New Kia Ceed in-depth review: time to swap that SUV? 2022

December 31, 2022

2022 Kia Ceed review review:
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The new Kia Ceed has received a minor midlife refresh, with an updated design and a wider array of colours and wheel designs. While the updated model may not look too different from the old car, it’s designed to keep the Ceed competitive with rivals like the Ford Focus, SEAT Leon and VW Golf. It’s still keen and agile to drive, with a choice of economical petrol and diesel engines. Inside, the updates have also improved the interior, giving it a more premium feel. But with nearly all of its closest rivals packing advanced technology and equally frugal engines, can the Ceed compete? Nicola puts it to the test to find out.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:46 – Engines
02:10 – Interior and technology
03:52 – Trim levels and specifications
04:23 – Driving, performance and economy
06:47 – Boot space
07:38 – Rear seats
08:22 – Dealmakers and dealbreakers
09:14 – Verdict

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  1. At last a respectful criticism against the SUV hysteria. Amazing car!

  2. Just brought this and it incredible to drive in

  3. Seems to be a reskinned version of the Hyundai i30 N-line. Both great that they have manual handbrake & gearshifts, physical buttons, and good warranties. And the days when Korean cars were a joke is clearly over.

  4. dont bother with this car still waiting after 10 months in uk just found out kia not taking any new orders for this model their pushing the new x ceed its obvious ill never get this car now their telling me it could be up to june next year they know you will have to cancel your order thanks kia for your customer service leaving me 10 months with no communication

  5. Wish this came to the States this thing looks so good. The '23 Forte we got is pretty gross. Hopefully this face-lift only seems 1.5-2 years before a full redesign (this generation came out in 2018 as a 2019 model year).

  6. Yeh when something serious goes wrong the dealers don't want the car.

  7. The most replayed analysis on this vid🤦🏻‍♂️. Come on guys we need boobie enthusiasts too

  8. Cut out the first 24 secs of pointless crap

  9. It's not Ka. It's Ki a.

  10. The best Kia Ceed is the XCeed, which was overlooked in this review. Paired with the same 1.5 engine and 6 speed box, it's a refreshing take on the whole SUV image. Bigger boot than the regular Ceed as well, a decent alternative to the common Qashqai.

  11. It does not have the option of AT actually… wt a shame

  12. legit female Richard Hammond hahahah

  13. Front is nice…the rear is rather flat…

  14. Is this a facelift of the facelift or a new car? It looks like a facelift 2 to me

  15. it would look great in gray with that chome shining through

  16. I like your british accent and beautiful eyes. 😍

  17. MG =))))))))))))))))))

  18. Just a few more details: fully digital dials, front seat ventilation, rear seat heating, rear air vents and a USB port in the rear are available as options, but this car doesn't have them.

  19. No thanks. Coast way too much. The warrenty can only be used when Kia says it can.

  20. You know how we know someone is a vegetarian?
    They tell us, always.

  21. Do they do a 3 door version of these new models ? im a 3 door fan and currently have a 2013 3 door ceed and love the looks of the 3 door version

  22. Unwatchable “review”. Oh for proper professional re-recorded rather than these sub standard excuses. If I wanted over acted, rubbish attempts at stand up routines and reviews that are more about the presenter and her in jokes than the car then this is the website.
    Yet again I am no wiser after watching this then I was before. Garbage

  23. I like the real handbrake and the very nice sound the door made when it was shut 🙂

  24. No one:
    Vegetarians: Hey look! I'm a vegetarian!

  25. I came from a mk10 Civic to a first edition Ceed in this shape. Have to say I see it like previous Toyota’s I have had – it will do everything you want it to do but it just lacks excitement and I have still failed to really connect with the car. I often find myself hankering for the Civic again for the driving experience but I then remember how unreliable the Civic was.

    Great review by the team and good to hear it being compared to the alleged class leaders like the boring Golf.

  26. hmm you said that "7 year warranty" like 100 times… we get it from the first time, no need countless repetitions… and in reality you don't get everything covered bumber to bumper in those 7 years…

  27. the ugliest Kia ceed this face-lift

  28. ❤🥰👍KIA👍🥰❤

  29. Reply
    Κωνσταντινος Τσαμπιρας December 31, 2022 at 2:40 am

    Please…. Ford has 8 years guarantee!!

  30. Great review Nicola, nice job and a lovely car.
    I am a Kia owner, a Cee’d GT 204 bhp petrol which I bought new in 2016 and still have today .
    The car is superb, has covered 37k miles and has never missed a beat.
    However, I feel I should highlight to you and other drivers that the KIA 7 Year Warranty is not what Kia would like us to believe.
    After two years of fastidious ownership the diamond cut alloys started to blister and come away from the centre of each wheel.
    Despite KIA knowing of this issue (through their own forum) they refused to replace my wheels.
    In addition,if a Kia owner suspects they have a warranty claim, KIA will look at it but, if they deem its NOT a warranty claim the owner of the car could be charged £85!!
    Sadly for me, KIA warranty is not what it seems🥲

  31. Love that the use of screens is minimal.

  32. In the United States both Hyundai and KIA come with a 10/100k engine and power train warranty.
    The bumper to bumper warranty is only good for 5/60k and only the bumper to bumper warranty is transferable to subsequent owners.

  33. Hi, I have a KIA CEED PHEV 2022. I'm very disappointed how the hybrid system works. If it low temperature outside (below 10 C) then the petrol engine always starts if the so if im driving under 10km it never runs purly on electricity.

    Or if the AC is runing the petrol engien starts.

    So the petrol enginen is always running when heating or cooling…

    My advise, dont buy a KIA

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