NEW Kia EV6 review – the best electric car ever? | What Car? 2022

January 1, 2023

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The Kia EV6 is the What Car? Car of the Year 2022! It beat a host of other tough competitors, including the likes of the Skoda Enyaq, Cupra Born and BMW i4.

But what makes the EV6 so good? And how does it compare to its other electric car rivals? Watch out in-depth review to find out

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Video chapters:
0:00 Intro and rivals
1:05 Rear seats
2:12 Interior tech
5:00 Interior review
6:05 Boot space
7:01 Performance and range
9:09 Charging
9:47 Driving impressions
10:46 Pricing
11:13 Reasons to get the EV6
12:28 Verdict and outro

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  1. So the Kia EV6 is our 2022 Car of the Year. But what’s yours? Comment below 👇

  2. And if you don’t have off street parking?

  3. Electric cars are toxic (literally), heavy, expensive, and very damaging to the environment (before and after its life cycle), probably also during its life cycle if your power comes from coal. There is nothing green or eco-friendly about electric cars if you want to look more into its production method. But, politicians create the rules, and the market will follow like sheep. Manufacturers will create what the market wants.

  4. Personally I would sacrifice some interior space for a slightly smaller car. Cars are becoming ridiculously big.

  5. Did you notice that these electric car salesman seem to target women more than men ? .. I wonder why that is ?

  6. Does anyone know an electric Kia that in the rear seats has an entertainment screen?

  7. Meanwhile the Model Y becomes the worlds best selling car !
    (By value in 2022 and by numbers in 2023)

    Why no mention of the Tesla Model Y ?

    Blame Steve Fowler, the guy is an anti – Tesla prick.

    Utterly, blatantly crooked.

  8. I’m wondering. Do they sell them in the US or just the UK?

  9. the best EV? please give me a break

  10. The EV6 is a nice looking car but here is NZ it is so overpriced at $77,990 for the base model which doesn't have very many features at all not even front park sensors which is ridiculous. I can buy the Tesla Model 3 for $74,900 and it has so many more features with driver profiles which remember each drivers settings, heated steering wheel as well as heated seats, electric boot, Sentry mode to name just a few and more importantly it gets regular over the air updates that keep your car up to date and always feeling like a new car with getting new features. Sorry Kia but you are asking way too much for your EV6 and to get the model with comparable features to the Tesla I would have to spend over $111,000!

  11. 😅❤

  12. How do you think it compares to Toyota bzx4?

  13. It is always important to know what is the range on a motorway at 70, 75 & 80 mph. These are the speeds we drive long distances on motorways, when range is more important.

  14. Is it me or this review seems a bit biased. Only my opinion 🙂 I love this car

  15. Americans will learn the hard way to support Americans

  16. My car of the Year is Dacia Duster

  17. You're be lucky to get between 10 – 12K miles from a set of tyres due to the extra weight & motor torgue thrust of EVs🤥

  18. the ŠKODA Enyaq iV 80 vRS 4WD + 1.0 in. Lift 84.2 kWh intelliS-PMM® 5-Dr eC-SUV (RHD) is just as good as the Volkswagen ID.5 GTX i4MOTION 4WD + 1.0 in. Lift 82.3 kWh 84.2 kWh intelliS-PMM® 5-Dr eC-SUV (RHD) . . .

  19. wait your just jumps from air to gt line oO, its really odd how car companies change the trims for each country

  20. "hatchback or suv" ? More like saloon or suv

  21. It looks like cheap interior specially back seats.Front ones are not comfortable too.Overpriced for Korean KIA.It is not good choice for 40K GBP

  22. Reply
    GadgetMatt Richards January 1, 2023 at 8:59 am

    Wow my 2017 200 series landcruiser must be futuristic because it comes standard with a 240 volt power outlet inside the car, to charge my laptop top.

  23. Saying Tesla is a rival to the KIA EV6 is as dumb as saying an iPhone is a rival to Android phones. Yeah, not even close!

  24. Excellent revue

  25. Why always suv s,why no one making corolla type affordable electric car

  26. Over hyped nissan leaf… Way to expensive

  27. Credibility of many car reviewers is at stake even here.
    Saying car of the year, for a pioneering lith ion ev, is like a teen reviewing her new iPhone. It's outdated by the time you buy it.
    Tech is moving faster than you can review or criticise it, so please be rational & objective

    These vehicles from asia are early ev lith ion vehicles, the pt cruisers of this decade…
    Be patient & wait for solid state vehicles from mainstream car makers.

  28. If a long winter blackout occurs in a land of electric cars most of the population will
    perish in the freezing cold. The gas powered car that would provide cabin heat for
    many days will not be there. The electric car could only supply heat for a short time
    and would quickly discharge its battery making a trip to a shelter impossible.

  29. merci

  30. Why does everybody say "you never get the claimed range in real life"? It depends on your driving style, what speed you drive at, and, most importantly, whether it's Summer or Winter and which way the wind's blowing!. My e-Niro claims 282. I've got over 300 in good weather, but only about 250 in Winter.

  31. Just fully charged my Ev6 440 is all the full charge took …where is the 528 it's sopposed to be doing…..a case of false advertising in my opinion

  32. this car won't travel more than 289miles on a charge.
    It wold be nice to have a large sunroof.

  33. Wonder what the reliability of all these new electric cars is going to be like. With Tesla, at least you have some history and have a better idea of what to expect.

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