New Kia Sportage 2022 review 2022

July 1, 2023

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This is the all-new Kia Sportage!

Mat’s got his hands on this all-new family-friendly SUV to see if it has what it takes to compete with class leaders like the Volkswagen Tiguan!

So what’s new with the Sportage? Well for starters, it’s definitely more striking than its predecessor! Around the back, you’ll find taillights and looks which are similar to the EV6, while upfront you’ll find a striking grille and some more aggressive bits of trim in the bumper (at least, you will if you choose the GT Line trim).

It looks good once you take a step inside, too. There’s a large infotainment & dials screen up front, along with plush feeling, high-quality materials throughout.

When it comes to performance, you’ve got a choice of diesel, petrol and hybrid engines. The top-of-the-range is the plug-in hybrid, where the 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine combines with an electric motor to deliver 265hp! What’s more, it’s not exactly that expensive either, with the price starting at around £27,000!

So what do you think – is it worth it? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:37 Price
01:13 Exterior Design
02:24 Interior
05:08 Back Seats
07:17 Boot
08:08 5 Annoying Things
09:58 5 Cool Things
12:18 Engines
13:21 Town Driving
15:21 Motorway Driving
16:51 0-60mph
17:23 Verdict

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  1. How are you today?

  2. Reply
    Nisal Kumarapathirana July 1, 2023 at 9:41 pm

    It's very stylish and futuristic. I personally prefer the Tucson design and it grew on me…

  3. Mat can u pls do my car 2020 Rav4

  4. Just buy german, tiguan or x3

  5. This current gen Sportage has some competitive features but my gripe with the Kia/Hyundai brand generally is their haphazard design strategy. They seem to be flip flopping between different design cues and ideas as opposed to following a clearly defined, more evolutionary approach to exterior design. Nothing about their cars have a signature look or 'stamp' that makes me say "that's gotta be a Kia" before even seeing the name or badge. Every maker's cars should achieve this and the Koreans really miss the mark on that.

  6. I should have watched your review before signing up for one that takes 10months to deliver. But still after watching, I feel I made the right decision.

  7. 2 things that put me off this car. 1 the dash is like having a pc monitor stuck in front of the steering wheel design would be better inset into something…. Sexier to look at!! 2 the suspension.

  8. What about MHEV hybrids in Europe – 150hp and 180 hp

  9. The Philippine-spec Sportage didn't have these features until the following years:

    No Bluetooth until 2019
    No Touchscreen until 2019
    No Touchscreen Reverse Camera until 2019

    So far, the newer 2022 Sportage wasn't launched here yet.

  10. I dont like kia

  11. I love this Kia Sportage 2022, it kinda resembles the range rovers series 💙💙💙💙💙if only I could get a blue one

  12. Not sure i like the front but no worse than the rav4. I thought you could buy a front wheel drive hybrid rather than the awd mentioned in the review ?

  13. What you recommend in this segment Hyundai Tucson – Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage can you tell me

  14. Heated vest…very cosy.

  15. Kia suspension is horrible. I had to trade mine in as it was hurting my back.. great car let down by a terrible sports suspension

  16. Reply
    Emil Alexandru Barb July 1, 2023 at 9:41 pm

    Why did it turn the wheels when remote driving it using the key ?

  17. best midsize suv

  18. can not own a car with no spare wheel

  19. It's taken me about a year to get used to the front, now I like it lol

  20. Hey your car is on backwards 😂
    I joke i joke

  21. Reply
    Zinhle Tshabalala July 1, 2023 at 9:41 pm

    I hate what they did with the bum

  22. Is this car better than a Peugeot 2008?

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