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December 29, 2022

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The Jaguar F-Pace gets a refreshed interior and engine lineup, so is it now one of the best SUVs around? Watch to find out

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Video chapters:
0:00 Jaguar’s SUV history
1:11 Facelift changes
1:45 Interior review
3:35 Rear seats
4:35 Boot space
5:39 Plug-in hybrid engine
7:05 Driving impressions
8:46 Pricing and verdict
9:21 Outro

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  1. No more British brand 🤣

  2. Given the hyper amount of work the sloth ridden British workers put into building the lowest quality cars an SUVs , decade after decade , but at least their expensive.

  3. I’d have put it up against the X5 and the Q7, along with the Mercedes too. I think it’s a class above the X3 and Q5. For a start, it’s much bigger

  4. I tow a caravan don't want to listen about electric cars

  5. 1:32 Why are you standing weird? Stand normal.

  6. Hate what India's Tata Group has done. This is NOT a Jag.

  7. How's reliability? I'm considering this and a 2023 Genesis 2023.

  8. Great, an upgraded interior while they drop a 4cyl turbo that delivers pedestrian performance. Sure, can upgrade power trains but now looking at paying $25-$30K more for the 6 cyl engine that our 2018 FPace has.

  9. I love my 22 PHEV F Pace. I get 28-29 miles PEV. But, Jaguar, should be ashamed with it's spec stripping. That digital display was standard at launch (they kept it in mine). The 360 camera has been removed though and that was a huge selling point at launch when it was a standard feature.

  10. Smooth riding suv's mean wallowing in corners & country roads. Jag got it spot on with a slightly firmer ride hence it'll be better in the corners compared to Volvo & Audi.

  11. Exterior color?

  12. y am i just finding this channel

  13. Your review was spot on . Many new upgrades for the F-Pace especially the interior. I purchased the 2022 and Im am certainly impressed. It seems a bit more of an upgrade from my 2017. I would highly recommend NOT to get the P250 turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 246 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque
    Available engines: engine it is fine for Highway driving but you'll miss the Jaguar Growl and Giddy Up when hitting the gas. Opt for 3.0-liter inline-six with 335 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque (P340) All in all I am completely content with the car. It's still a Jaguar and it turns heads like no other car. It's a state of mind when driving this brilliant machine. I love it

  14. Thanks for the great and clear video. I have one question? What is the name of this color – Portofino Blue? Maybe I'm wrong. Thank You.

  15. Looks like the MG ZS interior!

  16. Jaguar comes with bucket loads of street cred.Love it

  17. Which specific colour is that ? Thanks

  18. Wow that’s the same screen as the new 2023 Range Rover she.

  19. Proud to be see love from foreigners to a indian brand

  20. This channel and presenter are really underrated. Very slick, well produced videos – no gimmicks but still entertaining 👏

  21. love the Mandalorian drink bottle..

  22. I have found every SUV I have driven to wallow too much and make me feel a bit car sick even when driving, so the firmer suspension on the F-Pace may well suit me better.

  23. Though I have never owned an F-Pace (though seriously considering one in Q4 2002), I have always loved the look of this vehicle, inside and out. I think it’s because it’s body remains me Of my Infinity QX70 which I have loved from the minute I purchased it. Even though you can get more for your money with other vehicles, this Jag has my heart

  24. Significant role????
    It’s the only Jag that sells!!!!

  25. When is the PHEV version going to be available in the US?

  26. You say expect 10-20% less electric only range? Most people I know driving phevs are getting more than the stated range.

  27. Shame they couldn't have kept it under 40k list price…

  28. Jaguar SUVs should not exist Jag should stick to making saloons and estates leave the SUV to land rover

  29. Let’s hope the options list isn’t a mile long. So infuriating. I like what they’ve done with the latest compact sedan. A SE and a HSE model. That’s it. No five million options at ridiculously high prices.

  30. The headlights should have been kept as it was on old type jaguar, the headlights were it's unique look

  31. The upgraded interior is a big step forward and the overall styling and finish works really well. Love it!

  32. Pure junk ! Absolutely unimpressed by this feeble attempt. Stale at best.

  33. Just make it all electric, cmon keep up JLR.

  34. I had a 2017 f pace for two years , absolutely fine . Sure the new one is nicer but the old one was fine as well. Ride was fine as well.

  35. Totally disagree about ride quality compared with Audi Q5

  36. Physical dials for climate…fantastic

  37. In what way was it off the pace? It needed a facelift, because buyers expect it and these days the infotainment has to be updated far more often than the car. The car itself was always among the very best. Jaguar chassis’s are generally just better— specifically better ride handling compromise. In Germany, you don’t notice this because they maintain their roads better, so I wouldn’t expect a channel like Autogefühl to appreciate this. Equally in the USA it’s all about boulevard cruising, but WhatCar should know that no car nails ride and handling like a Jaguar. To be fair, he gives this car credit for great handling, but complains about a hard ride. Just specify smaller wheels and you get a better ride at slow speeds and a bit less precision at high speeds. I used to have an XE which has basically the same chassis and it was brilliant.

  38. 😍😍😍😍

  39. How can they make such a hard suspension for crumbly potholed UK roads? DUH!!!

  40. Reply
    The Jermaine McNeese Show December 29, 2022 at 8:23 pm

    I need this for my daughter… and me.. mostly me.. yeah forget the daughter part. Just me😂

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