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July 6, 2023

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This is the all-new Kia Niro!

Mat’s got his hands on this family-friendly SUV to see if it has what it takes to grab your attention in an increasingly busy SUV market.

So let’s start with a look at the design. It’s notably different to the old model, with a whole new light design round at the back through to some chrome trim & bigger headlights at the front. You’ll also have the choice of optional side panels and blacked-out windows with higher-spec models!

On the inside, the improvements compared to the old model continue. The dash has a cool swooping effect coupled with a large infotainment screen, and the centre console comes with a number of physical buttons. You’ll also find soft-touch, high-quality materials throughout.

You can get the new Niro as either a hybrid or electric. The standard hybrid comes equipped with a 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine coupled with an electric motor to produce 139hp. You can also buy the Niro as a plug-in hybrid, which has the same set-up but a bigger battery and motor. So not only can it run on electric power alone for around 40 miles, but it can also put down 180hp.

Then there’s an all-electric version. This is equipped with a single electric motor which is good for 201hp. The price starts from £28,000 for a hybrid, with the EV starting at £35,000!

So it all looks pretty impressive, but is the Niro really worth that £28,000 starting price? Stick with Mat to see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:30 Exterior Design
01:58 Interior
03:34 Back Seats
05:09 Boot
06:16 5 Annoying Things
07:26 5 Cool Things
08:45 Engines
09:53 Driving
12:27 0-60mph
12:50 Verdict

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  1. What’s the best EV SUV currently on the market? 🤔

  2. Very unclear speaker. Too fast and muffly sound

  3. Great information

  4. 🇳🇵👍

  5. Is it just me thinking the car after upgrade got ugly typical weird Korean Design?

  6. 11:33 do the brake lights come on when you use the i-pedal mode (or at any of the higher regen-levels)?

  7. The android auto thing has been fixed by Google now.

  8. KIA Niro and BMW X1 both start with conversations about UK economy. HMMM.

  9. If you hold your lane button on the steering wheel for 3 seconds this will disable the lane assit.

  10. Do you have a part number for the cargo shade cover showed on 5:24

  11. Only interested in petrol cars.

  12. I love when they say this car cost like 28K and they are showing a 40K trim

  13. Does the new Stonic have wireless phone charging?

  14. Reply
    Donato Casagrande July 6, 2023 at 1:53 am

    …waiting for the cars patted down by Matt starting to giggle …😅

  15. Be only beware of Kia charginissues

    I know its not Niro. But there is another video that shows Niro that unable to charge when raining 🤔😂

  16. I'm torn between purchasing this or the New Mg5. they are both roughly the same price in Ireland at 42k, the bigger boot on the MG5 will help with the family but it's. a little boring to drive….

  17. Reply
    Matt Carvers Bulldogges July 6, 2023 at 1:53 am

    3:50 in hahahaha

  18. You can turn of the lane safety by holding the button for it on the left side on the steering wheel and it’s done. All easy 😅

  19. FIAT Multipla is better looking than this car

  20. Kia and Hyundai are good until your vehicle bursts into flames

  21. Don't buy!!! it stops while you are on the highways giving power limited warning light. Bad

  22. On the Sportage you can turn lane keeping off on the steering wheel? Just press and hold?

  23. Anyone know which Kia Nero Matt chose. The link just sends me to the website to browse choices

  24. Not

  25. Arm rest looks short?

  26. I’m going to test drive this next day so looking forward to it.

  27. if you want to be safe and stay alive don't buy any electric cars at all braking system are really bad heating draining battery like crazy this is something u can avoid don't use it but braking system in every electrics are disgusting car skade dry or wet road surface how dvla approved these vehicles unbelievable

  28. Bought a new 2023 Kia Niro EV Wave. So far so good. Love the Apple CarPlay integration, the drive & feel are fantastic. It's quick, but not ludicrous. If I charge from the grid, it cost me ≈$15 USD to completely fill the battery.

  29. Android Auto is now full screen, thanks to the latest software update.

  30. But are they reliable? I see so much on the road, but I hear so many bad things about Kia and long-term use.

  31. Like them but not the interior or dash design.

  32. Hearing some horror stories of after sales service from Kia that is Putting me right off buying any Kia tbh, waiting list for warranty claims etc, is it justified ?

  33. Does this have a built in dash cam?

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