NEW Honda HR-V review – the best hybrid SUV? | What Car? 2022

April 19, 2023

The Honda HR-V has had a HUGE makeover outside, inside and under the bonnet. But do all these changes add up to make a great SUV? Watch to find out

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Video Chapters:
0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Rivals and exterior styling
1:01 – Interior review
3:11 – Rear seats and practicality
4:50 – Boot space
6:18 – Driving impressions
8:26 – Trim levels
9:27 – Pricing
9:52 – Verdict and outro

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  1. It is a lovely car, but I won't buy one until they fix that acceleration noise. I'm surprised that made it into the production model

  2. Wheels are too small. Looks. Like it's rolling on piano casters.

    Families are better buying a second hand german or Scandinavian estate car rather than these stupid tiny SUVs.

    With electricity prices as they are at the moment along with permanently expensive public charging you get better value for money with a quality diesel estate. Once the small engine hybrids run out of juice they are pretty poor efficiency wise and under powered.

  3. Great car but the boot is too small for the size even a Yaris cross has way bigger boot would have looked at buying one but the boot is small

  4. A family member who bought one of these cars now regrets doing so, engine revs it's head off (noise very bad) on slight incline, mpg lowest 43-53mpg average. I am now cancelling my order after waiting 9 months not as good as drive as people make out.

  5. Awesome!

  6. Haval H6 HEV is much better

  7. This over the civic?

  8. a piece of advice from me and don't take it the wrong way, but pay a visit to your ophthalmologist something is wrong with your eyes….

  9. Why is the 2023 hrv in the States still a old design?

  10. Good review pointing out the negatives. Can’t believe the lack of rear door bins and small boot. What were Honda thinking. Not for me I am afraid. Jazz maybe is more practical.

  11. I drove a 2022 Honda HR-V hybrid for my road trip from San Francisco to Yellowstone National Park. I drove over 2100 miles and I average 32MPG for my trip.
    What I like: camping mode works like wonder when I sleep in it in camping ground when temperature was around 30 degree. It was comfortable to sleep inside while the engine is keeping the temperature around 75 degree. Well equipment with technology: lane centering, blind spot monitor, power seat for both driver and passenger seats, moon roof, Adaptive Cruise Control.
    What I don’t like: 32MPG is low for a hybrid vehicle. Lane centering is not reliable. Seat is very uncomfortable. It is the worst seat I have tried ever.

  12. What a biased review. I think the car is perfect. Specially that the car has a loads of safety features. This is the car that i am driving right now and i love it.

  13. yea i love it, you can drive around town in different modes including battery only, only issue is in Australia its only classed as a 4 seater,, Australian transport dept always head in ass..

  14. I can't see any abnormality in the HR V…. already a review done…. it's completely abnormal…!! you have urgently seek help…

  15. Attractive vehicle. Saw one parked and took photographs, which I don’t tend to do. Unsurprisingly, not sold in Ireland.

  16. i have old version Hrv , i think about to change with this new gen

  17. Looks like a mazda

  18. To be fair a lot of us are under 5 ft 7 lol

  19. The entry level model in Australia has 89 kW versus 105 in the old model and 145 Nm versus 174 in the old model. The new model gives 5.8l/100km versus 6.7 in the old model while reducing the fuel tank from 50l to 40l. That is NOT an improvement.

  20. Under powered and low torque in the entry model in Australia. Seems like a step backwards to me.

  21. Honda design this car for japanese minded.

  22. Shame they fckd up the design for the N. American market

  23. In my book when you say a car isn’t fun that’s the end.

  24. A BMW better than a Honda

  25. Mate, you took the driver seat forward when you went on the back seats 😂😂😂

  26. Very nice

  27. Wish they wouldn't have made it hybrid only. I have no interest in hybrids.

  28. the back looks weird to me.

  29. Small head room. Pass.

  30. What an utter waste of time. Thanks Honda, for moving at their usual pace: glacial.

  31. Why doesn't North America get this HRV????? We still get the trashy previous gen.

  32. Poor review….

  33. This seems like a step back from last generation practicality-wise.

  34. Godd…that car looks so good, defiantly a huge improvement from the old generation, and i really love Honda.

  35. Is this only available in Europe. I’m linterested in this but can’t seem to find one near me

  36. From beginning till the end he complain so whatstge reason you made this video tell fuck honda with this car dont buy it

  37. I don't understand why most the English speaking reviews are really criticizing this amazing car! I test driven this car few times and I can honestly say it is such a fun car to drive. I don't understand why they keep complaining about the boot size, it is really descent size in terms of carrying normal day to day stuff from shopping to sport equipment's. If you are heading to Ikea to buy larger items all what you have to do is fold the back seat or use the magic seat for taller items like plants! Very good visibility for BOTH front and back! comfortable ride due to the 18" wheels, very Quiet, stylish look that gets people attention, support wireless apple car play and ( android, need cable though ), mid range has four USB type A ( two at the front and two at the back), new infotainment system, keyless entry, lots of safety features, knee room at the back seat is amazing even for taller people ( I'm just under 6 foot), Buttons on the steering wheel is not touch sensitive thank God, if you buy this from Honda it will come with many things added e.g. warranty, services and road recovery for 4/5 years included, 9" screen size that is decent ( not too big or small), digital dash board, drives great around corner, and don't forget it's Hybrid!

    I did test drive few cars from Lexus NX350h, Toyota RAV4 to Volvo XC40. here is what the dealer will NOT tell you, any car that is above £40K you will end up paying almost £500 a year on tax for it as it is brand new and above £40K. The top rang of HR-V is below £40K, the mid range seems to be the one that will become more popular.

    There are few things that could be improved but its not the end of the world and these are: wish there was a release button for the back seat, middle back seat is slightly raised which makes it good for kids but not for adults on long journey, wireless charging is only available in the top range and not the mid range, no USB type C unfortunately, the gear selector looks bit old fashion (big and tall) Tank size is 40L ( would've been nice to have slightly bigger size but since this is Hybrid its very economical), no rest foot area for your right foot, add front camera, maybe improve the sound isolation little bit for when driving on the motorway ( if you have music in the back ground you would not notice tbh).

    Overall this is great car that will save you money as long as it's driven reasonable ( easy with accelerating and breaking )

  38. Probably a great car in reality…Motor journalists are always over critical of Honda and will no doubt always favour its German rivals.

  39. Hi there, do you know if there is any specific manufacturer behind the HRV Audio system, especially for the Advance style?

  40. Cobblers on the Infotainment complaints. Res is fine, response is too.

  41. Hope the new CRV will look similar to this.

  42. 2021 venza looks much more sexier than this

  43. Honda hrv ur Nissan Qashqai?
    I need more info about motor?
    Honda hybrid?
    Nissan hybrid?

  44. How much did you get from VW for this review?

  45. Best looking compared to all of its rivals BY FAR – Especially the rear end.

  46. Why would you not fold the seats down and show us? Argh

  47. Thanks for the Fab vid

  48. You give more negative than positive reviews

  49. Reply
    raphael doolichand April 19, 2023 at 4:42 am

    I never really seen a positive review from these guys relative to space in the back seat for any compact suv.

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