NEW Lexus NX 2022 review – the BEST hybrid SUV? | What Car? reviews

December 29, 2022

Watch our in-depth review of the brand new Lexus NX. Is it the best hybrid SUV you can buy in 2022? And is it the best car Lexus has ever made?

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Video chapters:
0:00 Intro
1:35 PHEV taxing
2:32 Charging
3:53 Interior changes
5:24 Infotainment and tech
7:00 Practicality
8:55 Battery efficiency
10:19 Driving impressions
11:40 5 things to know
13:31 Verdict and outro

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  1. Have a 450h+ F Sport on order to replace my UX which also has been a fantastic car this will be my third lexus in the 9 years.

  2. It is a glorified RAV4, an overpriced RAV4… and it drives like RAV4…

  3. This is the best in class. Reliable. Good to drive. Excellent quality. Comfortable.

  4. It's pretty annoying to hear the same sermon at the beginning of every video.

  5. I hate panoramic moonroofs. Would never buy one

  6. Moral : dispense with the bobble on your beanie – simples really and inexpensive. Honestly ?

  7. Gave up watching this video when he said 'I'm 6'2" so don't wear a bobble hat because it will touch the roof'. Absolute joke.

  8. To the title: no, the LFA and LC500 are the best Lexus’ ever.

    Thank you.

  9. Lexus is easily my all time favourite car brand

  10. Ordered a 350 F Sport AWD a month ago with delivery estimated December….very much looking forward to it. 16 plate NX300 owner…

  11. I like the Car it's beautiful, good quality – reliable, good interior, very comfortable, and with new tech for infotainment. But, it could be better if it had 'Smart Fast Charging Technology with Curves' for example at least 50kw to 100 kw, which are very common everywhere. Also, the smaller battery in plugin hybrid could potentially charge much faster than the fully electric with bigger battery.

  12. 45 miles on electric? In Canada Lexus is only claiming 36 miles on electric. Does the UK version have a larger battery?

  13. I’d rather have the new Tucson or sportage over this. Interior of this car doesn’t match the price at all

  14. Is the AVS suspension fitted on F sport models stiffer than the standard suspension?

  15. I just picked up my 2022 NX450h+ a few days ago. This car is truly amazing! Build quality is next level. Infotainment is the best Lexus has ever put out. The EV range is great and fits my daily commute mileage. I have yet to use hybrid motor. Given gas prices in the US, this car is paying itself off nicely!

  16. Nice review thanks 👍

  17. Other than the LF there was nowhere to go but up

  18. BMW & Mercedes stopped selling their plugin-hybrids in the US. They couldn't compete with the range of the Lexus and reliability.

  19. For my needs and preferences it’s hard to imagine a better all-purpose car. 😉👍

  20. It looks like Mazda CX 4/5 .What I don`t like is the large grill.What is it actually used for other than it is a part of the styling.Audi was the first automaker who started the big grill maniac covering the most of the front of their cars.

  21. By far the best review I have seen , but could have been much longer going into even more detail.

  22. I've been watching dozens of reviews of this new Lexus and this might be the best 👍🙂

  23. No good if you can’t afford it.

  24. I used to trust whatcar but there marking system for reviews are terrible. Tesla's score really high even though there reliability is questionable. Lexus traditional score low with what car for whatever reason despite being the most reliable in the class year on year. When I say score low I mean low like 2/5. What car takes subjectivity to another level they are similar to fox news. Beware of their reviews

  25. Cvt gearbox is a big NO

  26. Great design.

  27. Very smart!

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