New Lexus NX 2022 review with 0-60mph test! reviews

July 3, 2023

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This is the new Lexus NX!

It’s the first ever plug-in hybrid from Lexus, coming with two hybrid engine options. The ‘self-charging’ NX350h has a 2.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine linked to a battery pack. This produces a total of 244hp and can be had with either front- or all-wheel-drive.

The range-topper is the plug-in hybrid model, the NX450h+, which pairs its 2.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine with an 18kWh chargeable battery to produce a combined 309hp. This also means you will be able to drive the NX450h+ up to around 47 miles in electric-only mode.

These hybrid engine options aren’t all that’s new with this second-gen NX. It’s been given a more aggressive look, with a huge grille dominating the front and a new LED light bar stretching the width of its boxy rear. Inside, the interior has been given a very unique design, with a ‘tazuna’ cockpit that’s meant to be very driver-focused. Stick with Mat to find out what that means!

So, is this NX the best hybrid SUV on the market? Well, let’s see what Mat thinks!

0:00 Intro
0:39 Exterior Design
2:12 Price
2:53 Interior
6:23 Back Seats
7:45 Boot
9:06 Five Annoying Things
12:14 Five Cool Things
14:49 Engine
16:07 Driving
21:26 0-60mph
22:18 Verdict

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  1. Lexus NX vs BMW M3… Pick a grille.

  2. When will you be doing a review of the NX 350h? Not all of us are convinced by PHEV’s, and not yet ready for a move to fully electric. Also, why isn’t the NX 350h option available for configuration on the Carwow website?

  3. Lexus hybrid models are the ideal family car. Excellent mileage, luxury interior and reliable quality.

  4. The TV ad has put me off even considering this car.

  5. Because in america someone will put sugar in your gas tank 😢😂

  6. NX350H or Q5
    Both are near top spec and fully loaded
    Both come with AWD
    The Audi comes with a 2.0L turbo inline 4 and the Lexus comes with 2.5L NA with 2 electric motors

  7. It's not true that this is the first model with adaptive headlights. Triple beams available in ES also use Hella Matrix system, not sure about even the GS'es triple beams but overal this is available in Lexus for copuple of years now

  8. I do love Lexuses (Or Lexi – plural). They're like the Japanese Mercedes.

  9. I’m considering the NX 250 instead of the 350h. The higher price of the 350h doesn’t justify the better MPG for me.

  10. The order book is closed in th UK sold out there’s the proof!

  11. Mat when are you going to test drive Alfa Romeo Tonale 😊

  12. Hhmmm… I have only ever driven audi and bmw. My wife currently has a bmw x1 and I drive a bmw m240i and we are looking to replace the x1 shortly. I have been researching every compact suv and in terms of value it is hard to beat the self-charging Nx350h. would definitely opt for genuine leather though…

  13. The fuel caps are different because people try to steal petrol out of cars circa the fuel crisis last year. If your fuel gauge could be opened externally you would be a big target for theft.

  14. I like LKS

  15. The only thing holding lexus back from being better than the Germans is that CVT gearbox.

  16. Have you ever said to buy unless it’s a BMW , please be little bit genuine with your opinion

  17. this will be my next car Germans are rubbish

  18. Reply
    Abdul Maalik Mahomed July 3, 2023 at 11:47 pm

    The American versions of the 2022 NX have electrically folding rear seats. Dedicated buttons in the rear as well from the infotainment system. Different model or perhaps a later update?

  19. Lexus grill for sure. BMW grill looks like the Easter Bunnie's equivalent of the Batmobile

  20. Help me carwow! From 🇵🇭🥰

  21. Anyone know the wading depth of the new NX?

  22. Too annoying for words can't watch this guy to the end.
    Car looks great.

  23. NX over its competitors any day.

  24. Reply
    Operations Operations July 3, 2023 at 11:47 pm

    I wonder if, instead of having to carry the charging cable in the boot and get the thing out every time you want to plug the kettle into a charging point, these cars would not just come with a "hoover type" system where you opened the side lid and pull out the already connected cable which would be wrapped around a spool nicely inside the fat rear wing. This cable would then controllably reel itself in upon termination of charging. But then again, that's just ignorant me trying to be cleverer than Lexus and the rest !!

  25. Reply
    Abyssinia Ethiopia July 3, 2023 at 11:47 pm

    I was driven Lexus last years, brilliant car i have got any problems. Japanese car the most reliably car..i have seen like Range Rover ,BMW, Mercedes broken down on the street. The most you speech complain, i love to drive again Lexus car..i look for ward to by NX Lexus .

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