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April 18, 2023

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We were already big fans of the hybrid Hyundai Tucson, handing it our Best Hybrid Family Car award for 2022. Now we’ve got our hands on the plug-in hybrid version, which promises to be even more efficient – claiming 202mpg economy and electric range of over 30 miles. We sent Grace Webb to find out if the Tucson Plug-In is now the electrified family SUV to beat…

00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Trim levels and equipment
01:29 – Interior and infotainment
02:35 – Handling and performance
04:27 – Range and charging
05:16 – Practicality and boot space
06:08 – Conclusion

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  1. Ordered still waiting.

  2. Good review, but incorrect facts. The acceleration to 62 miles (100km) is more around 7 seconds on the PHEV model. The PHEV range is also more like 32-34 miles. There are some serious flaws though – one that the reviewer fails to mention. It cannot run in pure EV mode. When the weather is warm, it'll do EV mode like 90-95% of the time. However, when it's freezing then the petrol engine runs most of the time (however the engine idles at around 1500rpm and does not power the wheels). When the weather is above 0 degrees celsius, the mpg is very good – 100-120 mpg UK if your drive stays within the ev battery range. If you run out of battery, it switches to hybrid mode, it's more like 37 mpg on the motorway and 50-57 in town.

  3. I'd love to see her plug it in

  4. Cijena?

  5. Good review. I’ve read more than one that complain about the lack of physical knobs & buttons as is mentioned in this video. That’s important, being unable to safely adjust settings while behind the wheel is probably a showstopper for me.

  6. Hate those touch sensitive buttons. Come on Hyundai, form follows function! We want the dedicated push buttons and dials back.

  7. Please help.Does plug in nline already have ecs in standard or is it as an extra option.

  8. I would stay away from any Hyundai PHEV product like the plague.. In my experience the only thing worse than the reliability of Hyundai PHEVs is the way Hyundai treats their customers. I own a 2017 Hyundai Sonata PHEV, which experienced hybrid system failure on i95 (nearly causing an accident) on Aug 31, 2021. Two months later, during which time the Hyundai dealer made two unsuccessful repair attempts, I picked up my car only to have Hybrid system failure occur for the third time before I even made it to the first traffic light. The service center then told me the car (under warranty) needs a new battery pack, which I have been waiting for over the past FIVE months. The car has been out of service for SEVEN months and Hyundai has refused all buyback attempts. I bought a new Rav4 Prime in Feb…..If I ever get my Hyundai back it will be sold.

  9. Yeah this has put me off the plug in now. The cons outweigh the pros

  10. Grace was awesome with the amazing machines, kids loved you and me too 😍

  11. Great review, informative, professional, clear, helpful. (First time I have seen this particular journalist and think she is excellent).

  12. The question you should be asking isn't 'is this better than a Serrento?" but "is this better than an Ioniq 5"? And the answer to that would be No. No it isn't.

    While a very good car, I can't see why you'd buy it over it's full EV stablemate.

  13. I recently bought one of these, swapping out the Rav4 Hybrid. The suggestion that its performance is worse than the Rav4 is completely wrong. I immediately got the impression that it was a little quicker and independent tests have confirmed this. If you are going to mention performance figures you should test them for yourselves. Hyundai obviously quote them conservatively.

  14. I don't understand why it says 202 mpg?

  15. love my Tucson Phev got it in aug 21 and no problems what so ever apart from one of the wipers

  16. Reply
    TECTU Solar Energy ⚡️ April 18, 2023 at 8:37 am


  17. Couldn't be more wrong about disappointment in the performance > 8.5 seconds is crap

  18. Good job Grace, really good review

  19. Nice review. thats for that. Curious if there will be a Corsstrek review?

  20. no comparison with the rav4 prime ?

  21. Another good review, presenter very good at her job. Nice work.

  22. 20 miles ? IMHO I don't think it's worth it.

  23. The cute girl with the braids. Are you taken?

  24. Nice to see a female car journalist, there aren't too many of them out there it seems.

  25. another meme car

  26. i was just off to buy one tomorow!

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