NEW Mazda CX-5 review – is this old-school SUV actually the best? | What Car? 2022

March 12, 2023

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In this Mazda CX-5 review, we find out if a few changes to this Japanese SUV make it better than ever.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Intro and rivals
0:52 Rear seats
1:52 Practicality
3:00 Interior styling and quality
3:47 Interior tech
4:53 Facelift updates and trim levels
6:12 Mazda’s engines
7:30 Driving impressions
8:51 Pricing and outro

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  1. Reply
    Hayley Paige Reviews March 12, 2023 at 10:20 pm

    My 2002 Honda CR-V blew up on me recently. I’ve got a job at Mazda but I’m stuck between the rav4 or the cx-5. It’s just myself, my fiancé and our two dogs. We go camping quite often but I don’t need a ton of space… but I love the fuel economy and reliability of the Rav4

  2. nah im spoiled with touch screen and lcd clocks and haptic features. bit too basic but im sure most people will love the press buttons and analogue stuff.

  3. Few months ago, I got Homura 2.0 AWD automatic and can say next: small fuel tank, no hooks in the boot, by lowering side windows they don't get wiped, engine needs a bit of power. Everything else is OK or great for money I paid.

  4. good car but the knob is not practical you look down to see what button does what, otherwise i choose mazda over rav4 or crv. Other minus it not comes with hybrid drive

  5. Is there a cargo light in the back of the CX-5?

  6. Does anybody know which colour in this video CX5 is ? Machine grey, polymetal grey ??? Please help. Many thanks

  7. Shame about the engine.

  8. Mx5 engine? Don’t need an unreliable dirty diesel

  9. Been looking at CX-5 review videos to get as much info as I can before visiting the dealer. There are several US spec 2022 CX-5 Premium Plus "Mazda Certified". Very low mileage loaners the dealer's service department had for customers. I'm looking at the naturally aspirated 2.5. I figured that engine + the 6 speed auto would be pretty reliable. I plan on keeping it for a decade at least.

  10. No one should be buying a car in 2022 that doesn’t average more than 50 mpg. Should the government make that a new law, yes of course they should.

  11. Reply
    Веселин Андреев March 12, 2023 at 10:20 pm

    Why on earth do you keep comparing this 180inch/4,57m long COMPACT SUV with 5008 or Sorento and even mention X3 and Q5? This is a direct rival for the 3008, Tuscon, Sportage, Tiguan, X1, Q3, etc. Learn your classification, automotive journalist.

  12. I wouldn't compare this car to either the Peugeot 5008 or kia serento because it's not a 7 seater I'd compare it to the rav 4 , ford kuga etc

  13. I currently have 2013 cx5 (2.2 diesel) and 2020 cx 5 (2.5 petrol). Both Maxx Sport AWD.
    First thing I find is 2013 much more comfortable seating and steering wheel. And it is noticeably more powerful and responsive.
    2020 model, I just can't adjust it to the same level of comfort. The steering wheel is thinner.
    The other issue is interior quality/durability. My 2013 still in a very good condition. But the 2020 is easily stained anywhere I touch. Leather is already frayed and so the seats.

    The main reason I decided to upgrade is that diesel was giving me a lot of costly mechanical grief lately. But otherwise I like it more in every way!

  14. Too MUCH gas

  15. For the price, build quality and reliability, there is nothing better than CX-5 in the market and it looks good too😀, not sure why the host was so hesitant to acknowledge that it's better than others in this category.

  16. The only issue I have with my Mrs's CX5 is the Bose subwoofer is muted by the boot cover. It could do with a baffle or lift the lid a bit.

    No turbo but the throttle can be pressed a little harder – the it goes into Jackass mode. Lovely car to drive – it practically drives itself.

  17. I almost bought a CX-5 but decided it was a bit too large for my personal taste & went with the CX-30 instead. Both are great vehicles though.

  18. How the F is the CX5 a rival for the KIA Sorento and the Skoda Kodiak? This is the same size as a KIA Sportage / Hyundai Tucson / VW Tiguan or Skoda Karoq. Motoring journalists…..which you should trust :))

  19. There’a a reason why this model is so popular, also elsewhere like in Malaysia.

  20. I'll take old school anytime with this car compared to the more tech rivals … It's very reliable safe, easy and not so expensive to service and doesn't have much going wrong with it overall.

  21. The rear seats are spacious unless you are a Big Mac American 👈🍔🍔🍔🥪😁😁😁👍😉😀☝️ if so we will stick you in the trunk in da Boot

  22. You should be comparing the cx5 with the germana, not those cheapos

  23. Not as spacious as crv.

  24. Reply
    Tyler Anthony Greene March 12, 2023 at 10:20 pm

    I disagree, you are in the New-ground which is the 'rugged' version. If you went for the mor popular Sport. Sport black edition or GT sport, then you get leather and soft touch all over. You are in the German, lexus, volvo market but at almost 1/3 of the price. If you do a review of another vehicle, most of them are the higher/highest specs you can get.

  25. We had a 2.2 175hp diesel one of these back in 2017 when this new shape came out. Great car. Recently thought of another but petrol/hybrid this time. That 2.0 petrol with more or less zero torque ruled it out straight away. Mazda, please bring the 2.5 turbo to the UK.

  26. Underpowered, in Australia 2 .5 Turbo

  27. Reply
    Adrianna Włodarczyk March 12, 2023 at 10:20 pm

    The best SUV ever !

  28. it's not clear why even you try to compare it to KIA SORENTO/PEUGEOT 5008. they are class above and comparable to CX9. kind of poor journalism for car expert channel

  29. Mazda CX5 is everywhere in Australia. Aussies love Mazda, we pretty much laugh at Peugeot and anyone buy the rubbish euro brand. Skoda is the better VW but its a niche brand.

  30. My son has the diesel version of the CX-5 and apart from the fuel expense it carries the passengers comfortably and well. Reliability is a big factor which scores. Relieved to see it still has gearstick and they haven't been messing about too much with electric eveything which means that it will probably last without punitive battery replacement cost.

  31. The CX-5 is not a rival for the Kodiaq, etc – that's the CX-8, which you guys don't receive in Europe. This competes with the RAV4, Tucson, etc.

  32. I worked for 15 years as a technician at Vw/Audi and BMW , and I own a Mazda CX-5 , ‘nuff said ! 😀

  33. Hope you’ve heard of CX9, mine is outstanding and it’s a 7 seater. 😂

  34. “Damned with faint praise” …… ?

  35. This seems very deliberately 'old school' in its approach – the exterior styling is simple and unfussy and the interior the same. Round analogue gauges are still present along with a fair few knobs and switches. I dont know whether that offers enough to tempt buyers hypnotised by the pulsing LEDs, hyperscreens and laser lights of its rivals, but it looks fantastic to me and it would be on my shortlist for sure.

  36. I have a cx 5 2.2d 150 its great round town 55ish on a run at 55 to 60mph I get 63mpg gentle driving. The petrol version only does 35… I've driven one its a bore and you have to drive it hard to get anything out of it. Diesel is by far the better option and it's a clean car with the dpf. Its a no brainer.. see for yourself

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