New Honda Jazz 2021 review: it WILL surprise you! 2022

March 16, 2023

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This is the Honda Jazz! It’s an all-new model of Honda’s small hatchback, and it’s received upgrades across both the exterior and interior! Sure, the changes aren’t HUGE, but as with any small car when a new model is launched, you can probably guess where most of the changes will be made. However, there’s one change you may not have been expecting – the new Jazz is only available as a hybrid!

For us UK viewers, you’ll only have the one engine to choose from – a 1.5-litre petrol engine along with two electric motors, producing 109hp and a claimed economy of 61mpg! But with a rather large price of £19,000 for this rather small car, is the new Jazz the standout little legend of 2020? You’ll have to join Mat for his latest review and find out!

00:00 Intro
00:25 Price
01:22 Exterior Style
02:17 Engine
02:55 0-60mph
03:38 Interior Style
05:02 Back Seats
06:13 Boots
06:57 Practicality
09:12 Annoying Features
10:29 Good Features
11:28 Town Driving
13:18 Motorway Driving
13:49 Country Road Driving
14:38 Trims
16:14 Verdict


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  1. Is there a better small car in 2020 than the Jazz?! Let us know what you think below!

  2. Bring to india

  3. WEIRD about 15 yrs ago honda made a suv looking DESIGN and it was a real hit with the ladies old and young , since then 2 jazzes later they have become blander and yet again even blander and uglier WHY ??

  4. Driving one as a courtesy car and it's brilliant. Quiet, comfy, looks a bit quirky.

  5. Where's the spare tire?

  6. Some say you can run it on 'elder'berry wine.

  7. *Cries in American*

  8. I have a 2019 honda fit ex , i really wish they didn't stop making them for the U.S ! I love my car !

  9. Your energetic ridicule of the dashboard brightness/dimmer knob for the screen is beyond laughable. Have you never found it annoying to try to locate a car's button in this connection? I have. No such problem in the latest Honds Jazz. Sensibly it's large, not hidden in the lower section of the facia (as on practically every other car) but straight in front of you just below eye level and thus along with its size extremely easy to find and use. Your reaction is amost unbelievable were it not that I wtnessed your near fit. You seemed to all but wet your underwear at the discovery. Pxfhhhggvggt!

    Indelibly nemorable.

    Your reaction constitutes stupidity on stilts.

  10. 8:10 a lot more cars need cupholders on the right side of the steering wheel… It's much more comfortable personally steering with the left hand when taking a swig, plus it's quick and easy to get to without having to take your hand off the wheel

    This car doesn't have a manual transmission but it would help even more in that case

  11. I really wish they’d bring this generation Jazz/Fit to the USA, along with the smaller and more stylish HR-V. Instead, we get the bloated and frumpy version of the latter 🙄

  12. Last time honda want to save earth they finish 8 in the championship in f1

  13. You call that horn pathetic? If I use mine in my last gen Citroen C1 you will likely expect to see a bicycle instead!

  14. Honda Jizz

  15. Best small car. Great interior space, practical and reliable

  16. Earth Dreams. The hilarity is in how Japanese pronounce Earth as Earse. Yes Arsse Dreams.

  17. @11:16 grow up ffs

  18. The mpg is pants ???? Its hybrid

  19. Too bad Honda didn't have this model in the States — such a nice small car!

  20. Very patronising to older people!

  21. An ugly little thing, but seems like a great and smart choice. Does that make me old? well, so be it


  23. Like all modern cars it's over dosed with unwanted technology that will be extremely expensive to repair when it goes wrong.

  24. Nice engine

  25. Do you really need to go to EX trim to get SatNav?

  26. It's like they've managed to suck out the aggressive look the previous model had and turned it into a nanny car

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