New Mercedes EQS REVIEW & tested 0-60mph – is it as quick as a Tesla? 2022

October 21, 2022

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This is the all-new Mercedes EQS!

It’s Mercedes’ answer to the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan, and we think it might be one of the best-looking EVs we’ll see all year!

For starters, it more than looks the part… But then again, would you expect anything else from what’s effectively an all-electric S-Class? What’s more, the performance stats are more than good enough. Powered by dual-electric motors, the EQS can deliver 523hp & 835Nm of torque! Not only that, but with an 108kWh battery pack hidden under the surface, it can also apparently provide you with 478 miles of range.

Ok so it may be a bit down compared to the Model S Plaid+, but let’s face it, most electric cars will be! However, we think there’s one area where the EQS has the Tesla beat… The interior! Not only will you find high-quality materials throughout the cabin, up-front the dashboard is dominated by the Mercedes Hyperscreen, with a HUGE 18-inch touchscreen down the middle which is flanked by two 12-inch displays!

Surely the Hyperscreen is enough to convert you to an EV fanboy, right?! There’s only one way to find out… Join Mat for this all-new review!

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  1. Hi Mat here. Come on tell me… Are you a Mercedes fan or a Tesla fan? Pick a side!

  2. huge fan of electric cars and green energy, but calling this SUV a mustang is absolute sacrilege to the mustang name. I expected a sports car, with some incredible spec's and some mad electric wining when it accelerates. instead an SUV my most hated car type, unless you are retired with back problems.

  3. I hope the car is smart enough not to auto open the door when there is a car parked beside it or vehicle approaching.

  4. LOVELY car

  5. Looks like a Hyundai with a Mercedes badge from the outside.

  6. You know for a fact that Apple was thinking about THIS car when they showed 2023 CarPlay.

  7. The design is not as appealing as the s class. Yet it is luxurious in its class.

  8. why is it so….. UGLY

  9. Reply
    Andres Salazar Autos October 21, 2022 at 10:50 pm

    I believe Honda, Mazda and Nissan had 4 wheel steering in the 80s… it is finally catching on almost 40 years later.

  10. The luxury days for S-class has end

  11. Rolling Race Mat

  12. Mercedes Benz of course Mat

  13. take off that idiotic mask for gods sake…

  14. Mat , the review of the rear seats was poor … I saw there is a phone charger underneath the rear arm rest . like to se how MB can accomplish its luxury berlina historical standards for passengers in the rear , the car looks great with tech but poor in the rear seats , the car seems very large compare to a Lyric or a ,model s but wish to see for more wow wow in the rear for chauffeured driven concepts , whats the warranty on the battery would have been nice to know .

  15. HAHA That smile when you press the brake…….Its like "Beat that then"

  16. Mercedes

  17. This EQS has better interior than the regular S class. The front I mean, the incorporated screens, nice. Not that giant tablet just sticking in your face

  18. What if a car is aprked next to it and you walk over it will the door open and hit the other car?

  19. Tesla S is totally on a differnt league; I think Merc tried to make it futuristic but ended up with this horrible exterior!!!

  20. This is essentially a 20 minute commercial for a (lovely) mercedes that has 4 commercials

    The new millenium is nutz.

  21. Its a govid bubble too 🤣

  22. It's like a cockpit: extra cost can attach wings and take off 😁

  23. 8:10 OMG kidnapper-friendly 😱😱 can fit 2/3 in quite easily

  24. The shock will be stopping free charging in a year when people realise the true cost (free abroad unsure about the UK!)

  25. Can you turn OFF that annoying voice that would irritate the soul out of me … 🤔

  26. It's NOT Tesloid and that is a PLUS in my estimation.

  27. Don't like the car door window not fitting across the whole door, l WILL bang my hip or back of my hand on that sharp corner.

  28. All plasticky: it's not luxury suede and calf leather is it 🤔 will it make by bottom sweat?

  29. 1:46 did they nick that paint design from LV 🤔

  30. Looks exactly like the concept car

  31. This is 120 thousands dollar car. It better be better than telsa

  32. Mat your beginning to bore me to death

  33. A Mercedes is always a mercedes better than Tesla anyday

  34. The s class should’ve had this infotainment system

  35. Kind of corny at certain parts, I was genuinely trying to get info about the car, meanwhile he's making dull jokes 🤣🤣

  36. To me it's exterior is awful, it's over designed

  37. Youtube con artists are getting easier and easier to spot as time goes by. They are totally in it for the money and not the environmental causes they advertise. This is the new ground for making big money reviewing EV's for a living. Please watch these people carefully and see what you think they really are. I am not saying all EV Presenters are con artists. Make your own decisions on that. Look at what backgrounds these people have. Do they have the backgrounds to help you make decisions on future purchases or just jumping on a money bandwagon. There are very good presenters out there but many have no backgrounds for helping you make good decisions on EV purchases.

  38. 早上如此大声音,还傻傻!每天让MANUSIA占便宜,头脑如此突笨!

  39. F*ck EV's

  40. The shake of image has proved that suspension is not good … as sclass!

  41. this electric car sounds fit in 21st century i mean faking the sound like woman 😀

  42. This car doesn't have road presence however a masterpiece inside!

  43. Silly center console

  44. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY Mercedes does not applay ANY design rules to its designers. IT IS SIMPLY BAD design both the exterior AND especially the INTERIOR. It's a MESS. It feels old, cluttered, tasteless, outdated. It has NOTHING to do with modern architecture and modern design rules and achievements. TESLA really is the first car company on earth that MASTERED design both for the exterior AND especially THE INTERIOR. Mercedes should try to learn something from Tesla, or AT LEAST PROPER DESIGN! Embarassing as well how much Mercedes charges you for all the repulsive fake material trash all over the interior. Awful.

  45. What is with the headrest cushions?

  46. not worth watching desgine

  47. The EQS just looks too wind-tunneled to me. With such a small difference in drag coefficient, I think the Model S looks much better.

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