NEW Mercedes A-Class Review: Best Premium Hatch? 4K reviews

June 15, 2023

Rory hops into the new Mercedes A-Class to find out if the tweaks and changes of this 2023 facelift elevate it above the premium hatch competition.

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  1. It’s literally worse than the 2019 version and costs more.
    Half of the ‘subtle changes’ are ways to cut costs, not to improve.

  2. A200d owner. The trackpad is the main way I interact with the infotainment system 95% of the time. The buttons alongside the trackpad make switching between different menus in MBUX effortless. What a step backwards to replace such functionality with an ugly open storage area. As other comments have mentioned having to look to use the touchscreen can also be dangerous while driving too. The old style head/tailights have more character than these new simple ones. The old steering wheel with physical buttons was not prone to accidental touches. Really disappointed in mercedes with this mid life refresh. Soo glad I have the original

  3. Wow, this new Mercedes A-Class is absolutely stunning!

  4. Reply
    Belisarius Plebicus June 15, 2023 at 11:57 pm

    My family has a 2019 A35 in Greece, what a great car. We bought it used with 17,500 km for around 24k. It’s a great car for the tight city streets and my parents love it. But, I absolutely love my 2017 Audi S1, we got it brand new and it now has 76,000km on it. Such a plucky little car. Good value, cheap to run and insure, haven’t had any major problems with it, and I drive it everywhere. I even put it on an 8 hr ferry to Italy and drove it to Switzerland to visit my friends.

  5. interior wise, i think it was a downgrade. LEL the only good thing about the experior is the front bumper.

  6. all u going on about the old touch pad get over it all u have 2 do is use voice commands simple and safer when u dont have 2 take your eyes of the road to scroll on your old dated pad!!!!

  7. Daimler-Benz is completely ignoring the older generation which was for decades their rock-solid customer base. The 1st generation A-class and the slightly larger B-class cars were ideal for us senior citizens, whereas all newer cars in the entire range of products are either a nightmare to get in and out, or way too expensive for people living on a pension. This new class A is just ugly, uncomfortable – a mindless car for mindless people.

  8. Recently purchased a CLA250e which is pretty much an A Class in coupe form, worst decision of my life was buying that car. The build quality from Mercedes is absolutely shocking for a car in that price range. I recently hired a 2022 Peugeot 308 GT Hybrid prior to buying the CLA, the 308 was miles ahead in terms of build quality and refinement, it had far more gadgets for the same price and was better looking in my opinion, I regret not buying that car instead. No idea what is going on with German car’s recently but the German engineering quality is dropping drastically or other car manufacturers are catching up very fast.

  9. I owned one of these and I couldn’t believe how much i disliked it. The gear box is terrible, suspension is terrible. Power is low. It really was a piece of arse. A golf , a3 , 1 series really shite on it

  10. Not a word on the oh so many Renault logo’s under the hood. This is so far away from premium apart from the screens..

  11. Thousands of stars? I would argue that there's not even 100. This build quality reminds me of a Vauxhall Corsa.

  12. Go less premium and leave the A class… cause underneath u drive a Peugeot … so yeah …thats crap

  13. I've moved on from my a200 w177 and I can't believe they've removed the trackpad from the facelift model. I always found the touchscreen to feel really far away. Nice to see CarPlay is no longer a £200+ option too. Subtle improvements on the exterior but really like the new look steering wheel.

  14. The exterior of the older model 2016-2018 is still nicer. AMG with night pack.

  15. The trackpad on the old A Class is one of my favourite ways of using an infotainment system on a car ever! I use it everyday. This is coming from someone in their 20s too. This seems like a step backwards! I also love the old A class steering wheel – most luxurious steering wheel I have used and most intuitive. I won’t be moving from my current A class to the new one

  16. The A class is terrible on speed bumps

  17. Looks the same man.

  18. I have the A250 and my two complaints are how uncomfortable the seats are and the jerky initial pull away.
    Otherwise it’s a great car for city and long trips

  19. Yet another car brand that will learn the hard way that getting rid of physical buttons on the steering wheel will result in a backlash

  20. the piano black on the dash is a pain in the .. the keep clean

  21. it's the same .

  22. Feels overpriced

  23. AMG this hatch and have it available in the US.. please

  24. God damn, German automakers really have no clue how to do a modern looking UI.

  25. Its very ugly looking

  26. capacitive bs buttons, who wants that

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