyers away from pricer rivals? Nicola puts the MG ZS to the test to find out.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:29 – Interior and technology
03:30 – Driving and performance
06:08 – Range and charging
07:03 – Driving and performance
06:33 – Boot space
07:39 – Rear seats
08:25 – Dealmakers and dealbreakers
09.10 – Verdict

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  1. Always saying Chinese Chinese to MG cars and Why dont you say Indian Indian to Land Rover Jaguar?

  2. Traitor

  3. Good luck getting one. MG are dreadful to deal with after making an order. No information unless you really push.Have a look on the MG forum before buying, lots of messed around MG customers. My delivery date came and went and now they are quoting me the same amount of time that dealers are quoting for new orders from scratch. When deliveries do happen they are reneging on PCP deals. I wouldnt trust that 7 year warranty

  4. She is the best part of this review, a lot of natural jokes which make it fun to watch.

    Well done and hope to watch more of your reviews.

  5. I got my new one today and I hate it. It is so uncomfortable, I am 5ft 2" and there is no support in the seat, the armrest is too low to be comfortable, the headrest pushes my head forward and if I recline the seat I have zero support in my upper back and shoulders. I hate it. HATE, HATE, HATE it. I traded in my 2019 MG ZS EV and if I could get it back I would in a heartbeat. Now I'm stuck with a £35,000 uncomfortable, but techy car, that, did I say it, I HATE

  6. people need to stop paying English prices for chinese items.

  7. China bootlegs everything. I wont touch this mut

  8. Is that not an iX35 in slightly different pants??

  9. Since Matt Watson, youre the most engaging and fun to watch host on carbuyer

  10. This lady is smokin hot

  11. I was done after only 1 min of this video. Blimey.. shes annoying.

  12. 1 min in and I love this presenter!!!

  13. Are you matson (Carwow) friend or wife 😂😂??

  14. Tesla are made in China now LOL

  15. Looks better than my VW Tiguan that broke down twice last year.

  16. MG is british brand not chinese

  17. First time I've watched you, Nicola. very interesting way of telling it as it is.

  18. Wonder if the bloke over the road drives a Volvo…..

  19. Battery life is very low.

  20. Reply
    Great Southern Land April 20, 2023 at 12:49 am

    Pretty sure these have an adjustable height floor in the boot so It can be a flat/flush height from rear door.

  21. Pitty here is 40k USD for ot about 31 Punds😋 those little taxes

  22. Made in China. No thanks

  23. I test drove both the MG ZS EV TROPHY long range and the MG 5 EXCLUSIVE long range today.
    Took the MG5 out first. Good drive, quick on acceleration (from about 15 mph up to 70mph in a speed uphill slip road onto a dual carriageway), bit of wind noise from the A pillars and a bit of buffeting from a strongish wind at 70. Overall nice to drive, suspension nice and soft, good vision all round, good mirrors and good steering. There is an electric whine when starting off which disappears at around 5mph or so. The central display screen is quite slow to respond. Overall a good experience and comparatively low price.

    ZS EV. To be honest is was a nice surprise. I fully expected the ride to be more “wollowy” and therefore uncomfortable for back seat passengers but my wife preferred the ride in the rear over the MG5. No whine on setting off and nice drive. Quieter at speed than the MG5. Good visibility and good mirrors with blind spot alert. Slower on acceleration than the MG5 but quite respectable. To my surprise the car seemed more stable in the windy conditions at speed. The KERS braking effect was set at level 3 which was the highest setting on each car but the braking effect was stronger on the ZS EV. The central display was much less “laggy” due to the fact it’s a newer system. Suspension seemed a bit firmer than the MG5, noticeably around town speeds, but the ride was very good overall.
    For me it’s a toss-up between the two cars. If it boiled down to cost only then the MG5 wins. It’s a good easy to live with car.
    But the ZS EV really surprised me with the ride and updated display screen.
    I think both cars would be comfortable enough for longer journeys, and are very good for the price compared to the competition.
    Now then which one will I go for………?🤔🤔🤔

  24. If you don't like scratchy plastics, DON'T SCRATCH THEM!!!!!

  25. You are so fun to listen too! You make car reviews fun. 🤣 Thank you. Oh and tell your neighbour that almost everything has a Chinese part in it …doesn't it?!

  26. 20 thumbs up, not for the car that is 😉😉

  27. I used to be like that bloke she mentioned at the start, but then I looked in more detail at exactly what this car is and what it offers.
    Now I see it's actually a quality car for a great price with an acceptable 250 mile range, I'm seriously considering buying one.

  28. Boggest selling brand this year is Korean, few years back they were scoffed at

  29. Awesome mg zs ev 👍

  30. Enthusiasm. Passion. Attitude. Great reviewer and great review. Need more people like you. I’m not a fan of people scratching the plastics. Hate that but this was a great review.

  31. The fact alone that human rights campaigners estimate that China has "indoctrination camps," effectively prisons for 1.1 million people who aren't "Chinese enough" is enough of a reason NOT TO BUY ANYTHING FROM THAT EVIL REGIME!!!!

  32. The boot floor is height adjustable…she complained that it was too deep

  33. Hi all, I am really interested in buying the MG, however, I would like to know what equipment comes with the vehicle. I know that it comes with the domestic charger, but does it come with the type 2 to type 2 cable?? I am interested in the SE model

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