New LS8-e neo review | Electric Glider 15 m & 18 m wingspan 2022

April 15, 2023

Flying the LS8-e neo in Italy was a lot of fun. With this review I will show you the most important technical features of the glider and FES propulsion system.
These are my personal thoughts about the LS8-e neo and this video is not sponsored by DG Flugzeugbau.

More information about the glider:

Many thanks to Julia Steinle for the thumbnail and helping me to film the review on the ground.
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  1. I heard that DG has stopped taking orders for the LS8-18 Neo.

  2. De lange mars door de instituties is begonnen! ❤️
    Go FvD

  3. What is the power this airplane to flight

  4. Yeah just like my ASW 28 RC/FPV glider. But way more expensive.

    Is it capable of self launch?

  5. I thought It was your micro make a noise, but you confirm is the fuselage make this noise, it seems very loud from here.

  6. Oh no, you need to unscrew something? What a pain! Urgh!

  7. I can imagine how far i can reach with my engine design it suck air push air and drive props kind of prop fan .in this little guys will feels like f-18 just saying uff

  8. If your over 6' 200 lbs forget about it. Leave this video now

  9. In the near future there will continue to be breakthroughs in battery technology. I suspect that a very light weight alternative will be invented. This could free gliders from recreational usage relying on thermals and make them viable for transportation. Of course the design and engineering would change and the resulting airplanes will be nowhere as beautiful as these gliders.

  10. Did he start with airbrakes out?!? 6:40

  11. The reason I clicked is to find out if it was a full size person carrying glider or a scale model. Yes there is a 15 meter wingspan model glider on YouTube. A half scale 30 meter monster.

  12. About the most efficient (and efficiency in building) compared to most other retractable prop gliders. The little drag would probably be easily off set by less weight than the fully retractable glider power plants.

  13. Disappointed that it didn't take off by itself. Just saying. And the noise. A quiet glider like that and one that takes off would be the best glider. But too demanding on batteries I suppose. Still, having an all electric independent glider would be cheaper and more fun than using a tug.

  14. Up in the air it feels like icaro paraglider:)

  15. I think that is called a plane

  16. Сонячні панелі ще додати можна.

  17. Ummm… if it has an engine, how can it be a glider?

  18. Reply
    Manu Karukappillil Kuriakose April 15, 2023 at 12:10 am

    is this air-conditioned??

  19. you make it look easy!!!

  20. Parece eu dando banguela no meu gol.

  21. Würde gerne mal mitfliegen.
    Liebe Grüße Patrick

  22. You Germans and your civilian glider programs cannot be trusted.

  23. This is my dream! What is the cost?

  24. Yes nice glider only to noisy 🥴

  25. Good,very informative.

  26. great! super easy failure mode. love an easy way to fail.

  27. Reply
    ورد جوري ورد April 15, 2023 at 12:10 am

    I liked this hapneed

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