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September 20, 2022

2022 Kia Sportage review:
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The new Kia Sportage is the fifth generation of the Korean brand’s family SUV, and it’s the best yet. Closely related to the also brilliant Hyundai Tucson, the new Sportage blends zingy styling with the latest interior tech and punchy-yet-frugal hybrid engines. The last model ticked a lot of boxes for family buyers, but the new one seems to cover even more bases, with improved tech and practicality. In fact, there are few cars of this size with so many useful features. It’s not the sportiest car on the road, which is a little ironic given its name, and low-spec cars do without the twin screens inside, so lack a bit of sheen. But is it the family SUV to pick? Nicola puts it to the test.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:35 – Interior and technology
04:23 – Boot space
05:29 – Rear seats
05:59 – Driving
08:45 – Dealmakers and dealbreakers
09:33 – Verdict

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  1. Do not buy hibrid or diesel. 1.6l petrol is enough. 6.5l/100km. 3k eur cheaper.

  2. I have this car, experience green 1.6L 150hp. Real head turner and i like it a lot, could be the nicest car in the city under 40k eur.

  3. Believe it or not… I sold my Tesla Model Y 2021 to buy a Kia Sportage 2023 Hybrid EX. At the end of the day Tesla’s are nice but they are expensive to keep.

  4. So nice

  5. Alien design (the front) mixed with the very classic (from profile).

  6. A new generation of youtube presenters

  7. Jesus Christ I made it about 2 minutes in before I had to turn off: this presenter is really grating!

  8. That beanie

  9. Does anyone know why the Sportage and the Tucson which command top money for the top models do not have a heads up display which in this day and age seems daft.

  10. 2022 Citroën C4 ?
    Ever noticed they only show the premium Kia’s… should look at the entry model interior 😂

  11. Nice hat 🤭

  12. Don't like it at all. Ugly design and the interior is a copy from Mercedes

  13. Such an ugly car… it'd fit in great with a futuristic city…but dreary England? No way. Give me a DS instead!

  14. Update your car news here:

  15. Will have to be car of the year for 2023 (or later!) with Kia's long delivery times at the moment.

  16. Wouldn't touch KIA with a bargepole after the horrendous way my partner was treated after they fitted a front crankshaft seal on her Sportage under warranty only to cause damage when fitting then blaming her for lack of maintenance and giving her £4500 bill. She has now been without a car for nearly 6 months now as we had to get a solicitor involved. KIA 7 Year Warranty not worth the paper it's printed on.

  17. Hi how come when you're reviewing this car you don't mention the quality of the seats or positions etc,I have owned 2 sportages which I really liked but the seats were never that great passenger seat hardly any adjustment unless you went up to the 4!

  18. Love the way she talks and the sound of her voice. Just discovered this channel.

  19. Nicola! ❤️

  20. In person i find this design is ugly and will not age well. The size is also too bulky for my liking. My opinion.

  21. i like the KN Sportage

  22. HAYUNDAAi … wtf these english and americans cant say fckin hyundai ? Braindamaged ? ….. and sportaaaz … this car is not french my dear …. so please google it how to pronounce sportage ffs…

  23. Can’t listen to her for any length of time !!

  24. all this seems to be filmed in mariupol. or close by

  25. 43K for a Kia… Sorry. The Tuscon is cheaper and the same underneath and I think for that money I could have a better badge on my grill…
    Mazda CX5 and Toyota RAV 4.!!

  26. Kia 🔥👍

  27. Love this

  28. How can a zero star safety rated car can be your next car of the year?

  29. I like this reviewer

  30. Love my 2023 Kia Sportage X-line! Worth every penny 😊

  31. I preferred the look of the 3rd gen to any of them.

  32. If only I could put that interior and hopefully impressive PHEV drivetrain into the body of the current GT Line S – exterior really isnt doing it for me yet!

  33. The new Kia is stunning, but your stunning to lady 😉

  34. Lexus is nothing but another Toyota garbage

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