New Honda Monkey 125 Review: Specs, Changes Explained + More! | miniMOTO 125cc Motorcycle reviews

April 10, 2023

Today, we take a look at the NEW 2022 Monkey 125 mini bike and review its changes, specs and features! But is the 2022 Monkey better than the Trail 125, Super Cub and Grom? You can also check out more info on this 2022 mini vintage / retro styled motorcycle by clicking over to and you can check out some Honda Monkey accessories and performance parts like Monkey exhausts, intakes and more over at . Check out the first 2022 Motorcycles & Scooters to be announced at

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☆ Visit Southern Honda Powersports in Chattanooga, TN at for more information on how to buy a 2022 Honda Monkey 125 like this one or one of their other scooters and motorcycles that are for sale in Chattanooga, TN. Thanks again to all of the crew there for allowing me to come through and check out their inventory for these videos!
Motorcycle in video information:
● Model: 2022 Honda Monkey 125 ABS
● MSRP / Price: $4,199
● Colors: Banana Yellow, Pearl Black
Learn more about it at:
● New 2022 Honda Grom 125 (MSX125) Review / Specs + NEW Changes Explained:

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  1. ☆ Check out these WILD New Honda Monkey 125 videos I just finished up:

    That's just a taste of what's possible with this platform!

  2. 9 hp for 125 scooter that give you 12 t0 15 hp

  3. Quiero la honda monkey,tengo $5,000 dolares.

  4. 4gears vs 5gears
    15t-34t, vs 14t-37t..

  5. What's the max weight Limit?

  6. These things are funky as hell. I really want one.

  7. Is this a dirtbike?

  8. Muito bonita a moto. Pena que ela não vendida ainda no Brasil.

    The motorcycle is very beautiful. Too bad it's not sold in Brazil yet.

  9. top speed 56? I guess you cant expect much from a 10 hp motor. They shouda made these a little faster.

  10. What is the top speed for the monkey 125 cc

  11. I love the Honda monkey in the black cannot wait to get one

  12. I really like it. I just wish it was a 150cc so I could take it to the highway here in California.

  13. Any tips for how to get a Monkey? Seems like they are a rare commodity these days. Been on the waitlist for months.

  14. Wow very very nice 👍👌

  15. Reply
    Giuseppe Costabile April 10, 2023 at 9:37 am

    monkey monkey monkey

  16. It is good one i bought 2022 model i wish they didn't change that cylinder bolt pattern can't use big bore kit anymore

  17. I missed it, does it still come in blue?

  18. 1:00 isch you got the price in. Congrats I am still watching.

  19. What is that giant black plastic thing under the tank?

  20. I wonder what the life milage will be on something like this

  21. I wonder what the life milage will be on something like this

  22. One of the greatest motorcycles ever built….straight up …QUALITY
    HONDA 🏆

  23. How much in Canada ont

  24. Thank you for the review! Really good information!

  25. Who in their right mind would pay 4k for a 125? That's insane. For that price you could get one hell of a used bike

  26. What’s the weight limit hahah. I am 6’ 1” 230.

  27. Kinda stupid they didn’t keep the frames painted

  28. send it to me ,I'll test it for

  29. Great video!

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