NEW Jaguar I-Pace 2022 in-depth EV review – do these updates make it better than ever? | What Car? 2022

April 30, 2023

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Even though it’s only three years old, is the Jaguar I-Pace already an EV old-timer? Well, to keep it fresh it’s just had a facelift. But are the changes enough to keep up with impressive competitors like the BMW iX3 and Audi E-tron? Watch to find out what’s new, and how good it is.

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  1. I have had my i-Pace for nearly 18 months and it is everything I hoped it would be and more : a pleasure to drive, practicle, completely problem free and the most stylish looking car I have ever owned. We have driven from Edinburgh to the south east of England several times and range has never been a problem. My only problem has been with the charging network but sensible planning has avoided any emergencies. Best car I have ever owned by a country mile.

  2. Fabulous car

  3. Do yourself a favor buy a MG 4 ! The batteries in the jag are Turner batteries and therefore unreliable

  4. My iPace is a dream to drive, especially long road trips.

    Totally let down by poor after sales service and patronisinig dealerships that make out every issue with the car to be the customer's problems. So sadly, I can only advise avoid buying this great car, due to the near non existent after sales service.

  5. I would love to ev BUT so far no one can confirm decent millage when towing a caravan and to charge on public charging points you would need to uncouple the outfit i should say the EV i pace
    would make excellent tow car

  6. What a brilliant car, having driven one for two months I would struggle to find anything better

  7. I have a 2019 HSE first edition and I love it. 100% happy

  8. That was a really good review, thank you.

  9. You complained about I-Pace frunk’s size ( I was able to fit more than my cell phone); what about the iX3 frunk?

  10. 2:49 Stop pointing, it's RUDE.

  11. 5 yr warranty in the US, which is awesome.

  12. Wtf is a boot? Lol
    Mine are on my feet.

  13. Electric charging . U should only needed post code and reg number to be billed to your home account then it will fly

  14. Love this car <3

  15. But the iX3 is rear wheel drive….

  16. JLR far better than tesla.

  17. So I'm thinking of getting one of these in a year or so, I'm researching in to EVs and this has to be one of the better looking ones VS price.

    A few questions for current owners;

    1. How is the ride quality overall?
    2. What is the fit and finish like, is it as solid as a BMW?
    3. Has it been reliable? Did you need to make use of the warranty from Jag, if so what was your experience of the dealership?
    4. Would you recommend a Merc/BMW driver to get this Jag?



  18. The most important thing is its a jaaagggg

  19. I love the Jaguar i pace! Everything about it is sublime!
    I would Also like to add something about this common myth going around that EVs don't need grills? I would hate to imagine the iconic jag grill replaced with a plastic cover, yuk! I just discovered my E citroen c4 has a small grill with the mounted fan behind it cooling the electric motor! And no it's not hybrid! Please explain then why electric cars don't need any grills to cool their components?

  20. Worst car I have ever owned had for 3yrs, in garage for 6months they couldn't fix known safety fault so returned car to me anyway. Dealer, Finance and JLR not interested and pointed responsibility with each other.

  21. I have Jaguar ipace 2022. It's a piece of garbage. I named it death trap. In 6 months I escaped death 4 times. Jaguar is not concerned about it. Service is zero level. If we have cars and dealer like jaguar. Trust me jaguar will not be in business in near future. Beware this car stops abruptly in the middle of nowhere 🤔. Jaguar says they're is no problem. Seriously.

  22. Cool and clever!

  23. Epic and great that they are still working on ways to make it better still.

  24. How's over-the-air software update coming along?

  25. Thanks for a great review. I'm an I Pace fan.

  26. I have been looking at the possible residual value after a few yrs,and I am concerned.Jag,as with others offer 8 yr or 100000 miles warranty on the battery ,which sounds good.However,after some research,I found the cost to replace battery will be in excess of £15000.To my mind this means very few ppl will want to buy an 8 yr old example,unless it is very cheap.It is reasonable to assume that the value will start to decline steeply from about 5,or 6 yrs old. On reflection,unless the car is on pcp for 3or 4 yrs from new,it is a poor buy in the longterm.In addition ,if this is the case,it doesn`t sit well with the saving of energy ideology,as it will have a life expectancy of only 10 to 15 yrs.

  27. Ads 👎

  28. Great review and lots of information

  29. Looks very outdated parked next to a kia ev6…. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  30. One of my favorite electric car luxurious and nice design Doug looks great

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