New Mercedes A-Class 2020 REVIEW – see why it's a game changer reviews

March 30, 2023

This is the all-new Mercedes A-Class. Not only does this car take a whole load of kit from the S-Class, but the infotainment is one of the best I’ve ever seen! So is this the hatch to beat in 2020? Find out in my latest review.

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  2. I got a question, I hope someone can react. I want to buy this car, but like he said, the sound isnt that good. Can this be fixed and make the sound better?

  3. Driving this car soon ❤️❤️

  4. can you please do a video of Mercedes A250e?

  5. Can you please do a video of Mercedes 250e model. Thank you

  6. I’m buying this one, 250 4matic and waiting for it (between 4 and 6 months…) 😅

  7. Im givin me little bruther for this

  8. Looks like a BMW 1 series

  9. Avoid, Consider, Shortlist or Buy?

  10. Such a shame that Mercedes now using so many Renault tech and engines. Same 1.3 petrol as the Megane. But if a con here I think but in the face of it, it’s a good looking car just using French engines😂😂

  11. how different is it compared to the 2019 one?

  12. my dream car, but an a35 version. Audi A3 and Golf are no competition to this and I'm an audi guy

  13. I’m looking forward to buy this one! Some advice on that?

  14. The most wuss look of a car in the history !!!! Only mini cooper can hold a candle to it wussness :).

  15. Such shame it’s a Renault engine for the 1.3 A180 n A200 which I own lol

  16. I’m seriously considering getting this over the 2019 GLA. What do people think?

  17. 26k starting? Nah

  18. The back is horrible. People want cars, not boxes. Hatchbacks aren't cars.

  19. The pinnacle of hatchbacks. I want the AMG model.

  20. I hate it so much 😂😂😂 laugh 😹🎉 😮😮😮😮ya bbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaddddddd


  22. “Why do you want it?”
    Me “Because it’s sexy😂”

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